Can French Bulldogs Swim?

French Bulldogs are naturally friendly companions. This purebred dog breed was created in England to be a miniature Bulldog. Their affectionate and friendly nature makes them a great family dog. They also adapt well to apartment living. They love to be around people and also enjoy the company of strangers. They are easy to groom, which makes them a good choice as a furry companion.

The only thing that French Bulldog is not good at is swimming. Most dog breeds are natural swimmers and water lovers, but French Bulldogs are an exception. They will enjoy the water as long as they are on their paws. However, if the water is deep, they may find it difficult to keep their nose above water level.

Reason for the inability to swim

Almost all dog breeds can swim instinctively. Some dogs don’t even require training of any sort. They just start moving their limbs as soon as they get into the water and find it easy to float on their own. However, that is not the case with a French Bulldog.

The major obstacle that a French Bulldog faces while swimming is its physique. They are small dogs that have short legs and lack of snout. The top half of a French Bulldog is much heavier as compared to its bottom, which makes it very difficult for them to swim. They may manage to float straight ahead for a while, but they are unable to make a turn while swimming. Their heavy top makes it impossible to turn, and they start sinking to the bottom.

Their inability, in most cases, is not caused by aversion towards the water. French Bulldogs love water and will enjoy being around it. They are not hydrophobic and will play and enjoy long baths in shallow water. 

Alternate solutions to cool off your French Bulldog

We know that French Bulldogs like water, and hence they will enjoy being around it like other breeds. The best solution to such a problem is to keep them away from deep pools or water sources.

Whenever your puppy is craving some water time to cool off, you can take them to a beach for a long walk or give them a long bath in water. Make sure its feet are touching the bottom, and the water level should be lower so that they can keep their head out.

If you are taking your pup to a beach, keep your French Bulldog away from deep water. Also, have a leash to control their movement. Slurping seawater can also cause health issues in French Bulldogs and any other breed for that matter. It can cause issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration. 

Get a life jacket for your pup, and be cautious while around seawater as the tides can be unpredictable and risky. 

A Kiddie pool for French Bulldog can prove beneficial

French Bulldogs are small-sized dogs with no swimming capabilities. Getting them to a normal pool can be dangerous. However, these short-legged creatures overheat a lot and hence would require a cooling off in the water.

In such a case getting a kiddie pool for your French Bulldog can be helpful. This ensures that they will be able to enjoy the water, and you get control over the water level in the kiddie pool.

There are a lot of options available, including the collapsable kiddie pools that are suitable for traveling. Some kiddie pools may not require inflating each time before use. Get a kiddie pool that serves your needs. Keep the water at chest level so that their head remains well above water.

However, this does not rule out the requirement for supervision. Dogs are extremely unpredictable, and monitoring them even in the kiddie pool is essential. 

Why should you buy a good quality Life jacket for your French Bulldog?

We have already discussed the love of French Bulldogs for water, their trait of overheating, and their non- existent swimming skills. Chances are your pup will jump into the water at first glance of it despite its inability to swim. Therefore it becomes necessary to invest in a good quality life jacket. 

Make sure that your pup has a life jacket on before taking them anywhere near water. The choice for a life jacket will depend on the size, length and weight of your dog.

  • A good lifejacket should be made of high-quality material and should fit your French Bulldog perfectly.
  • If it’s too big, it can slip off your pup, and a loose life jacket will make it impossible for the small-sized French Bulldog to keep its face over water. A life jacket that is too tight may irritate the pup. Therefore it is important to choose a well-fitted life jacket that fits the chest, back, and under the armpits. A handle on the jacket makes it easier to pull them out of water.
  • Its color is also vital. Bright colors will make it easier to find your pup in water. Also, reflective strips help them be visible even in low lights.

However, even with a life jacket, you must be in close vicinity to your pup while they are in the water. 

Training Capabilities

The French Bulldog has excellent training capabilities. And with adequate training, some of them can learn to float in water. Don’t we all have seen French Bulldog swimming videos on the internet? It is important to note that their inability is caused due to natural factors, and swimming is an exception and not a rule.

However, with proper training, you can teach them to safely exit the water in case of emergencies. You can swim alongside your dog to teach them better. Training with positive reinforcement and treats can be highly beneficial.

In any case, supervise your French Bulldog whenever they are in or around water. When French Bulldogs start sinking, they go all the way down and can’t stay on the surface even for a few seconds. Therefore, leaving them unattended even for a short duration is not advisable.

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