What Are French Bulldogs Scared Of? 15 Fearful Things That Frighten!

A French bulldog is quite a popular breed among pet dogs as a companion. They do not serve any specific task. They eventuated due to crossbreed of Toy Bulldogs from England along with local ratter in Paris in the 19th century. Although French Bulldogs are very friendly, they often get frightened.

What objects can make a French Bulldog terrified? Most of the French Bulldogs are known to get frightened very easily. Their fearful nature can be due to various factors, including environment and training. If this emotion is not taken care of at the earliest, it shall continue to prevail. A pet owner should also know how to handle a frighten dog and minimize their fear along with their essential natural characteristics.

Nature of a French Bull Dog

A matured and grown-up French Bulldog weighs a maximum of 28 pounds. The structure of their head is square-shaped and has a flat face. They prefer staying close to their human companions and do not like to be left alone. Loneliness may cause separation anxiety. They are fun-loving and choose to be by the side of their human parents almost all the time. They have a friendly nature with both humans as well as other breeds of dogs if socialized. They are easy to train and obey the given commands. At times some of the French Bulldogs may be stubborn as well. With proper care and maintenance, avoiding certain diseases can benefit. However, they are not very brave when it comes to meeting new people or a different environment and get frightened very easily.

Identifying the symptoms of a scared French Bulldog

As a new parent to your faithful and fun-loving French Bulldog, you must also be aware that, this breed of dogs get scared with almost anything. Their fear can range from a sudden noise, a stranger to even a sneeze of their own. Thus, as a responsible parent, one must identify when the pet is scared and needs immediate attention. Some behavioral changes notify when they are afraid. Some portray anyone abnormal activity, and others may show a combination of a few together. They are:

  • Destructive chewing
  • Extensive barking
  • Avoiding eye contact and sometimes pupil dilation
  • Sudden urination
  • Yawning or trembling
  • Hiding in the corner of the room or behind the furniture
  • Pretends not to be seen
  • Sticks to the parent
  • Flattening of ears

Conditions that frighten a French Bulldog

Below mentioned are some fearful things and situations that a French Bulldog is scared of:

Loud noises:

The fear of loud noises is quite common in dogs. A sudden cry of a toddler or people yelling can startle a French Bulldog. It also makes them fearful of children. They interpret their affection as a threat as children often show their love by pulling their ears and tail.


French Bulldogs are afraid of fireworks. The sounds, as well as the lighting of the fireworks, are unpredictable. They tend to tremble in fear when not accustomed to it.


Also referred to as separation anxiety. French Bulldogs are attention seeker and want a company always. In case of leaving them alone at home, will inculcate the sense of fear in them. They cannot entertain themselves and can quickly get bored. The loneliness drives them crazy.


Most dogs are afraid of the noise of thunder, so as the French Bulldog. Although the phobia of thunder may vary from different dogs, they tend to get terrified with the sudden intense and powerful sound.


Along with thunder, French Bulldogs also get petrified with the powerful flash of light during lightening. When out in the open and not indoors, they get terrorized with the quickened views from the sky.


It is not unusual of dogs being afraid of doctor and doctor visits, in this case, the veterinarian. The strange odor, place, captivity, and vaccinations together make them fearful to the whole scenario of visiting a clinic. 

Stuffed toys:

French bulldogs get scared when they come across stuffed toys. Although dogs love to have their toys, when introduced to a new one or any unusual shape and structure can make them panic-stricken.


Despite being funny, this breed of dogs tends to be afraid when they see their reflection in the mirror. They cannot relate that it is their impression.

Car/ Vehicles:

They are scared of cars and other heavy vehicles as well. The abrupt sound of horns or backfires makes them anxious. They are also afraid of trucks driving down the road because of their size and heavy turbulence. Dogs are also not comfortable riding in cars. By the reason of some negative experiences in the past, like getting sick in motion makes them fearful.

Other dogs:

French Bulldogs who do not socialize at a tender age, do not get friendly with other dogs in the neighborhood as well. They are scared of other canines of both the same breed as well as different breeds. 

Specific objects:

They also are shaken with particular objects available in the household. Every usage of these items scares them. It can be due to their sound, light emission, movement etc. For example, it can be using a vacuum cleaner or a musical toy. Any other thing which is new to them or is not familiar with their usage can make them terrified.

Large animals:

French Bulldogs may be scared with other dogs, but they are scared of other large-sized animals as well. While strolling beside the roadside or in the park, if they encounter any other animal like a horse or other farm animals can frighten them too. 


An impromptu reverse sneeze can also startle a French Bulldog. It can be the dog’s self or any simple cold of other family members. They get scared with the loud snoring sound made by their self-reverse sneeze.


Most dogs do not like bathing. French Bulldogs generally get scared with the sudden slash of water while using the shower in the bathroom. They are also frightened with the quick water sprinkles from a sprinkler or a hose pipe.


A newly adopted French Bulldog may also be scared of the stairs in their new home. They develop a fear of going up and down of the steps for not being familiar with one in their early stage of life.

Every living organism has its personality. Just like humans, dogs too have different identity and temperament from other species of the same breed. These individualities forms due to various factors that the canine might have gone through in his life. Thus, the emotion of being fearful with almost anything in French Bulldogs may have particular reasons behind it.

Past experiences:

Before adopting the French Bulldog, he might have spent a long time in the shelter care or foster homes. The lessons may not be smooth and happy. When young dogs do not get proper care and maintenance, they tend to become shy and timid. They get fearful even with the slightest of noise.


Fear of fireworks and thunder is a phobia. Various circumstances are associated with the development of phobias. When these phobias do not get necessary treatment at early stages of life, they persist and continue to stay along the lifetime.


Some also have the genetic inheritance of fearfulness, which gradually become more intense with growth.

No exposure:

Lack of exposure to the outer world makes French Bulldogs scared on meeting new people or other dogs in the neighborhood. They may be friendly and cheerful at home, but lack of socialization makes them petrified on an encounter with strangers.

No training:

Absence of training or lack of proper guidance to the pet also makes them adopt abnormal behaviors with simultaneous growth. Dogs are not aware of what kind of behavior needs encouragement. They become aggressive when they get frightened.

Handling a frightened French Bulldog

On identifying the signs that your pet is experiencing fear or anxiety, it is necessary to support them at that very instant. Even the slightest sound can make the French Bulldog scared. Keeping a check on their changing behavior and any unusual activity can help.

  • Making the pet accustomed to fireworks and thunder can eliminate mild phobia. But in extreme cases, medications might be required.
  • Some changes in the lifestyle of both the pet and human parents can help to alleviate the fear of loneliness. Ensuring that someone or the other is always present at home and not living the dog alone can also help at times.
  •  Early socializing is essential for every dog breed, especially for puppies after eight weeks. It will make them less fearful of strangers as they gradually grow up.
  • In some extreme cases, rehabilitation can be necessary. However, it’s a long process but will allow the dog to live a fearless life.
  • To mitigate the fear of veterinarians from the French Bulldog, sometimes just a social visit to the clinic can help. Slowly he will become familiar with the environment of the clinic and will not be extremely scared from next time onwards.
  • Proper training and involving the pet in outdoor activities, especially sports, will distract them from their fear. They will look forward to each day with great zeal and less stress.

The issue of fear in French Bulldogs cannot reduce or eliminate in a day or two. It is a slow and lengthy process. As a parent, one must be supportive and caring at the same time. Absence of precautionary measures and treatment at the very beginning will result in the fear growing deeper and will ultimately lead to depression. Thus, take good care of your furry friend and consult an experienced trainer or doctor on noticing any abnormalities in him.

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