What Music Do French Bulldogs Like? (Explained)

How do you keep your French Bulldogs calm and active? French Bulldogs are quite lazy and would always love to take a nap all the time. But, we all know that French Bulldogs are prone to obese conditions, and it is essential to keep them active. Sleeping all the time increases the chances for overweight in French Bulldogs, which would, in turn, make their life worse. But, we can’t play games with our Frenchies all the time as well.

How to keep French Bulldogs active? Do Frenchies like music? If so, what kind of music do they like? Yes. The French Bulldogs like music just as we humans do. Music actually calms their mind and reduces their stress levels. The choice of music each like varies among different individuals. However, most of the French Bulldogs have a like for reggae and classical genres of music.

French Bulldogs are great companions of humans. Certain studies show that the type of music dogs hear to can have an impact on their moods. Therefore, you should know what to play when your doggie is around you.

Do Dogs Like Music?

Are you wondering whether your furballs enjoy music? Actually, you can find out this of yourself.

Now let us sit along with our doggie with our playlist playing in the background. Try playing the classical genre. You will find your dog listening to music and calming themselves. Shift your playlist to the reggae genre. You will find your dog remain the same and relaxing.

If you try playing the pop genre, your doggie might not show any interest and would remain the same. But, most doggies exhibit restlessness and anxiety when they hear some heavy metal tracks.

Yes. The classical, reggae, and soft metal tracks have a soothing effect on your dog. Such genres of music are found to relax your dog’s mind and reduce their stress levels. Many pieces of research show that reggae and soft rock increases Heart Rate Variability.

Heart Rate Variability is the measurement of the time intervals between heartbeats. And, an increase in Heart Rate Variability is often considered as an indication of reduced stress levels.

However, your dog will start showing agitated behavior when you play a heavy metal track. Dogs may become restless and would start to bark on listening to such tracks with fast tempos and heavy bass. The fast tempos and heavy bass make most of the dogs anxious.

Dogs show no particular interest in the pop genre. Pop music neither agitates nor relaxes your doggies.

Yes, music can shift your dog’s mood. Music has the power to make your dog relaxed, joyful, playful, and even upset and anxious. Yes, the type of music you play can have an impact on their state of mind.

Actually, it is not just the type of music that can have an impact on your dog’s mood. The volume in which you put up the music also matters.

Remember that our dog’s ears are very sensitive. Therefore, don’t play music in a higher volume when your furball is around. Playing music in higher volumes might make your doggie agitated and anxious.

What Type Of Music Do French Bulldogs Like?

Yes, just like any other dog breeds, French Bulldogs also love music. The French Bulldogs are great companions of humans, and obviously, they would roam around their master all the time.

The French Bulldogs would stick on to their masters when they are enjoying their favorite playlist. They have a keen interest in reggae music and some classical tracks as well.

This lazy couch potatoes love hearing music with slow tempos and light bass tracks.

Why And How Should You Introduce Music To Your French Bulldog?

Music is a great stress buster for our canine friends, just as how music is to us. You should introduce music to your Frenchie soon if you haven’t tried it yet. Because music elevates their mood and keeps them calm.

You should introduce music to your Frenchie because music is a great stress buster for dogs. Many studies and pieces of research have proven the same. You can reduce the separation anxiety and aggressive behavior of your doggie by introducing music.

But, you can’t introduce music to your Frenchies when they are in a terrible mood. Don’t think you can change the mood of your dog the first time you introduce music. Your dog should, first of all, get accustomed to music.

Therefore, don’t try introducing music to your Frenchie when it is in a horrible mood. The introduction of music in a horrible mood would make your doggie violent.

You should start introducing music when your dog is in a joyful or playful mood. Start with low and slow music. Please don’t start with heavy metal tracks.

Also, don’t play music in a higher volume. This would, in turn, make an opposite impact and make your doggie violent.

You should know that dogs have very sensitive ears, actually far more sensitive than humans. Therefore, you should set the volume of music tracks low, keeping this in mind.

You can begin with classical tracks. However, the taste for music in each dog varies greatly. Therefore, try out all genres gradually, and after a while, you would get to know which genre fits best to calm the state of mind of your doggie.

So, all set to introduce music to your Frenchies? But, aren’t you confused about which music tracks to begin with?

Yes, we caught you. Therefore, we are here introducing some music tracks in the next session of the article to try out for your Frenchies.

Music Tracks Most Frenchies Would Love

Obviously, you don’t want to introduce music to Frenchies with the wrong track.

Although the taste of music differs in each dog, some tracks are said to suit well among Frenchies. We are listing out a few of such tracks for you to begin the musical journey of your Frenchie.

Some tracks your Frenchie would love are:

  • No Woman, No Cry- Bob Marley
  • Pass the Kutchie- Mutabaruka
  • Red Red Wine- UB40
  • Stir It Up- Bob Marley and the Wailers
  • Rivers of Babylon- The Melodians
  • Israelites- Desmond Dekker
  • One Love- Bob Marley

Hope your confusion is sorted out. Now you can kick start playlist sessions with your Frenchie.


Your French Bulldog would love to get into the music sessions with you. The right kind of music would help them reduce their stress, calm their mind, and relax.

You can create your furball’s anxiety separation and aggressive behaviors wisely with music therapy.

But, remember Frenchies don’t go well with heavy metal and pop music. However, they are comfortable with reggae and classical genres of music.

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