French Bulldog Scams: How To Avoid It?

French Bulldog Scams: How To Avoid It?

With the rise in the number of pet enthusiasts across the world, the demand for camaraderie dog breeds has also increased. Well, when talking about the companionship pets, how come we cannot mention one of the most note-worthy dog breeds in the segment, the French Bulldogs.

The demand for Frenchies has risen to a great extent due to the desirable characteristics of this dog breed. With the growing demand, the number of French Bulldog scams has also come into existence.

In this blog, we would try to shed light on what are French Bulldog scams and how to avoid being ripped off.

French Bulldog scams refer to adopting a Frenchie from any sort of counterfeit sources or uncertified breeders. The most relevant way to avoid such sort of pet scams is to get your pet only from authentically certified sources after thorough research. Do not fall into the prey of those deceitful folks who are utilizing the dogs wrongly to make money from the pet enthusiasts.

As an aware pet person who is willing to get a Frenchie, you must be thinking that is it possible to escape French Bulldog scams. Yes, it is possible and for this, the following factors would help you out!

Types of French Bulldog scams

Most people, in a hurry to buy a French Bulldog, end up falling prey to deceitful sources that trap people into their pet scams to make money out of it. The below-mentioned sources are those which make people more prone to fall into their fabricated claims.

Puppy Farms

It is touted to be one of the most unreliable places where you can get a pet. In puppy mills, dogs are bred unethically. The main motive of most puppy mills is to make a hefty amount out of the scam.

They hardly pay attention to the health and nutritional requirements. The dogs that live in puppy farms are often treated inhumanely. Hence, you must refrain to get a pet from a puppy mill.

Uncertified breeders

The pet arcade is full of uncertified and fraudster breeders that are selling French Bulldogs which are not of pure pedigree and bloodline.

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Such sort breeders often indulge in malpractices such as cross-breeding. They do not even give the basic health and diet-related facilitation to the pets that are essential for the good growth of pooches.

Fancy pet shops

The fancy pet shops are nothing less than hoaxers that are selling over-priced pets, thereby compromising the quality of the breed as well. Also, most pets that you find in such shops are from puppy mills only.

Scam websites

You must have visited online websites that are selling pets with fabricated claims and huge discounts to attract pet lovers.

They often do not disclose the important information related to the dogs that are listed on their website.

Also, at times, they charge an unreasonable amount of money claiming the pet to be of pure breed.

8 Ways to Avoid  French Bulldog Scams

8 Ways to Avoid  French Bulldog Scams

If you want to prevent yourself from falling into the trap of fraudulent sources to get a pet, then you should consider the following ways.

Go for the reliable sources

If you are willing to get a French Bulldog, then give preference to reliable sources such as professional breeders, pet rescue centers, shelter homes, registered pet NGOs, and authentic pet shops. From such sources, you can easily get a Frenchie without compromising on budget and breed quality.

Ask for original documentation

Do not forget to ask for the original documents that are associated with the medical history and breed information of the Frenchie that you are going to get.

Getting proper documentation about the pet would give you a better understanding of your furry pal and is useful for future references too.

Beware of the age-old marketing tactics

Age-old marketing tactics such as labeling “limited purebred puppies”, “champion line”, “imported breed” or “half the price” are used often to attract the people who are planning to buy a pet.

Also, you must remember that breeds such as rare fur-colored Bulldogs, Mini Bulldogs, and Teacup Bulldogs do not exist. They might be a result of a genetic disorder or adulterated breeding.

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Do not fall for those glorified heart-wrenching pet stories

Most breeders, pet shops, and websites often publish heart-touching stories on pet dogs that are for sale. For example, these puppies of French Bulldogs are homeless or helpless or have been abandoned by the owner. Such stories are meant to manipulate genuine pet devotees.

Make sure to do thorough research on the breeder

If you are getting a French Bulldog directly from a professional breeder, then do thorough research on the breeder. Make sure that the breeder is authentic, trained, and certified to breed the pooches. You can even search for the breeder on Google and analyze the reviews on the web.

Say no to any additional or hidden costs

If any breeder or pet shop is asking you to pay extra pennies to take home a Frenchie with you, refuse them strictly. Do not agree to pay the extra charges without considering their requirement and reasonability.

Reliable and authentic sources never impose hidden or unreasonable charges related to your pet.

Meet with the parent breed

Insist on meeting the parents of the French Bulldog that you are going to bring home. It would help you to know more about genetics, medical history, and any inherited disorders along with breed quality, and many more.

Through this, you can even know whether your Frenchie belongs to a champion breed or not.

Be wary of anti-social puppies

If you spot those French Bulldogs that are resentful to the presence of people around them; such dogs are anti-social. It clearly implies that these furry companions were kept away from the presence of humans for long.

Do not buy a Frenchie puppy from a puppy farm: 

Puppy farms are places where unwanted pets are bred in large numbers. These animals are usually neglected and mistreated. Puppies born at such facilities are prone to health problems due to poor nutrition and lack of care.

Moreover, they also face social isolation which leads to behavioral issues later in life. So, it is advisable to avoid buying a Frenchie pup from a puppy farm.

Beware of hidden costs:

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Pet stores and breeders may charge an exorbitant amount of money for taking home a Frenchie dog. However, there could be some hidden fees involved.

Some of the common ones include registration fees, vet bills, food costs, etc. Always check out the total expenses before making a final decision.

Be wary of immediate commitment and scarcity tactics:

If you see a Frenchie being sold under the tagline ‘Limited Pure Breed Pups’, ‘Champions Line’, ‘Imported Breeds’, ‘Half Price’, or similar phrases, beware!

This means that the seller wants to sell his Frenchie quickly. The buyer should always consider the availability of the animal first. He should make sure if he will get the desired pet within a reasonable time frame.

Should you buy from a professional breeder?

If you want to purchase a puppy from an authorized source, then it is advisable to go through a reputable breeder.

A good breeder will provide you all the necessary details regarding the health status of the dog, its pedigree, vaccination records, etc.

The best part is that they also offer free consultation services so that you can make informed decisions before buying a pup.

How can I find a reputable breeder?

You should start looking for a reliable breeder in advance. There are several ways to identify a trustworthy breeder.

First, check out if there are any complaints against the breeder online.

Second, look at how old the website is.

Thirdly, see what kind of feedbacks other customers leave behind.

Fourthly, try contacting the breeder personally via phone calls or emails.

Finally, visit the place where the breeder keeps his/her pets.

Wrap Up

It is not a tough task to prevent yourself from falling prey to pet scammers. All you need is awareness along with a strong sense of mind to identify falsified claims regarding pets.

However, if you have faced the same, you can report such deceitful incidents on various platforms such as, IPATA, Better Business Bureau, and other online pages that are solely dedicated to pets.

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