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Why Do Huskies Cry?

Being a pet parent is considered nothing less than the responsibility of raising own child. If you are an owner of a Siberian Husky, you must be well aware of their excellent sled-pulling skills along with their mesmerizing appearance with blue eyes. Everything about Huskies is spellbinding. Being a hunting dog originally, they are also friendly, loyal, and love cuddling.

If you have brought home a Husky pup and he/she is whining or crying to keep you up all night, then it is quite a common thing. However, if your older Husky is crying, then it might be a cause of concern. Huskies tend to call out and communicate by howling. Behind this, there could be reasons such as pain, anxiety, fear, loneliness, or insecurity and it is important to figure out!

Pets cannot communicate like humans, so it is difficult to sense what is bothering or causing them discomfort. They try to convey their feelings to the owner either by wagging tail, barking, growling, howling, or crying. If your Husky is crying, then go through the below-mentioned probable reasons to reach out to the root cause.

Effect of separation anxiety

One of the pivotal reasons that might make your Husky cry is the development of separation anxiety. It implies that your furry friend does not like being or left alone and gets anxious if you leave them unaccompanied in a separate room. This condition can also persist when you leave home and go out.

To make your Husky feel secure, and accompanied, try to avoid staying out of home for prolonged periods. In case, if you have to stay out for some unavoidable reason, then check up on your Husky periodically.

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Scary and disturbing noises

There are chances of your Husky crying or howling if he/she has heard unfamiliar or scary noises at night that are causing discomfort. This is more likely to happen when such noises disturb the sleep of the Husky. Pets are sensitive towards harsh, loud, and frightening noises, especially during night time.

Need to pee

Your Husky might cry at night if he/she needs to pee. This is more likely to happen if your Husky is habitual of peeing outside. To resolve this issue, you can take your Husky out for pee a short before going to bed.

However, if your older Husky tends to pee a lot than usual during the night, then there are chances of your furry companion might be suffering from some type of undiagnosed illness. In such a case, it is best advised to take your Husky to a good veterinarian for instantaneous medication.

Presence of other animals in the backyard

If there is a presence of the other animals in your backyard and your Husky can sense or hear them, then he/she might start crying or howling at night. Pets generally do not tolerate other animals in the house and case if the owner is unaware of the presence, then Huskies try to communicate the same by crying at night.

Reinforcement of stubborn behavior

Most of the owners tend to give inadvertent training to their pets by giving them the things which they desire when they start crying for the same. For pet parents, this might be an expression of love but it can give rise to stubbornness in pets.

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If you would give toys, attention, or treats whenever your Husky cries, then it is quite normal for your pet to learn that by crying he/she would easily get all the desired things. If your Husky is crying, then there are chances of him demanding something from you or is feeling hungry.

If this is the case with you, then try to avoid giving rewarding things to your Husky when he/she is crying at night and start giving attention only when the reason seems to be genuine.

Weather conditions

Weather conditions play an important role in determining your pet’s unusual behavior of crying, howling, fearing, or hiding. Such situations are more likely to pertain when the weather is extremely windy or there are lightning thunderstorms during night time.

There are probable chances that your Husky might confide himself in a cozy and cornered place due to the fear or anxiety that has developed by experiencing harsh weather conditions.

Things you can do

There could a variety of reasons behind the cry of a Husky. All we can do is to try to figure out at the earliest. If there are symptoms of some illness or health disorder, then you should consult a vet at the earliest.

However, if your Husky is crying and has become adamant or stubborn due to behavioral mechanism changes, then here are a few things that you can do to keep your Husky healthy and happy!

Lay emphasis on the crate training

To make your Husky feel comfortable and secure, you can train him to stay contented inside a big crate that has been specifically designed for dogs. If you would appropriately teach your Husky, then it would provide your furry pal with its personal space to feel safe. By doing so, your Husky would feel relaxed and confident at night without your company.

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Regular Outdoor Activities

Huskies are known to have a good metabolism rate and they love outdoor activities such as running, walking, playing, and exercising regularly. It helps them to release their energy and assists them in staying healthy, cool, calm, and composed.

If there is a lack of open-air activity or workout, then it might cause your Husky to behave abnormally. Therefore, it is advisable to take out at least an hour a day for Husky’s regular exercise.

Wrap Up

If your Husky is crying, always remember to not get panic or stressed out, and instead try to find out the actual cause. Give ample time and attention to your Husky and make him feel secure and happy by playing with him.

If there are symptoms of any kind of illness, then without further delays, seek immediate medical treatment for your Husky.

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