Can Guinea Pigs Wear Clothes? [What You Should Know!]

By now you’ve probably seen hundreds if not thousands of guinea pig pics with them wearing all kinds of clothes.

Guinea pig clothes are a booming business with stores having even season-themed clothes like Halloween costumes and Christmas attire.

Humans have tried everything under the sun to make things as easy for animals as they are for them. This has not always turned out okay because sometimes it’s always at the animals’ peril.

This brings us to the question;

Can guinea pigs wear clothes?

No, Guinea pigs need to be free to walk around and eat poo wherever they please. If you want to keep your pet comfortable and happy, then clothing and nappies should not cover his/her behind.

Clothes are for humans, not animals. Making your pet wear clothes may amuse you but it’s not generally recommended.

There are only a few exceptions and that’s only when the pet will have to wear clothes for a short period of time.

For instance, animal shoots or family pics are okay exceptions to put clothes on your guinea pig. The shoots should take a little time as well.

Is it safe for your guinea pig to wear clothes?

No, It’s not recommended. Guinea pigs may wear clothes but some reactions may be brought about.

Uncomfort and uneasiness

They may begin feeling uncomfortable and uneasy. This is because it’s not natural for them to be in clothes.

Some may even resist the dressing process making it hard for you to dress them. Observe your guinea pig and take off the clothes if they don’t totally like them.

If they are hiding away, chewing on the cage bars, sitting hunched, don’t want to move or they begin moving in circles, take these as signs that your guinea pig is trying to communicate their discomfort. Be kind enough to take the clothes off.

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Itchiness and scratching

You may have success putting on the clothes, but then they may begin feeling itchy and scratching themselves. Some materials like burlap make your pet scratch continuously.

If clothes make your pet itch, do take them off.

Irritations and allergies

Just like us, your guinea pig may get really irritated by those adorable clothes you couldn’t resist purchasing for it. This may give your pet severe allergies and you should take the clothes off immediately.


A guinea pig needs to use the bathroom very often. Making them wear clothes will lead to them soiling themselves and this could bring about infections for your delicate pet.

What to do when clothing your guinea pig

With these bad reactions to clothes, is there something you can about it?  If you are having instances where you can’t resist taking some pics with your guinea pet in clothes, it’s okay. Do follow these guidelines though:

Make it short and sweet

Try to make the time taken in the clothes as short as possible. 10 minutes is okay a limit but a maximum of 30 minutes is what you should adhere to.

Always be keen on them to prevent them from tangling themselves up in the clothes.

Avoid restrictive clothes

Avoid clothes that may restrict your pet’s movements. If they are keeping the feet or hands together and making your pet unable to move properly, do not put them on your pet.

Remember they know that they are prey animals and they want to be able to run off at any sense of danger. If they feel that they have no way of doing so they’ll panic and get scared ruining their relationship with clothes completely.

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Diapers are also sold but they are a no-no. Even if you don’t want your pet doing bathroom adventures all over the place, do not put it in diapers. Let it have natural bathroom breaks.

Be careful with their necks

It’s common sense that you shouldn’t put clothes over your pet’s head because they will have difficulty breathing. Now imagine clothes that are a bit tight on the neck.

They could not only get choked but they will have a life scare which may make them scared of not only clothes but also you. This includes leashes and collars.

Don’t use Rubber bands

Rubber bands are not your pet’s friend. You know how painful they can be.

Do not use rubber bands to keep loose clothes on your pet’s body. They can easily tangle up with the fur and give your pet a painful experience as you try to take them off.

Avoid clothes that would give them adverse reactions

Some materials and paints will not be guinea pig friendly, avoid those at all costs. If making DIY clothes, ensure the material has paint that is animal-friendly.

What to do if your guinea pig is feeling cold

In situations where you think your guinea pig is feeling cold, clothes are not the only options. There are much better much effective alternatives.

Provide fleece and little towels

Picture this: Your pet can snuggle on its blankets when it feels cold and get up from them when they are no longer cold. On the other hand, your pet cannot get out of clothes you make it wear.

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If it’s cold, give it blankets and towels to keep warm and not clothes. This point covers skinny pigs too. They don’t need clothes.

Pet heating pads

Pet heating pads are safe for pets and they do their work just as well, providing required warmth for your cold pet. You can buy them online or in pet stores.

Warm them up in a microwave and put them in their cage. They are unchewable and can keep the cage warm for as long as ten hours.

Cover floors

If their little feet and hands are freezing cold, you can cover the floor beneath them using straw and old newspapers. Make the layer of covering thick enough to keep all the cold below it.

Cover the cage

You can cover their cage if the cold is biting them hard. Use a small blanket that’s thick enough to provide warmth.

Ensure that there is space left out for breathing to prevent your pet from panicking and suffocating.


Be careful when you clothe guinea pigs to avoid accidents and affecting them negatively. Never be forceful. We all want our pets to be safe and to trust us.

If you want pics where they look oh-so-adorable, try clothing alternatives like flowers on their head. Having flowers or caps on is great because they can toss them off if they don’t want them anymore.

You could also use captivating backgrounds and props like toys. Avoid giving them something valuable that they can easily chew on. They are chewy pets.

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