Why Does My Guinea Pig Stare At Me?

Guinea pigs are sweet little creatures that are a pet favorite in many households. They are friendly and social making them easily lovable.

Guinea pigs have different personalities and they are really smart. They are also naturally curious with large eyes that are almost always open.

If you love attention you can feel good if your guinea pig is always staring at you or you may just enjoy having your pet interested in watching you.

However, their staring may get unnerving if they keep staring at you constantly and you have no idea why.

If you are worried and wondering whether it’s normal for guinea pigs to keep staring at you, I have the answers for you. Keep reading.

Why does my guinea pig stare at me?

Your guinea pig may always be staring at you when they are new, bored, seeking attention, feeling threatened, relaxed, or even when they are fast asleep. Their eyes are hardly ever closed and guinea pigs will have them open whether it’s during the day or at night. They will also have them wide open even when sleeping to stay alert in case of predators.

Reasons why your guinea pig will stare at you

There are various reasons why your guinea pig will stare at you. They include:

New guinea pig

If your guinea pig is new and you just adopted them, they will tend to look at you every time. They will be watching your every move and they can even do this from their hideys.

Guinea pigs are prey animals and a new guinea will watch you keenly while trying to ascertain your motive. They will stare at you to assure themselves whether you are a predator trying to eat them or not.


A bored guinea pig will have nothing to do so they may just sit and stare at you to entertain themselves with whatever you are doing. They may look withdrawn, lethargic, or just be inactive in their cage.

Seeking attention

Guinea pigs are social animals that like living in herds. This social need will make them need your attention especially if they don’t have cagemates.

If they have cagemates, guinea pigs keep each other company while playing together and grooming each other. If your pet does not have cagemates they will look to you for companionship.

They may sit staring at you to draw your attention.

Fast asleep

Not every time that a guinea pig will seem to stare at you will they actually be looking at you. Sometimes they will be fast asleep.

Guinea pigs have lots of fascinating traits and sleeping with their eyes open is one of them. They usually sleep in their hideys but if they feel secure around you, they will sleep even on your lap.

Their eyes will remain open as a survival instinct to always be alert in case of danger. They usually sleep for short intervals of around 10 minutes at a time.

Feel threatened

Guinea pigs have great hearing capabilities. Due to their sensitive ears, they can hear even the slightest of sounds that you wouldn’t normally hear.

If you notice your guinea pig staring at you it could be because they sensed a threat and they are looking to see if you heard something too. It could also be that they are not exactly looking at you but instead concentrating on the sound they just heard.


A relaxed guinea pig may lay in their cage and just stare at you out of contentment. If your guinea pig is feeling content and peaceful, they may just sit back and look at you.

What to do if your guinea pig is staring at you

If your guinea pig is staring at you it’s good to give them some attention and be able to know why they could be staring.

If they are staring at you because of the above-mentioned reasons you can take the measures below.

Make guinea pigs feel safe

If your guinea pig is newly adopted, the first thing you should do is to make them feel safe in their new environment.

Teach them to trust you by being gentle with them, having scheduled times of feeding them, offering treats, and giving them space to feel comfortable instead of trying to cuddle them from the first day.

Let them know that you are not another predator waiting to eat them. Put your hand in their cage and let them sniff it so that they can learn your scent.

Call their names as you are coming to the cage and have conversations with them so that they can learn your voice and get used to you.

Keep them entertained

A bored guinea pig will not only stare idly at you but they may also get destructive. Keep your guinea pig entertained with toys.

A guinea pig with a variety of toys to play with, drag around their cage, use as a pillow and chew on is not easily bored.

You can also let them watch television with you or play soft soothing music for them. Ensure that volumes are low as high music volumes may stress them out.

Spend time with them

Do not let your guinea pig get to the point of feeling lonely. Take time to spend and bond with them.

Take them out of their cage for some good floor time and have them wander around you. You can also release them outdoors for some exercise that is not only good for their health and fitness but also mental stimulation.


Games are a good distraction for guinea pigs that seem to be always threatened or sensing danger. Provide play toys like crackling paper bags, stuffed socks, and create tunnels for them in their cages. You can also provide chew toys that will keep them occupied for long periods.


Guinea pigs will stare at you for various reasons. You should be observant and keen on them to know why they are staring at you and if there is anything you should do about it.

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