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17 Adorable Ways A French Bulldog Shows You Love & Affection

The way of communication is different for humans and that of pet dogs. It is easier for human beings to convey a message or show affection towards another through the expression of speech. However, in the case of pet dogs, they display their affection towards pet parents using body language and actions. French Bulldogs are one of the few common pets all over, mostly because of their companionship. Their constant partnership with their human counterparts was the main reason for their breeding. Even if they are attention seekers, they also equally reciprocate a similar amount of love and affection, which helps them relieve stress and minimize separation anxiety.

French Bulldogs have a flat face and nose, which makes them look cute and charming. The way they express their affection is also adorable. As a pet parent, you must identify his warmth and concern towards you.

17 Ways Your Frenchie Shows Love & Affection

#1. Excitement on your arrival

French Bulldogs are companion pets and do not prefer staying alone for a long time. Loneliness often leads to aggression. They get excited when parents return home. Their strong sense of smell can identify your arrival from a distance. Once you reach home, they feel relaxed and cries in emotion. They might stick to you for some time until you cuddle them back.

#2. Tail wagging

French Bulldogs have a shorter tail than other breeds. Wagging of the tail is a standard indicator of expressing happiness and enjoyment. Frenchies with their small little tail exhibit their contentment by wagging their back and tail while being around pet parents.

#3. Face licking

Another commonly noticeable activity of a French Bulldog is licking the face of their protective parents. They would do the same desperately to show their merriment and also to distract you towards them. This behavior is normal and social among French Bulldogs. However, they would not do the same with a stranger, only with those he is familiar with and does not feel threatened.

#4. Jumping

Over excitement makes French Bulldogs jump on to you as a gesture of greeting. It is mostly seen as an instinct in puppies of French Bulldogs. Since humans are taller than them, they try to jump to reach their face so that they can get closer and greet affectionately. Another instance when they jump is while you bring them food. Frenchies often tend to be hungry, and on feeding them, they cannot control their happiness and jump back on their pet parents out of love.

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#5. Following constantly

On introducing an older Frenchie to the family, it takes some time for them to adjust to the new environment. Once they feel safe and secure in the new surroundings and with the family members, they start following you consistently. Some of them remain scared due to bitter past experiences and do not want to leave their pet parents’ side. Staying closer to them gives them a sense of protection to the French Bulldogs. It is also a way of showing their trust and happiness to be around a peaceful place finally.

#6. Keeping your belongings closer

Frenchies prefer to stay surrounded by their pet parents, but for obvious reasons, that is not possible on a day-to-day basis. left alone at home, they usually keep your shoes or socks closer to them. The body odor of their pet parents, even from dirty laundry, relieves them from stress, and they wait for them eagerly to return. 

#7. Playing with their favorite toys

French Bulldogs are indoor pets who do not like to involve in heavy physical activities or vigorous training. However, they do like playing with their favorite toys. Dog toys are often a distraction from unnatural and destructive behavior. During teething in puppies, these toys help in the relief of gum pain. Frenchies have a strong attachment to their toys. Out of love and affection, they will bring the toys to play with their favorite people, with whom they do not mind sharing.

#8. Desires to be held

This breed’s background enlightens that they require the warmth and protection of their human companions to feel protected. This behavior is still seen in them. French Bulldogs begs to be held only to those from whom they feel safe and secured. Out of love and affection, too, at times when you return home, they desire to sit on your lap to receive your body heat and warmth.

#9. Yawning

Just like humans are contagious to yawning when they see another person doing the same; similarly, Frenchies too imitate the same activity. Recent studies show that dogs, too, like to involve in such activity with their owners. However, they prefer doing so only with familiar people or family members who are trustworthy. Frenchies rarely socialize with strangers.

#10. Outdoor walks

French Bulldogs do not like any sort of physical activity. They like lying back in the house beside their parents and involve in the least activities. However, to please their parents and show them their share of respect and devotion, they do not mind taking a stroll in the neighborhood. Although it is not advisable to take your Frenchie for long-running sessions, they might also do that to stay involved with you.

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#11. Sleeping together

They are known for their behavior of sleeping under the covers along with their parents. But you may also encounter such instances when they shift their position in the middle of your legs. It is mostly to seek extra protection and warmth from you. Since they do not like being lonely, while sleeping too, they love to sleep clinging on to the legs of their pet parents. Sleeping together with your canine, helps to build a stronger relationship and relieves their stress of fear.

#12. Rubbing their back

Other than reflex action for minimizing itching or scratching on their skin surface, French Bulldogs also rub their back by rolling on the floor or in the grass, sometimes without any reason. They do this, especially when their loved ones are around. It shows that they are not insecure in front of them and feel protected by displaying their private parts. The building of trust to this extent takes time, especially in older dogs, after joining a family recently.

#13. Cuddling

French Bulldogs love to cuddle and snuggle with those who will not hurt them. Cuddling improves the psychological health of both the human as well as the canine. The hormone cortisol releases a simple hug from the pet’s body that helps to calm them down after being anxious or highly stressed. Depressed Frenchies tend to overcome their sadness by hugging their partners. The only way to revive them back in their cheerful state is to provide them with the utmost love and care.

#14. Staring continuously

On returning home after a long day, it is often noticeable that French Bulldogs stare at their human accomplices. Staring does not necessarily mean a sign of aggression; it is also a medium of expression to contain the happiness that you have finally available to be with them. Puppy dog eyes or eye contact with their partners releases oxytocin in the brain, which helps bond socially and encourages snuggling.

#15. Possessive

Frenchies prefer to receive undivided attention towards them. The absence of training makes them possessive of their partners; usually, they cannot control on their own. It happens due to the inclusion of a new member in the family. However, possessiveness is not always a negative emotion. It also displays that bond that the canine shares with their parents and are not ready to allow someone else to come in between. However, with proper training, the negative impact of possessiveness subsides, but the positive side retains for good. In a playful mood, they might push your partner out of bed or cling to you to show their unconditional love towards you.

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#16. Snuggling while sick

Frenchies often fall sick, mostly due to hereditary reasons. They are also prone to catching a cold. The inability to regulate their body temperature in extreme climatic conditions makes them sick. Other than medication and warm clothes, they like to snuggle together with their pet parents to seek warmth and regain their energy. They show their love and affection towards them and also desire to receive back similar emotion.

#17. Barking for protection

Barking is a natural tendency among dogs, especially when they feel insecure and threatened. However, other than that, they have a strong sense of identifying threats towards their loved ones. They will start extensive barking as a sign of the upcoming threat. Frenchies are quite faithful towards their owners and will go to an extreme extent to protect them. Although most of them do not show signs of aggression, under unfavorable conditions that may be harmful to their parents, they show aggression towards strangers.

The behavior of French Bulldogs is quite unusual and unique. They love when their family members, especially pet parents, surround them and are attentive towards them. Since they cannot express in words, their behavior says it all.

As pet parents too, it is necessary to encourage their friendly and affectionate behavior so that they also feel the love and protection that you bestow upon him. You must ensure that you identify their needs and desires and respect their feelings and not sway them away even when you are feeling low.

Canines help in developing and nurturing the human mental and emotional state as well. For the overall development and maturity of physical, mental, and psychological growth, along with training, healthy meals, and regular doctor check-ups, they also need your warmth, attention, and care. 

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