Rabbits Eat Mangetout

Can Rabbits Eat Mangetout?

Rabbits are very friendly pets and do not create chaos in the house as compared to other pets. They are affectionate and do not intend to hurt you.

Are you a responsible parent of a fluffy teddy? If yes, then your focus should lie on feeding appropriate and healthy food to them. 

What should rabbits eat? They need a balanced diet of grass, leafy vegetables, and fruits. Rabbits have a very sensitive digestive system.

Do you want to make changes to their diet? If yes, then carry on with amendments in the food or inclusion of fruits and vegetables at a slow pace. This will enable them to adjust to the transition.

Green vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals, and fibers. These form a healthy part of the rabbit’s diet. But what about giving mangetout to your pet? Is it safe to give it to rabbits? Let us find out an answer to this question.

This blog will shed light on the benefits of giving mangetout to your rabbit and how much should you give. Keep reading…

Can rabbits eat mangetout?

Yes, rabbits can consume mangetout. It is a kind of green peas that has its place in the legume family. The color of peas is bright green with a soft texture. This forms the healthy diet regime of rabbits. These provide nutrients that are helpful in their development. You can give mangetout to your bunny in moderate quantities.

Bunnies have a special inclination towards green vegetables. You can even mix it with the other vegetables to make a delightful treat for your pet. Try refraining from giving mangetout to your rabbit on a regular basis.

Rabbits can eat peas as a special treat. But feed them with fresh, green, or immature ones. Dried ones are not healthy and lead to the threat of choking, hence avoid offering it to your bunny.

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The bunnies can also consume the leaves and stem of the mangetout plant. Both the plant and the green peapods are safe for your rabbit.

As stated earlier, there are a lot of nutritional benefits of consuming mangetout. But you need to get a fair idea of the exact amount before you feed it to your rabbit.

The extreme amount can lead to diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems. Contact a vet if such kinds of symptoms occur. Follow his advice instead of treating your bunny at home. This can prove fatal at times.

How is mangetout beneficial for rabbits?

Mangetout contains minerals, vitamins, proteins, and fibers that your rabbit need. These four elements constitute the healthy diet regime of your rabbit:

  • Minerals: Minerals play an important role in maintaining a good and healthy body. The mangetout peas contain a high quantity of phosphorus. It helps build up the strong bones of your rabbit.
  • Vitamins: For sound growth, bunnies would need certain vitamins. In this regard, vitamins A, B, and C are quintessential. The mangetout peas are beneficial for rabbits as these are high in carbs and protein with low fat.
  • Proteins: The mangetout helps the rabbit to produce protein on its own. This strengthens muscles and repairs their skin damages. Hence, the diet of your rabbit should comprise it.
  • Fibers: Fiber is helpful in the movement of the gut. It also helps them in getting rid of constipation.

How to feed your rabbit with mangetout?

It must be quite evident from the above explanation that peas are safe for bunnies. The only concern is to feed them with fresh ones.

Start giving them the peas in small quantities and then increase it. Before feeding, wash them with clean water to take out any residue of pesticides.

If you are all set to introduce peas in the diet of your rabbit, then include only one new food at a time. Always check if there are any digestive issues after consumption of peas.

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Immediately consult a vet if your rabbit stops pooing and eating his meals. The vet will provide a sustainable resolution in this regard.

If everything goes well, then increase the number of peas in your rabbit’s diet. Bunnies weighing four pounds can have two tablespoons of fresh pods.

The same quantity applies to other fruit treats and nonleafy vegetables. ‘One treat a day’ is ideal for rabbits, i.e. one-two pods. In the case of leafy vegetables, feed two cups of the chopped mix to your rabbit.

Also, include different food items to your bunnies diet that are high in nutrition. Try to include the ones which are rich in oxalic acids as they are beneficial in their growth.

What amount of mangetout should you give to the rabbit?

Do you want to incorporate mangetout into the diet plan of your rabbit? If yes, then mix it along with various other vegetables. He can consume 200g of mangetout. Rabbits are fond of green vegetables.

Hence, offer a diverse kind of diet to your rabbit every day. This will keep your furry pal stay healthy forever.

The younger rabbits do not need vegetables until they turn around 3 months old. After that, you can introduce mangetout in the diet of your bunny.

Make sure to keep the quantity to least at the initial stage and then increase it. You can even mix up the mangetout with the other vegetables to prepare a tasty meal for your bunny.

You can feed the mangetout to your rabbit around 2-3 times a week but not more than that.

Is it safe to give raw mangetout to your rabbit?

There is no harm in giving raw mangetout to your rabbit. Moreover, make sure to wash it in fresh water to remove the impurities.

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When it comes to eating, these furry pals can consume mangetout whether it is raw or cooked. 

What are the suggested fruits and vegetables that you can offer to your rabbit?

Rabbits can consume a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. You should feed only those food items that are safe for your pet. Feed your bunny in moderate quantities to prevent any sort of digestive discomfort.

Furthermore, you should wash-down all the fruits and vegetables under the running water. Extract all the seeds before feeding the same to your furry pal. Consumption of it with seeds is not suitable for bunnies.

You can give small amounts of fruits to your furry friend in the form of treats. Not all fruits and vegetables are harmless to your rabbit to consume.

Some fruits and vegetables can be hazardous to your rabbit’s intestinal system. Hence, it is always good to seek the advice of a veterinarian whenever you are planning to introduce a new food.

Wrap Up

Rabbits need a well-balanced diet. The food purchased for rabbits from the pet shop does not contain the essential vitamins.

Hence, there is a need to include fresh food items in your rabbit’s diet. Avoid feeding your bunny the human food as this is not safe for their consumption.

It is clear from the above facts that mangetout is safe for your rabbits. Avoid replacing it with their regular diet regime. Hence, there is a need to give them a balanced and proportionate diet.

After all, the good health of your pet matters to you the most! At the end of the day, you want to see happiness in their shining eyes.

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