Why Do Dogs Go Crazy After A Bath? [What You Should Do!]

Along with a well-balanced meal and regular exercise, pet owners need to maintain hygiene for their pets. Pet dogs are mostly fond of playing in mud and grass, which leads to the accumulation of dirt and dust in their body. Cleaning and bathing them at specific intervals is a must.

A curious query why do dogs behave differently after every clean-up? It is a commonly noticeable fact among dogs to undergo a sudden change in their behavior as soon as washing is complete. They try to get rid of the wetness in their body after a bath.

This behavioral change can be due to relief, irritation, and many other factors. As a pet owner, it is necessary to understand the reason and act accordingly, be it due to positive or negative aspects.

How often does a dog need cleaning?

The skin of a dog secretes an oil-like substance called sebum. It is possible to the presence of oil glands beneath their skin surface. The secretion is a combination of fatty acids. They help in the growth of hair follicles, which results in an increase as well as the growth of fur.

Thus, veterinarians advice not to bathe them every day. Most pet owners prefer to clean up their canines once a week or once a fortnight. However, some also consider doing it once in two or three months. A regular gentle wash will ensure that the pet dog stays clean and free from germs.

Behavioral change in pet dogs after a bath:

It is a common fact that dogs tend to have a change in their usual behavior as soon as the bathing process is complete. It continues unless they become dry. At times the unusual nature can also persist for a longer duration.

Every dog owner must go through such experiences after every wash. They either run around the whole house or roll over cushions and carpets. It ranges from the feeling that he is happy to have a bad mood due to the moisture.

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Some of them also become aggressive and may also be damaging in nature right after their bath. Destructive chewing is another activity that is often noticeable among them.

Reasons for craziness in a dog after a bath

Every other dog possesses different emotional characteristics based on breed, environment, and lifestyle. Thus, each dog may experience any one of the factors or may also have a mixed array of feelings.

A close watch on their post-activities by their human parents on their respective furry friends can provide a more precise option.

Reasons for craziness in a dog after a bath

Below mentioned are a few points that can be the reason due to which a dog acts surprisingly differently after every bathing session.

Inconsistent sessions:

The bathing sessions in each dog vary from one another. Dogs are not wet-washed every single day. As mentioned earlier, some canines may undergo bathing sessions once a week, whereas others may undergo them once every two or three months.

This decision is as per the advice of their respective doctors. Since there is a discontinuity between each session, every time they feel a different, new, and fresh experience, which may be the reason for acting crazy by some canines.


Although no one has yet established the exact reason for such behavior among dogs after a wash, the most honest thought is comfort. Dogs generally love playing with water.

Thus, after every session of a bath, some dogs express their joy by running and rolling around the house.

Some aggressive dogs may also find bathing a stress reliever. A sudden rush of energy may be the aftereffect of regaining their mental calmness.

Another reason for a sense of relief in some dogs is that the washing is all complete, and he does not have to worry until the next session.


Dogs do not like it when chained up. Bathing, similarly, is also a type of isolation for the pets. The limited space in the bathroom or the bathtub may cause emotional distress in them.

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Soon after the whole process of scrubbing and washing, they gain back their freedom while setting loose. The happiness of liberty from the containment of a small room or space is another cause.

It results in an energy outburst in them. This change in the usual manner of a dog may seem different for others.

Body odor:

 Every canine species has a different body odor that is different from that of a human. Likewise, the smell that humans consider soothing and refreshing is not the same for dogs.

They love playing in the dirt and covering themselves in the mud. It is also a source of fun activity for them, and they also enjoy the smell which, for humans, is a bad odor.

However, the dog needs to be cleaned up from the dirt to avoid the attack from germs. Thus, some dogs do not like the fragrance of shampoo; they go crazy and want to return to their body smell.


One of the simplest factors other than relief for the craziness is the wetness in the body. The fur in the canines exposes their outer shin when wet.

Some of them do not like this feeling and act crazily.

Others who roll over the carpet or shake their bodies now and then are only trying to get rid of all the water that is still in the body. They want to get back into their original and furry shape as soon as possible.


Some pet dogs also love it when they go for a bath. When the bathing sessions are fun enough, they tend to get used to it. However, there can also be instances when they may not be of their best behavior right after the bath.

It can be due to some sort of allergy or irritation. The reason can be a rough body wash or shampoo. Another reason for acting unnatural can be due to some skin infections or allergies that may cause itching. Their way of expressing their feeling can be a bit peculiar but not unreasonable. 

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Word of advice before and after bathing a dog:

  • Every human parent of a dog must try to make the bathing sessions fun and exciting.
  • Proper planning and encouraging them will also help.
  • Take them for a bath after a tiring day. Bathing will help them relax. They also will try to relax instead of acting unnatural.
  • Distraction with their favorite toy or some indoor activities will also reduce any unnecessary damage.
  • Do not let the pet outdoors; he may tend to get dirty again. Let him dry out entirely and involve him in some outdoor activities instead-but under supervision.
  • Use a medicated shampoo or body wash. It is better to use the one as per the doctor’s advice.
  • Let them have their choice of meal after a good bath. It will also help them calm.
  • Contact the doctor and apply for the medicines in case of allergy or other skin infections.
  • Balance the temperature of the water before every bath. Use the one that suits your pet.
advice before and after bathing a dog

As a human parent to your furry dog, it is essential to keep a check o his day-to-day activities. Any abnormal behavior may be the reason for some underlying illness. Seeking a doctor’s help is the best possible advice.

Even if the pet acts crazy after a bath, do not stop giving one. A clean and hygienic body will be advantageous for them. Your furry friend shall be less prone to disease-causing pathogens.

Also, it is necessary to allow the pet to have his personal space and time until he returns to his usual form again. Regular exercise, healthy meals, and a hygienic body will ensure his happiness and all-around development in the long run.

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