Trim Fur Over A Dog's Eyes

Reasons To Trim Fur Over A Dog’s Eyes

There are a lot of breeds that come with a lot of fur covering their eyes. If you are one of them who owns any of this breed, this blog is for you.

Many pet owners get fascinated by the look of their dogs up front but end up in a mess later.

Being a pet owner of a furry breed, you should be more careful about their grooming.

Have you ever thought about the reasons to trim fur over a dog’s eyes?

This is generally, to give your furry companion a clear vision. The fur on his eyes obstructs his vision leading to aggressive behavioral changes.

The trimming will also help you protect your furry pal’s eyes from any kind of infection.

But at the same time, few pet owners refrain from getting the fur over the dog’s eyes trimmed. They usually do it to keep the standard and make him eligible to be a part of a dog show.

In this blog, we will cover the problems affecting your dog’s hair covering their eyes. You need to follow certain techniques while trimming the fur over a dog’s eyes. We will also shed some light on these techniques which help trim fur over a dog’s eyes with care.

Is the visibility of your dog affected by the fur on his eyes?

Like humans, any obstruction in front of dogs’ eyes will lead to unclear vision. This is one of the major reasons why you should trim fur over your dogs’ eyes.

The long hair falling on your furry pal’s eyes can lead to collisions and accidents in his daily routine. As you must be aware, dogs communicate through vision and body expressions. Hence, for the dog to be capable to assess the body language of you or other animals in the vicinity, he needs a clear vision.

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The myths surrounding the long-haired breeds have put them in misery. Many people believed that long fur over the dog’s eyes is natural and trimming them is not good.

The ones who dared to trim the fur of their dogs got scared by the speculations that their pet will go blind. The others maintained the status quo to qualify AKC standards so that their pet can take part in dog shows.

The responsible pet owner should understand that fur in dogs can lead to many eye ailments. The obstructed visibility in your dog can also lead to stress and anxiety disorders. Hence, you should help your furry pal get rid of his unwanted fur falling over his eyes.

Problems caused by fur covering your dog’s eyes

Problems caused by fur covering your dog’s eyes

Fur over a dog’s eyes is a problem for them. This not only obstructs their vision but there are many other problems also related to it. Here we will shed light on a few of them.

  • Due to prolonged coverage of fur on a dog’s eyes, they tend to develop a photophobic reaction.
  • Due to direct sunlight in the eyes for the first time, dogs’ eyes start blinking and tearing. The other major ailments can be conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers, and other eye infections.
  • The behavioral disorders were also seen in dogs having fur on their eyes. Dogs can be defensive at times to protect themselves due to obstructive visibility. They can also become aggressive at times due to the irritation caused by the fur on their eyes.
  • One should understand that dogs communicate very well through their eyes. Hence, it is always good to keep their eyes out of any obstructions.
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Techniques to trim the fur around a dog’s eyes

This is a crucial situation where you need to be careful. It is always good to get the hairs trimmed which is obstructing the vision of your dog.

Now, the big deal is to get it done without any hassle. You need to follow a suitable technique to get rid of fur over a dog’s eyes. Let us discuss the steps which will allow us to do it with ease.

  • Try to make your dog comfortable with scissors and comb by playing with him for a while.
  • Once he settles down, start brushing his hair which is above the eyes towards his nose. Clean his eyes with lukewarm water using dog wipes.
  • It is always safe to harness your dog while trimming his hair. This will keep him stay in one place and avoid any injuries.
  • Try to hold the dog’s face towards yourself and trim the hair in a straight line. You should not do it for both the eyes at one go.
  • Brush again to see if the cut is straight or crooked. Try to re-initiate the trim process to achieve evenness. Clean the area around the dog’s eyes to remove any fur or dirt which may lead to infection.

Wrap up

This blog must have helped you understand the major reasons to trim fur over a dog’s eyes. Being a pet owner of a long-haired dog you should adhere to some of the aforesaid tips.

You should understand that dogs need a clear vision to communicate with other dogs. Other than the smell and body language, vision is the major medium of expression in dogs.

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Don’t worry even if you are planning to get your furry pal to take part in dog shows. You can still manage to trim extra fur over his eyes. This will help him get rid of visual obstruction and any other eye ailments.

Being a responsible pet owner, you should follow proper techniques to trim his extra fur. Make him comfortable before you proceed with trimming. Do not force or yell at him if he refrains from the process.

Try to be playful with him for a while and let him get tired. It would be easy for you to trim his extra fur now. Maintaining your furry companion’s look and beauty at the stake of his health and comfort is not good. Hence, set him free and explore the world without any obstructions.

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