Cavies Eat Guava

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Guava?

Guinea pigs have a sensitive digestive system. They require very complex nutrients to fulfill their body requirements. Therefore, special precautions should be taken while choosing vegetables, fruits, and other material to feed them.

Feeding the same food will make them bore of the meal, no matter how healthy the food is for them. Thus there should be alternative but suitable fruits that can serve as a treat for them.

Guava is a fruit that is enriched in manganese, Vitamin C, and antioxidants. It is highly beneficial for humans as it aids to enhance the immunity within the body and shield against several sorts of cancer.

Can guinea pigs eat guava?

Guinea pigs can feed on guava. It is a precious food and is an excellent addition for them. Guava contains vitamin C and several vital minerals for our little friends. However, guinea pigs face problem while digesting sugar properly. Hence, fruits including guava, served as a treat to them.

Advantages of guava for guinea pigs

There are several reasons to feed guinea pigs with guava. A few of them is as follows:

  • Guava is a rich supply of vitamin C, antioxidants, and many other nutrients that a guinea pig is unable to produce themselves.
  • The antioxidants present in guava will remove all the ill health things from the older guinea pigs.
  • The higher fiber content in guava will help the digestion of the cavy.
  • Higher water in guava will keep our little friends hydrated, even if they don’t consume water.
  • A valuable amount of potassium in guava will keep the kidneys healthy in guinea pigs.
  • Guinea pigs like guava too much as it tastes good to them.
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How often guinea pigs can have guava?

  • It is advisable to offer guava only twice per week and in moderate quantity. Several health issues are linked to the overfeeding of fruits as they contain fructose (a type of sugar).
  • Guava shouldn’t be provided on a regular basis due to sugar contents. The standard meal for guinea pigs should be fresh vegetables and hay.

Quantity of guava for guinea pigs?

A couple of slices of guava are enough for guinea pigs and avoid offering more than that. Offering more than a couple of pieces will result in health issues. 

Preparation of guava for guinea pigs?

It is easy to prepare guava for the guinea pigs. Following are a few stamps to prepare and serve:

  • Selection of guava is one of the vital steps. A ripen guava is the right choice for the guinea pigs.
  • Cleaning is another essential step before serving guava to get rid of dirt from the guava.
  • Cutting guava in small slices is preferable for the guinea pigs as they can enjoy the uninterrupted taste of guava.
  • Serve the slice of guava either by hands or mixing it with other vegetables.
  • Removal of all uneaten fruits is vital to avoid rats and flies infestation.

Can guinea pigs have guava skin?

Guinea pigs will love to eat guava skin too as a snack. The skin of guava contains most of the nutrients. The amount of vitamin C is even more in the guava skin as compare to the whole orange.

Hence, doesn’t mind to keep offering the guava skin to guinea pigs regularly. For obtaining a positive trait, the drawback should not get ignorance. The guava skin is good if offered a few times in the week, or you may say it is recommended to serve our cute friends with the guava skin a few times a week.

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It is advisable to nourish guinea pigs with the alternation of flesh and skin of guava. Make sure to wash the guava skin before serving to the guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat guava seeds?

Seeds are present in the guava, and it is vital to remove seeds before feeding guava to the guinea pigs. The seeds are harmful to the guinea pigs as the seeds can cause choking in them.

There are no nutritional contents in seed and it is better to remove seeds so guineas pigs can access other healthy nutrients present in guava. Apart from nutrient contents, our little friends can hurt themselves with the presence of seeds.

Guinea pigs have nice large and sharp teeth so they can hurt themselves by bitting the seeds straight through and the acidic contents of the guava become more painful to the guinea pigs.

Therefore, they can feed on guava but cannot eat their seeds. Removal of seed before serving to the guinea pigs is advisable. However, flesh and skin are good for their health in a moderate amount.

Risks of overfeeding guava to guinea pigs:

Vitamin C present in guava is suitable for guinea pigs, but it shouldn’t be a food to which they tuck into all the days. Like almost other fresh fruits, there is some content in guava too, that indicates to feed guava sparingly.

  • The higher amount of natural sugar, i.e. fructose, is present in guava, which better as compared to the refined sugar, but leads to illness in guinea pigs if consumed in larger quantity.
  • Higher consumption of guava will cause urinary problems in our friend due to the presence of more extensive content of phosphorous and calcium.
  • Guinea pigs can become addicated to guava because of its taste that will result in obesity and many other health ailments.
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Guava is an excellent fruit as a treat for the guinea pigs. They should have guava to fulfill the requirements of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C, present in guava, will help guinea pigs to maintain a good hair coat. Deficiency of vitamin C can cause poor appetite, depression, lethargy, sores around lips, diarrhea, and swollen joints in our little friends.

Therefore, offering guinea pigs guava as a treat will fulfill vitamin C requirements and other nutrients. Apart from the nutritional content, guava is tasty for them, and they love to eat it. However, be aware not to overfeed guava to guinea pigs as it may result in obesity and several other health issues.

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