Can Huskies Live In Apartments?

A husky is a dog breed used in sledding at the polar region. If you have seen the movie “Togo” or “The thing” then you’ve probably seen it. Their name came from Eskimos, after referring them as Eskimos. There are different types of huskies but the most commonly known husky is the Siberian husky

Whenever we mention huskies, the first thing that comes in your mind is “Sledding dogs that look like wolves.” On the contrary, Huskies are also domestic animals meaning they can be pets. Thus, when you are planning to buy a pet dog, consider buying a husky.

Is it a good idea to live with your husky pet in an apartment?

We would say yes but only if you keep it active daily. Huskies aren’t like any other dogs, they are active dogs. Thus, in case you’re thinking of living with a husky in an apartment, make sure it receives enough playtime and exercise daily.

How to live with your husky in your apartment

In case you decide to get a husky pet dog in your apartment, here are some of the tips you should adhere:

1. Maintain a cold temperature in your apartment

Your apartment needs to be cold as huskies are warm-blooded creatures. Thus, installing an air conditioner especially in the summer and hot weathers is necessary to ensure your husky gets familiarity with its natural weather.

2. Have enough playtime

Huskies are active dogs. They can’t be kept locked up in a room for a whole day without doing anything. Thus, it’s best you take time to play with it every day or even take it out for a walk or a run during leg-hours (Sometimes work can obscure you from exercising it, and thus, purchasing a trade mill for it is necessary)

3. Train it so as it may cope with the environment

Huskies need training whenever they’re shifted out of their natural habitat. This is to make them cope with their current environment. Thus, when training your husky, you should focus on:

  • Excretion – train your husky on where to piss and pop so as it may not excrete all over the apartment
  • Mobility – train where it’s safe to move or walk and where it’s not.
  • What to touch and what shouldn’t be touched

Remember huskies are active dogs and for that reason, they will want to play and do all sorts of things in a room especially in an apartment.

Now, there are two ways on how to train a husky. These are:

  • Ownership training
  • Program training

Ownership training is easy if the husky is a puppy. One of its pros is that the husky builds a relationship with the owner thus siring to him or her. The downside of it is that it doesn’t have a great succession rate like program training (Program training is more specialized than ownership training)

4.  Always, purchase litters

A husky is an animal and hence they can’t go to the toilet, excrete and flush its excretion as humans do. Thus, they will pee and poop on their litter box. To keep your apartment smelling fresh and nice, you’ll need to buy a litter in which will absorb the husky’s urine and feces along with its smell.

5. Always keep them in a leash when small pets are around

Huskies have a very high predatorily drive. Hence, they may consider another person’s small pet as prey due to unfamiliarity. Therefore, it’s best you keep your husky on a leash in case friends or family decide to pop up to your apartment with their small pets.

6. Always feed your husky

A hungry husky is a very dangerous animal. It may end up trashing your whole apartment or even hurting someone if it’s not fed well. Worse enough, apartments are closed rooms with no wildlife access unlike outdoors. Thus, it’s best you feed your husky well to avoid the inconvenience of getting it agitated.

7. Buy things that keep it busy

In case you are a working-class person, it’ll be hard for you to be around during the day time. It’s best you buy toys and other things that will keep your husky busy as you know they are active dogs.

8. Pay someone to watch over it when you are not around

If you are an on and off guy, it’s best you have a sitter for your husky. The sitter can be your neighbor, an agency, or a freelancer. Make sure to check in with the sitter from time to time and ask about your husky.

Cons of living with a husky in your apartment

As you know, a husky is a wild animal meaning it’s best suited for wild and outdoor habitats. Thus, below are some of the cons and risks, which are likely to occur, when you decide to live with a husky in an apartment

Noise complaints from neighbors – huskies are great howlers especially when they aren’t active. Thus, you’ll likely get a lot of noise complaints from your neighbors.

Allergies – huskies have fur. The fur is likely to carry dust in which may be a problem to you if you are allergic to dust might.

Fur dirt– If you hate dirt then you’re in trouble because of huskies shad almost twice or thrice a year.

Losing it – huskies are very active animals. If they aren’t properly tamed they’re likely to escape the owner’s premises.

They are dangerous around small pets – huskies have high predatorily drive, thus they are dangerous around small pets.

Peeing and pooping– an adult husky is likely to pee and pop anywhere if it’s not potty trained.

How much does a husky cost?

Huskies are a bit expensive than other dog breeds. A Siberian husky cost about 600 dollars – 1,300 dollars depending on the color, age, and where it’s located.

If you decide to adopt one then you will need to have at least 350 dollars – 500 dollars depending on the breed and the seller.


Huskies are very economical pets, unlike other dogs. They clean for themselves and require less expenditure thus, they are a great fit for you if you’re looking for a low budget pet.

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