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Do English Bulldogs Shed? 8 Tips To Stop It

English Bulldogs are great family dogs. The medium-size, easy-to-maintain coat and moderate exercise requirements of the breed make them fine apartment dogs. What else do you look for in a family dog? English Bulldogs are, of course, loving and protective. Most of them easily get along with kids and other pets in the house. But, don’t you consider the shedding habits of the dog before taking them home?

Do English Bulldogs shed? Yes. English Bulldogs are moderate shedders. They shed moderately throughout the year. Apart from the all year shedding process, English Bulldogs have two heavy shedding seasons yearly as well. Regular brushing for sure will help you control the shedding habits of English Bulldogs.

No dog breed is a complete exception from the shedding of fur. All dogs shed their coat, appreciating the growth of new hairs. The shedding is a natural process that helps dogs to maintain a healthy and beautiful fur coat.

However, the amount of fur each dog breeds sheds varies greatly among breeds as well as individuals. Let us look more into the shedding habits of English Bulldogs.

Are English Bulldogs Hypoallergenic? How Much Do English Bulldogs Shed?

People usually predict the shedding habits of dogs by examining their coat type. Therefore, we will, first of all, study the coat characteristics of English Bulldogs.

English Bulldogs have a single, smooth, and glossy fur coat. Their coat is composed of short hairs. You can see the coat of English Bulldogs in a variety of colors. The short-haired dogs usually have moderate shedding habits, and their coats are relatively easier to groom.

Certain breeds of dogs shed very little hair when compared to other dog breeds. Such dog breeds are usually known as Hypoallergenic dogs. Hypoallergenic dogs shed little and are the perfect breeds for houses with kids and people prone to dog allergies.

Some examples of hypoallergenic dogs include Poodles, Aussiedoodles, Maltese Terrier, and Portuguese Water Dog.

English Bulldogs don’t belong to the category of hypoallergenic dogs. They shed moderately throughout the year and undergo two heavy shedding seasons per year. But, English Bulldogs are not a perfect breed of dog for people prone to allergic reactions.

However, they are not heavy shedders like a Golden Retriever or Siberian Husky. You literally don’t have to clean up everywhere your English Bulldog goes. English Bulldogs have a relatively smaller body and less hair. Therefore, they obviously don’t shed as much as heavy shedders.

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But, English Bulldogs are definitely not for people keen on cleanliness and don’t want a single strand of dog hair in their house. English Bulldogs, for sure, would be a disappointment for such people.

Are you awestruck by the amount of hair your Bulldog shed during seasonal changes? But, don’t have to freak out and fear this shedding habit of Bulldogs. It is common among English Bulldogs. English Bulldogs shed a considerable amount of hair during the seasonal changes in spring and fall.

But, you should really be cautious if the heavy shedding period of your English Bulldog prolongs to months. The cause for heavy shedding habits in the English Bulldogs varies greatly among different individuals.

However, we will discuss a few causes for the excessive shedding habits seen among English Bulldogs.

What Are The Causes For Excessive Shedding In English Bulldogs?

English Bulldogs are known to shed excessively during some particular conditions. Here we are listing out the common causes for heavy shedding habits seen among English Bulldogs.

Improper Diet

The fur coats of dogs are often considered as criteria to judge the status of their health. A dog raised by meeting its nutrient requirements properly always possesses a healthy fur coat.

A well-balanced diet is thus essential for your English Bulldog to control its shedding habits. Make sure that they are neither overfed nor underfed. Keep balance.


Parasites are a threat to the health of your dog. These small creatures not only spoil the fur coat but can cause major health issues too. Your English Bulldog would start heavy shedding once parasites start invading their body.

The common parasites that treat the body of dogs as hosts are fleas, mites, and lice.


Excessive shedding is mostly seen among dogs with allergies. Your Bulldog can be seriously affected by allergies from certain medicines, food, or other foreign particles.

Allergies would definitely affect the fur coat of your dog and may result in excessive shedding.

