10 Surprising Facts About Dog Kisses

You may have a pretty big world around you, but for your dog, you are his/her only world.

Every morning when you leave the house, your furry best friend’s face becomes all gloomy and melancholy. They just can’t bear the sorrow of seeing their favorite person in the world leave them and go.

Some days, even you feel the same, where you wish to forget everything else and play some fun games or only for a walk with your four-legged furry best friend. Doesn’t it break your heart at times? Mine sure does.

However, when the long day ends and you head back home, the only thing that keeps you motivated is that wagging tail is waiting for you at the doorstep.

Next, the moment you enter the premises, you are showered with multiple kisses and a trillion lickings, and all your stress gets vanished in thin air, just like that.

Have you ever given it a thought about what those kisses mean? Is it something familiar in all animals, or are dogs more passionate than the others?

Well, worry no more. In today’s blog, I will discuss in detail the meaning of these kisses and why your furry friend loves showering you with them? Are they out of affection, or do they mean something more?

Keep reading this space to find out the surprising facts about dog kisses. You may even find out that these may be your dog wanting more space or something else. 

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Fact One: It is something that they do straight out of the womb

Yes, it happens just right away. The mother dog initially kisses her babies to stimulate smooth breathing. The other reasons supporting the constant licking and kisses include improving their bowel system and keeping them both clean and healthy.

Every newborn and puppy kisses their mother as an act of communicating with them. It is their way of letting the mother know what they want and what they don’t. Similarly, this habit or action of theirs gets passed on to them kissing you in the future. The reason is the same.

best friend

Fact Two: Maybe he/ she is your best friend

There is a high possibility of this. Your dog is your best friend, and it is his/ her way of showing affection towards you. Sometimes when your beloved pet dog licks your face, it means they want some space of their own.

Other times it means they just want to be pampered. Also, it can become a habit. For instance, if every time they lick your face, you move away. This act of yours could further stimulate them to do the same with others as well, expecting them to carry out and give them some space like you did.

Fact Three: It could be, he is playing detective

Every single time your furry best friend kisses doesn’t always mean that he wants your affection. Sometimes they kiss your face and lick you to understand your current mood. How are you feeling at the moment?

You will often notice that your pet comes to cuddle you up when you are feeling low. Yes, they can sense your feelings and emotions and is one of the reasons for showering you with their innumerable kisses and licks. You have no idea how intelligent your furry friend is.

Fact Four: Could it be the way you taste?

100% possible. If any of your human friends does it, it can seem pretty weird. However, when your four-legged furry friend does it, it is very familiar to do for them. They are greedy and enjoy licking and kissing whoever smells delicious and tastes delicious.

Dogs are fond of all things salty. So, it could be your lotion, cream, coconut oil, post-snack, or dinner smell that intrigued them to behave in this manner.

Fact Five: How long is each kiss?

The longevity of each kiss decides on how much your pet dog loves you. For instance, if your dog keeps lingering around or cuddling or snuggling post kissing or licking you. It means that your pet’s love for you is priceless and cannot be measured.

He/ she loves you unconditionally and is overly fond of you. Parallelly, your dog also considers you to be his/ her best friend. 

Fact Six: Is it time to get cleaned?

If you notice that your furry baby is repeating this act of kissing quite often and you can feel that it is not affection that they are craving for, then it is time for some grooming to do. Yes, your pet wants to get cleaned.

Like humans, as they cannot communicate openly, they communicate via kissing or licking you. You, being the owner, should understand this thoroughly and proceed similarly.

Fact Seven: He is just hungry

When your newborn kid gets hungry, they cry out loud. It is their way of communicating, and you being the mother, understand the act and feed them similarly. The scenario is no different when concerning your pet dog. He/ she will lick you and kiss you continuously; unless and until you get the message that the only thing that your furry friend demands is some edibles.  

Fact Eight: It’s their act of being submissive

Your pet dog loves you and protects you at the same time. However, there are times when they want to just want to lay down or sit on your lap and get pampered. Your furry friend will kiss you and lick you passionately to signal your brain that it’s time for them to get pampered.

Cuddle them, massage them and shower your love on them when they play the role of a submissive. This could be your act of giving them back their constant companionship, love, and security.

act of communicating

Fact Nine: Just an act of communicating

Your dog cannot speak but he can perform non-verbal physical tasks. Dogs communicate through kissing and licking their owners. When they want to convey something to you and you fail to understand they will perform this act rigorously.

If you are just as intelligent as your furry friend and get the message instantly, then you won’t be lucky enough to get showered by their love and affection. This act of your dog can be your immediate stress buster and help you get into a good mood instantly forgetting all your stress and worries.

Fact Ten: Your furry friend loves you

Why do humans kiss each other? Out of love right? Similar is the case here. Your pet dog loves you, adores you, and you are his world to them. Your furry friend knows no other way to communicate his/ her love to you. Hence, he/ she shows their love for you through the medium of their 1000 kisses and licks.

If your dog doesn’t kiss you that often don’t worry. The amount of kissing and licking your furry friend showers you with also varies from breed to breed and type to type. Your pet dog can lick you for any particular reason and the top 10 discussed are a few among them. I hope the blog was helpful enough and cleared your doubts regarding your affectionate furry friend.

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