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20 Reasons Why Rabbits Are Better Pets Than Dogs

For pet owners, their world revolves around their furry companions only.

Be it a dog or a rabbit, both of these adorable pals never fail to bring joy into the lives of their owners. When it comes to cuteness and affection, dogs and rabbits stand out among other pets.

Having a pet in your home is nothing less than a blessing in life.

Certain people would prefer bunnies over dogs. Though both of them are great choices for pet lovers; rabbits are on top of the list.

In this blog, we have listed 20 reasons why bunnies are better than pooches.

1. Rabbits love to socialize

Rabbits are outgoing pets and they get along with people very well. Though dogs are also socializing pets; not all the breeds like to mingle.

Rabbits can tolerate the presence of guests, and pets in your home. They are even-tempered and tend to create less chaos in the house. Furthermore, rabbits are quite interactive, patient, and playful also.

2. They can live in smaller spaces

Unlike dogs, you would not need a bigger space to accommodate your rabbit. These bunnies can live in the smallest room of your home with ease.

If you are having a small garden or backyard in your home, then your rabbit would be more than happy to play there.

3. No need for regular walks and exercise

Rabbits do not need high-intensity workout sessions and regular walk. Dogs need at least 30-60 minutes of daily exercise or walk to stay fit.

If you are having a cute bunny at home, then let him roam in the garden. Some rabbit owners often keep their beloved pets indoors only for safety concerns.

Moreover, rabbits tend to hop around the surroundings that help them to remain fit.

4. Rabbits are quieter pets

Rabbits do not bark or growl like dogs. They like to remain quiet inside the house or their crate. Dogs tend to bark whenever they spot any visitor in the home.

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Rabbits stay peaceful all day long irrespective of the situation. They create less noise and chaos in the home as compared to the dogs.

5. Convenient sleeping times

Rabbits are crepuscular and they are most active during dusk and dawn. These adorable pets sleep during midday and night. This time is the most convenient for pet owners.

So when you are at work during the day or asleep at night, your bunny would be taking naps. Besides this, rabbits follow ideal sleeping patterns that most families are comfortable with.

6. Herbivorous Pets

Rabbits relish eating hay and grass that are a renewable form of food. They do not crave meat like carnivorous animals such as dogs. Due to this, bunnies are often considered to be suitable for vegetarian families.

7. Get along with kids very well

Some of the dog breeds do get along with kids well but there are certain limitations. Generally, if the kids are too harsh with the dog, then it can make the furry pal aggressive at times.

In the case of rabbits, there are no such limitations as these little pets are gentler as compared to dogs.

8. Does not crave attention all day long

If you have a rabbit, then there would be very few or no chances of your pet demanding constant attention from you. It is advisable to always keep rabbits in pairs as it helps them to remain mingled in themselves only.

In the case of dogs, they tend to seek the attention and company of their owners all day long. This could be tough for those people who are working professionals and do not have much time for pets.

9. Easy-to-train pets

Rabbits are quite intelligent and easy-to-train pets. There is no need to hire a professional to train bunnies as they are quick learners.

You can train your bunny by teaching him some basic tips and tricks at home. Also, it is more convenient to train a rabbit for pee and poop as compared to a dog.

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10. Need less-maintenance

Most dog owners often spend a good amount of time and money on grooming their pets. This is also because most dog breeds do shed a lot and need timely maintenance.

If we talk about rabbits, they do not shed as much as dogs and their grooming needs are minimal.

11. Smart and self-sufficient pets

Rabbits are very smart and self-sufficient pets. They do not need frequent commands or guidance from their owners.

Besides this, bunnies can even recognize the voice of their owners. They even know the place and purpose of their litter box. Hence, these traits lessen the burden of pet owners.

12. Adorable binkies of a Rabbit

When rabbits are happy or excited, they jump and twist. Sometimes they do this in both directions one after the other before they land.

Binkies refer to this common behavior of a bunny. Rabbits do such hilarious moves while running to express their happiness and comfort.

13. Suitable for people with allergies

Rabbits have low shed count because of the plushness of their fur. Furthermore, they also produce less dander as compared to most of the dog breeds. Due to this, rabbits are suitable for the people that are prone to allergies.

14. Gentle, composed, and less-hostile

Rabbits are easy-going pets and are gentler than the dogs. They show no signs of aggression and remain composed. Besides this, they do not indulge in hostile behavior as dogs do.

15. Self-grooming pets

If we talk about hygiene and cleanliness, rabbits are better than dogs. These little pets keep themselves clean and often do self-grooming also.

So if you own a rabbit, then there is no need to worry about their grooming. Also, there is no need to bathe your rabbit until you feel that your pet has become very dirty and unhygienic.

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16. Rabbits can live in apartments

Rabbits can adapt to the apartment lifestyle much better than dogs. If you are living in an apartment, you can keep your rabbits either in a hutch or a small garden.

Moreover, bunnies do not bark unlike dogs, which makes them an ideal pet for the apartment living.

17. Come in different size and breeds

Rabbits come in a variety of different breeds and sizes. If you love bunnies, then you have a lot of options in hand to choose the ideal one for you. You can select the size and breed of the bunny as per your choice and lifestyle.

18. Lesser health concerns than dogs

Rabbits do not need frequent veterinary care as much as dogs. They are less prone to health concerns, such as obesity and other hereditary diseases. Due to this, rabbits can stay healthier for long without any medications.

19. Cute and lovable companions

Nothing in this world can beat the cuteness of a lovable bunny. These tiny pets are affectionate and love their owners without any conditions. Though dogs are also caring; they get possessive of their owners, unlike rabbits.

20. They can stay alone at home

If you are a working professional or leading a hectic lifestyle, a rabbit would be the ideal pet for you. These cute bunnies can stay alone at home with ease for longer which most dogs cannot.

It would be convenient for the owners who remain away from home for longer hours due to work.

Why Rabbits Are Better Pets Than Dogs

Wrap Up

Each pet comes along with its pros and cons. Rabbits are more sensitive than dogs and need a peaceful environment to stay healthy.

Also, nurturing a pet is challenging at times, then be it a rabbit or dog. After all, raising a furry pet involves oodles of love, care, time, and patience.

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