How To Get Great Danes To Calm Down

How To Get Great Danes To Calm Down

Great Dane is a breed of large-sized dogs that are attentive, playful, and good family dogs. They are very frank and can easily get adjusted with other dogs if raised with them.

As we all know all fingers are not the same, the same goes for Great Danes. They are known for their calmness and gentle nature but some of them can get aggressive if not raised properly.

Great Danes are calm and loving large breed dogs. They can become good companions if raised properly. Although they are gentle dogs, if they are not trained properly, Great Danes can get aggressive and harm anyone around them.

If you are adopting a Great Dane, make sure you are required to train him well. Also, dogs get aggressive when they are less socialized. So try to socialize your dog by taking him out for regular walks in the park. Other reasons can be the health-related issues of your Great Dane. A long-term disease can easily make your Great Dane depressed. So make sure to get him vaccinated regularly and he must have a good healthy diet.

 In this article, we will focus on the nature of the Great Dane and how you can get him calm.

Nature of Great Danes

Great Danes are known as gentle giants of the earth. They are loving, protective, and good family dogs. Great Danes are proactive and loyal to their families. The giant body structure with a high-pitched bark makes them good guard dogs. They love to get physical attention from their owners. Great Danes are also attention seekers and need a playful and loving family around them.

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How Great Danes can get aggressive?

Although Great Danes are gentle and peace lovers but some of them can turn aggressive. Every dog has a trigger point and if they are pushed to that trigger point they can get aggressive. If Great Danes are not raised and trained properly they can get aggressive and can become difficult to calm them down after a certain age.

Until the Great Danes are fully developed they are filled with high energy and which can make them aggressive. If a proper routine is followed the energy can be transferred to various other useful things, such as playing, running, and doing exercises.

How To Get Great Danes To Calm Down

The following are the measures you must take to get your Great Danes to calm down.

Proper training and exercises

Great Danes are a combination of power and pride. Before training him it is very important to study his behavior properly. They are very moderate, lovable, and responsible.

Although they are not tough to train, you should develop an understandable bond with them before starting their training, so that they can start trusting you in all the situations. This will help you make your training easy.

If you want to train your Great Dane well then you should start it early at a young age. This will make your pet flexible towards the training. You should never beat your Great Dane if he fails to follow any of your commands.

You have to be patient enough while training them and always reward your pet for good behavior. This will keep him excited while training.

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Maintaining mental health

Great Danes are known as intelligent dogs, so along with their physical health, it is very important to maintain their mental health also. This will help them stay calm and attentive. When you are training him, keep the sessions short, which will keep him curious otherwise he will not be able to focus.

If you want your pet to stay focused, then keep him diverted with either favorite toys or some tasty treats during the training sessions. It is very important to make him interactive.

Taking proper care of health

Your dog can become aggressive if he is not healthy and feeling tired. It is very important to serve a diet that is full of nutrition and vitamins. As these dogs are large, when it comes to the diet they require extra attention which is essential for their growth. You should be in regular touch with your veterinary doctor regarding his diet.

Another important aspect that you should be focusing on is his coat. They require regular grooming, so brush their coat once a week. This will keep their coat clean as well as help in blood circulation. It also assists in reducing the intensity of shedding.

Socialization and awareness

Your Great Dane needs to be introduced to other people and dogs from a young age only. This will help you in understanding his behavior as well as it will help him in getting comfortable with people and other dogs from an early age itself. You should take him on regular walks, and invite your friends over to make him comfortable.

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Dogs bark excessively when they see any unknown person or a dog. Hence, to avoid this aggression start socializing with your dog.

Wrap up

Great Danes are known for their bravery and extremely loyal towards their owners. They are calm and playful. They are also known as amazing guard dogs. One of the few things that need to be taken into consideration is that it is very important to socialize them from a young age.

The training of Great Danes can be initiated at an early age so that they can accept the habit of getting trained. You have to be calm and patient during the entire process of training and always reward your pet with some tasty treats and loads of praise.

You should never hurt your Great Dane as this may make him anti towards you. Always feed him a healthy and nutritious diet full of fibers and proteins which will be helpful in his overall growth.

Also as a responsible Great Dane parent, you should be active regarding his vaccinations and visit a veterinarian once in six months for a regular check-up. Stay healthy, keep petting!

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