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Are French Bulldogs Good With Rabbits

Being a dog owner it will always be a matter of concern as to whether they can get along well with other pets in your house. Be it a French Bulldog or any other breed, their natural predator instinct is always a worry when you try to keep pets such as rabbits along with them. Rabbits are very sensitive and can die out of fear also. Hence, it is always preferred to be careful while you are trying to keep both dog and rabbit in one place.

So, are French Bulldogs good with rabbits? Not all dogs are good with rabbits as most of them are bred to chase and hunt their prey. Whereas in the case of French Bulldog, there is mixed feedback from their owners. Many Frenchie owners found their dog friendly with rabbits while others are not. In many cases, it is observed that when you introduce your dog in his early puppy stage to any other pets such as rabbits, they get along well.

French Bulldogs come under the category of dogs that have got less prey drive. Hence, it would be easier for you to introduce a rabbit and make your Frenchie friendly with it. But at the same time, you should also understand that though they are not best hunter breeds; will still have some crave of hunting the small animals such as squirrels, hamsters, and rabbits, etc. In this blog, we will try to further explore the relationship between French Bulldogs and rabbits.

Understanding dog instinct

It is always good to have a fair knowledge about the dog breed which you own and understand about their prey drive. As any dog breed cannot guarantee you about their personality and prey instinct, hence, you should be careful before introducing it to a rabbit. Similarly, there are certain dog-friendly rabbit breeds also which will make your task easier of getting your furry pal friendly.

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Moreover, you should always consult your veterinarian prior to getting any new pet into your house. A veterinarian is the right person to guide you properly when you are planning to keep more than two pets together. He will suggest you a few steps to make your pets socialize easily.

Obedience training is another vital thing which plays a crucial role in keeping your dog friendly with other small pets such as rabbits. Your furry pal should be obedient enough to follow your basic commands like leave, sit, come, and so on. These basic commands will help you tame him properly when he comes in contact with the new pet. If he is obedient and obeys your command, you can control him through the commands if he tries to harm the other pet.

Precautions while making your Frenchie friendly with rabbit

  • Introducing your Frenchie with his new mate at a neutral place is preferable always. Keep in mind that dogs tend to create their territory and do not like anybody intruding into it. Hence, it is always necessary to introduce your Frenchie and rabbit at a neutral place. The place can be a living room or your bedroom. The place where generally the pet sleeps or eat should be avoided as they feel dominant in their respective territories.
  • Meeting at a neutral and new place can be quite stressful. Hence, try to avoid the stress between two pets while meeting for the first time as much as possible. At the same time ensure that the rabbit is out in a safe environment, preferably in a transparent cage to avoid any kind of injuries.
  • While you put the rabbit in a safe transparent crate in the first meeting, you should also keep your dog leashed properly. Gradually you should take the rabbit out of the crate and leave in front of your Frenchie for him to smell his mate and get friendly. In this process you should be careful as the temperament of your Frenchie may vary. If you observe that your dog is gentle while approaching a new mate, loosen the grip of the leash and let him smell and feel the new companion.
  • By any chance, you should not leave both of them alone in overconfidence. It might be dangerous as your furry pal can harm the rabbit in your absence. You should keep an eye on both of them during their initial meeting.
  • The meeting sessions of both pets should be brief and kept for a shorter duration as much as possible. Short meeting sessions will help them understand each other easily and in a streamlined manner.
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Wrap up

If you are one of those who want both Frenchie and rabbit to be staying with you as a good friend, you should follow certain precautions that are stated above. You should understand that it is always going to be difficult for two animals of different class and temperament to be friends easily.

It is not impossible but just take some time to get your Frenchie and rabbit to get friendly. All it needs is your time, effort, and supervision. Try to keep the feeding and sleeping area of two pets at two different corners as this will reduce the conflict of territory.

It will always be better to get the two pet friendly at their early stages. Also, be patient while you are trying to make them friendly as every relationship needs some time to evolve. It is for sure that your Frenchie and rabbit can stay together in a friendly manner, provided you follow certain rules and protocols.

Once your furry pal gets along with your rabbit, it is going to be a beautiful sight when they cuddle and play with each other. As Frenchie’s have less prey drive instinct, they tend to be more playful and friendly with rabbits. There is a misconception that you cannot introduce a rabbit to an adult French Bulldog. This is a myth and you will see that with a proper introduction method it will be easier to get them friendly.

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