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Do Guinea Pigs Poop A Lot? [What You Should Do Now!]

Guinea pigs have a tendency to poop everywhere. Be it on the floor, on their food, beddings, and anywhere else outside their cages.

They will always poop whenever the urge comes up. In case you are wondering if it’s normal, stick around because I got the answers to all your piggy poop questions.

Do guinea pigs poop a lot?

Guinea pigs naturally poop a lot. It’s perfectly okay and normal for guinea pigs to poop as much as they do because they eat a lot. They are usually eating all the time and they will eat everything you give them.

They have a fast metabolism that makes them poop more often than most animals. The amount of poop depends on various things like their age, weight, food, and how active they are.

What’s normal and what’s not?

You should always check your guinea pig’s poop to know whether it’s healthy or if something is wrong. If your pet is not pooping as much as it usually does, yet there haven’t been diet changes, that is a sign that something may not be okay.

Make it a habit to keenly observe the poop’s texture, colour, shape, and smell. Normal guinea pig poop is usually brownish in colour with a uniform oval shape.

Abnormal poop characteristics are:

  • Very dry poop – this is a sign of dehydration. Try to keep your pet hydrated by providing sufficient water. You can also include fruits with high water content like cucumbers.
  • Too soft or liquid poop – this could be because it ate something that was sensitive for its stomach. In the case of diarrhoea, call a vet.
  • Bloody poop – this is as a result of inflammation or tearing of the anus. You should call a vet immediately.
  • Clumped poop – this could be another cause of dehydration. You should also avoid giving it grains. Try applying some coconut oil to the anus for lubrication.
  • Green poop – this could be the result of caecal pellets. This is undigested food and your guinea pig normally reingests it.
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Inconsistencies in the nature of your pet’s poop are mainly brought about by giving it the wrong diet.

Good remedies include:

  • Give them a lot of hay to provide fiber which helps in digestion.
  • Make sure that they drink enough water. Water assists in flushing out the digestive tract.
  • Reduce the number of fruits you are giving them. Fruits are great treats but should be served in moderation at all times to avoid stomach upsets.
  • Avoid giving them foods that they are sensitive to. For instance, if you notice that certain foods give them diarrhoea, do not serve them the foods again.
  • Clean their environment often. Ensure the cage is cleaned well to avoid infections.

Do Guinea Pigs Eat their Poop?

Guinea pigs have a habit of eating their poop which is very healthy for them. This process is known as coprophagy.

Every now and then you will see your guinea piggy curled up with its head between its back legs then it will come up chewing. Don’t fret, it’s totally okay.

There are two types of guinea pig poop. One is the usual poop you find while cleaning and the other is a softer greenish yellowish type of poop that you will not easily find.

This is because a guinea pig ingests it again almost immediately. These caecal pellets are great mostly for ill guinea pigs because they have good bacteria and vitamins like Vitamin K.

They should be fed to sick pets together with antibiotics because antibiotics kill good and bad bacteria. The caecals bring back the good bacteria.

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Do guinea pigs poop everywhere?

Yes, they do. Guinea pigs poop everywhere, all the time, inside and outside their cage. 

For instance, they poop on your carpet, couch, floor, and you are in the process of cleaning up. If you put down the newspaper and they poop on that. 

Moreover, You wash their cage every day, but in between feedings, they are pooping around the cage, bedding, water bottle, food dish, and so forth.

Guinea pigs poop all over your house because they are full of energy and running around all the time.

Therefore, it is important to keep your guinea pigs confined in a cage or pen when you must be away from them for long periods of time.

Guinea Pig Poop and Cleaning

Generally, guinea pigs poop where they are comfortable, where they sleep, eat, or anywhere they are standing. Just like other rodents, they can poop while eating or sleeping.

Although they have the tendency to poop everywhere, some guinea pig owners say that the pets poop more when outside the cage than when inside. This can be because a guinea pig may feel a little nervous when outside its cage.

A guinea pig will even poop on you when you hold it for long, mostly over 15 minutes. If you notice it becoming restless and looking uncomfortable, let it go, or else it will poop on you.

It’s possible for guinea pigs to be potty trained although it may take time. You can begin by introducing a litter box to the cage.

Pooping may differ according to the diet you offer them or if you change their eating schedule. On a daily basis, they can have up to 100 droppings or even more.

Guinea Pig Poop Cleaning

A cage can be cleaned of poop by using either your hand or a handheld vacuum. Both are okay to use with varying advantages.

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Using your hand is a great way of bonding with your pet. This is because it will most likely come to your hand for some petting while you are cleaning.

It is a great way of spending some time interacting with your pet. The downside is that it is time-consuming. A handheld vacuum on the other hand makes the process quick and it’s quite efficient at cleaning.

Some owners can clean a cage 3-4 times each day. You should choose the most effective way that works for you.

Guinea pigs try to be neat by grooming themselves every so often. Their poop can stubbornly stick on their fur sometimes making it hard for them to clean themselves.

Poop sticks on them if they poop on their bedding and sleep on it, which is usual for them. You can give them regular baths in little amounts of warm water.

To keep the cage dry, use fleece or polyester for bedding. Material like flannel remains wet at the top.

Have several towels around the cage that you can easily pick up and dump the poop. You can change and wash them as often as possible.


Guinea pigs poop a lot which is okay considering the amount of food they eat. They are good at hiding if something is wrong with them and it’s not easy to know if your pet is sick until it’s too late.

So it’s wise to check on their poop every time to notice anything out of the ordinary. The nature of poop is the best sign of an illness in a guinea pig.

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