Pregnancy and Lactation Period

Some English Bulldogs shed heavily during their pregnancy and lactation period. You can consult a doctor even though it is a natural process.


Stress is another common cause of heavy shedding in English Bulldogs.


Conditions like thyroid, autoimmune disease, Addison’s disease, and kidney and liver malfunction can cause excessive shedding in English Bulldogs.

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Fungal and Bacterial Infections

Fungal and bacterial infections will also deteriorate the health of your English Bulldog’s fur coat and may cause excessive shedding.

8 Tips To Control Shedding Of English Bulldogs

Are you keen to control the shedding habits of your English Bulldog? Here we are presenting 8 easy and effective tips to control the excessive shedding habits of your dog.

1. Brush Daily

Brushing your English Bulldog daily is the simplest yet most effective strategy to control their shedding habits. You can easily get rid of shed hair from the body of Bulldog and prevent it from scattering around your home.

Use a damp cloth and run over the body of your dog after brushing for better results. Make sure that you are using a soft bristle for the purpose, else brushing would worsen the shedding of your dog.

Daily brushing keeps the coat of your dog healthy and clean.

2. Regular Bath

A regular bath doesn’t mean that you have to bath your dog daily. But, you definitely should bath your dog at regular intervals, preferably once a week.

Washing your dog daily is not recommended, especially with a harsh shampoo. Bathing your dog daily with a harsh shampoo or soap would, in fact, have a reverse effect. Washing your dog daily may disturb the pH level of the skin, destroy natural oils, and increase the chances of skin allergies.

Oatmeal baths would help in maintaining a healthier fur coat for your canine friends.

3. Proper and Balanced Diet

A proper and balanced diet is essential to keep the fur coat of your English Bulldog healthy. You can seek the help of your veterinarian to chart a proper diet plan according to the health condition and nutrient requirements of your English Bulldog.

You should make sure that the food you provide daily is composed of at least 28% of proteins. Proteins are essential to keep the fur coat of canines thick and glossy.

Be cautious of the food colors, sweeteners, and preservatives in your dog food. These substances can cause skin irritations, itchiness, and excess shedding.

4. Supplements

You can provide food or protein supplements to your dog that would help them control their shedding habits.

Omega 3 supplements are popularly given to dogs to maintain a healthy coat and its de-shedding benefits. You can include more food items containing omega fatty acids in the diet of your English Bulldog to help them maintain a good fur coat. Spinach, Flaxseed, Kale, and Fish are rich in fatty acids.

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Flaxseed oil and Livercord oil are also known to be beneficial for your dog’s coat.

5. Regular checkups

Regular checkups are essential to maintain a healthy fur coat for your Bulldog. Remember that excessive shedding can be a symptom of many other health issues as well. Therefore, it is essential to have a regular checkup routine for your English Bulldog.

6. Minimize Stress

Stress can also affect the shedding habits of your dog. Are you thinking of different ways to cope up with the stress of your Bulldog?

Simply indulge them exercise and few games daily to drain out their stress. You will start seeing the results soon once you include these tasks in the routine of your Bulldog.

7. Provide clean water and food

Make sure you are providing clean water and food to your Bulldog. Foreign substances in the water or food may cause allergies in your dog and lead to excessive shedding.

Also, take efforts to keep the crate and surroundings of your dog clean and disinfected. Clean water, food, and surroundings would definitely help you in controlling the shedding habits of your dog.

8. Clothing

Your Bulldog may look quite weird in clothing. But, putting your dog in an outfit, of course, reduce the amount of hair they shed. The hair your dog shed would get trapped inside clothes and wouldn’t scatter in the interiors of your house.


English Bulldogs are very loving and loyal to their host family despite their fighting history and ferocious looks. They make great protective companions and guard dogs.

If shedding habits of the breed is a concern, English Bulldogs are definitely not heavy shedders. However, they shed small amounts of hair throughout the year. But, English Bulldogs have two heavy shedding seasons per year.

You don’t have to worry about their shedding habits. The eight tips mentioned in the above session will, for sure, help you control the shedding of your English Bulldog.

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