How To Get Huskies To Calm Down

Huskies are a medium-sized breed of dogs. They are charming, friendly, and adorable pets. They are mainly covered in fur and look similar to wolves. Yes, this might shock you, they look similar to wolves. Huskies are intelligent, attentive, responsive, and good family dogs.

But what if you do not take care of them properly or due to some reason they lead to aggression? Hostility is harmful to both the owner and the huskies. Aggression in dogs can lead to minor or major injuries to humans. In extreme cases, the aggressive behavior of your dog can cause severe and irreparable damages.

Canine species are very emotional, sensitive, and adorable. They equally need love, care, and affection as humans do. If you are a dog owner, you must have noticed how much left alone or unattended they will start behaving abnormally. They might even get aggressive and bark or bite unnecessarily to show their anger.

A communication gap can make differences between humans also. The same goes for Huskies. Your communication gap and less interest in your Husky can make him aggressive. If they are not trained properly or given the attention required, they will become hostile. Aggression or hyper behavior can be only calmed down by taking proper care of your Husky. For this, you are required to give proper training to your pet. Also taking care of Husky’s mental and physical health is necessary to avoid his aggressive behavior.  

This blog will elucidate some measures you can take to calm down your Husky and keep him happy.

What are the common causes of aggression?

One of the common causes of aggression is anxiety. Your husky needs attention and love. They are not a type of dog breed that can be kept alone in a crate and left unattended. This may lead to anxiety and hyper behavior in your Husky.

Separation is also one of the major issues behind your Husky’s aggressive behavior. Maybe after separating from their family, they feel alone. The owner needs to give proper time and attention to them for reducing their anxiety and insecurity. The owner should keep their Huskies healthy and disease-free to avoid their hyper behavior.

Some steps to calm down Husky

Training your Husky

Huskies are quick learners and will adapt to your teachings quickly. Training your dog will help him throughout his life.  If your Husky is getting aggressive, then you need to teach him what is right and wrong. This will help your Husky in understanding how to react to the situation. By doing this your pet will always understand the situation and react accordingly instead of getting hyper. 

Praise your Husky

Praising your Husky is one of the effective measures you must take to avoid your furry pal getting agitated. All you need to do is praise him by saying ‘Good Boy’ when he does a good thing. You can also give him a treat for the same. This does not mean you should not scold him when he does anything wrong. Train him the way you want him to do. When he does the same just praise him. This will boost up his confidence and reduce his anxiety.

Show affection towards your Husky

Huskies are known for understanding human behavior. So it is very important to show your affection towards them. Making deep eye contact with your Husky is the best and the easiest way to show how much you love him.

Another effortless way to show him how much you love him is to cuddle him when he wakes up. Showing affection will reduce his stress level. This will increase the secretion of love hormones (Oxytocin). The secretion of such hormones makes their state of mind positive. This will reduce their aggression.

Acknowledge your Husky’s behavior

It is very important for a Husky parent to observe their dog closely. A Husky says a lot with his body language and behavior. Generally, Huskies have temperamental issues. They tend to lose their temper really quickly.

Some common behavioral problems which Huskies have are temper, tantrums in going for a walk, barking, laziness, biting, digging, chewing, jumping over things, etc. Hence, one should observe his dog’s behavior and find out the reason and then react accordingly. You should never ignore his behavior. This makes him aggressive and less obedient.

Try to keep your pet healthy and disease-free

Infectious diseases like rabies, Lyme disease, and flu can be the main cause of Husky’s aggression. Keeping him healthy and disease-free is the first and foremost thing to do. An unhealthy body will affect your dog’s mind adversely and will increase his hyper behavior. Try to maintain a balanced diet for your dog.

Do not forget to get a proper vaccination and timely checkup of your dog. This will keep him healthy and disease-free. A healthy body of your dog will help your dog stay happy and express his love for you.

Wrap Up

As we discussed earlier, Huskies need your attention, love, and care. If they are left unattended or less looked after, they will lead to hyper behavior. Aggressive behavior of your Husky is neither good for you nor for your husky. You need to show and express your love for your furry pal.

If your pet is getting aggressive you need to train him well. You need to keep him busy to reduce his anxiety. Huskies are intelligent, friendly, and good guard dogs. They need you around them. You need to praise your pet and treat him with love to boost his confidence. You also need to take care of your dog’s mental as well as physical health properly.

A proper diet and exercise plan can help you to keep your dog healthy and happy. Proper vaccination is also a must as unwell Huskies may start behaving aggressively. So keep your Husky stress-free and show your confidence in them. They will love you indefinitely.

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