Why Do German Shepherds Cry?

German Shepherds are lively, intelligent, and playful dogs. They have superior senses, one of which is the ability to smell sharp. They have an immensely powerful hearing ability besides. They look adorable, but sometimes they are intimidating. This is why different investigation units or Police Departments across the world use them as watch or inquiry dogs. German Shepherd’s bark is one of the loudest barks among all other breeds. Interestingly, their barks can be louder than busy street traffic or an orchestra. In a study, the sound levels of such barks were measured. The loudest bark was recorded at 110decibles, whereas the average bark ranged between 80-90decibles. Although German Shepherds are very friendly, they have a genetic issue of crying. Crying is normal for dogs, as they do not have any other choices left to express themselves. But some surveys have proven that German Shepherd cries more compared to other dog breeds.

The main reason behind the crying of German Shepherds is feeling uncomfortable in some situations. They are pretty big and agile breeds, hence need a lot of exercises. If they are not staying happy and fit, they will cry. Other reasons include separation anxiety, lack of attention, and hunger. Ironically, this energetic dog breed is more sensitive to life situations than other breeds. Hence, they cry more compared to others.  

Let’s take a deeper insight into why do German Shepherds Cry?

5 Major reasons for crying

  • Attention.
  • Anxiousness.
  • Boredom.
  • Sickness or pain.
  • Discomfort around other dogs.


German Shepherds thrive on their owners’ attention. They love to play with you. You need to give these kids cent percent attention whenever you are around them. In general, you may have several things to do at home. From doing household chores to arranging official work, there is a lot to do every day. Consequently, you might not be able to give the required attention to your furry mate. This could be a potent reason as to why they are crying. These poor creatures always want to play with you or want you to take them for a walk so that they can live cheerfully. 


This breed is very thoughtful. They can sense the mood of their owners. Whenever you are sad, they will try to console you. It is a fact that your sadness makes them equally anxious. For this reason, they cry out loud. They extend their support by doing so. 

They can also become anxious if they are kept in a closed space. German Shepherds are big dogs. They do not like to stay in a confined space. Hence, they require exposure to lawns or fresh air all the time. You can understand their anxiousness from other symptoms as well. These include panting excessively, shaking, trembling, pacing on the floor, circling the same spot again and again, etc.


As mentioned previously, these creatures are extremely active and agile. They need to run or walk at least 3-4 kilometers per day. Alongside this, they require some playful activities. All in all, they need to stay engaged in some activities throughout the day. Failing to do so, they can become excessively whiny. This means that they are urging you to take them for walks or keeping them engaged. 

Sickness or pain:

This is a very common reason for crying. All dogs, including German Shepherds, are unable to communicate with you through speeches. They can either dig at you or bark. When they are sick or in pain, they are not in a state to dig at you either. Hence crying or howling remains the only way to let you know about their condition. In this situation, you must never get annoyed for they are kind to us 24*7. Hence, it is your turn to be the shelter they need. To root out confusion, try to understand the actual problem by taking them to a vet. Some well-trained German Shepherds can indicate what the actual problem is. They point at the body part, which is causing them discomfort. Do not panic; just act accordingly and relieve their pain.

Discomfort around other dogs: 

German Shepherds are genetically a dominant breed in nature. They do not let any other dog stand out in front of them. They feel intimidated in a place where there are many superior dogs around them. As a result, they will start crying immediately when other dogs come in their vicinity. They are also considered as close descendants of Wolves. Wolves are known for their dominance in the jungle. To gain superiority among other breeds, Wolves howl. So, crying or howling of German Shepherds is an ancestral and natural trait inherited by them.

These are some concrete reasons behind excessive crying or howling of German Shepherds. Experienced dog breeders and veterinarians have conducted ample amounts of research to decrease/put a stop to their crying.

Tips to decrease the unexplained crying of your dogs

Try to decrease their anxiety levels. Studies have shown that the maximum amount of howling of this breed occurs due to high anxiety levels. You have to give them sufficient attention that they need. Take them to a nearby park for at least once a day. Walk with them for at least 1.5 hours a day. Engage them in various playful activities. This way, they can be freed from the four walls and come out to get some fresh air. They have an athletic body shape. It needs proper and regular maintenance; otherwise, they gain a lot of weight and ultimately become unhealthy. This is another reason why they need to be engaged in various activities throughout the day. 

Leaving them behind closed doors makes them sad and can create boredom. Do not leave them alone in the house. If you are going somewhere, try to bring your dog with you. Otherwise, keep them at your friend’s place. This will be reducing their boredom. Also, they will get to know more people and get familiar with those new faces. 

Get a trainer for your bud. Our modern-day lives are very busy. We can barely give time to ourselves. Under such circumstances, our four-legged friends can get sad and anxious. If you cannot give proper time and attention to your bud, find a trainer to keep them active. This will release a lot of their anxiousness and stress.

Make your dog familiar with the environment. German Shepherds generally tend to bark at everybody. This can be annoying sometimes. To get rid of this problem, you can make them familiar with more people by inviting them to your house. By Mother Nature’s grace, German Shepherds have a very strong memory. They do not easily forget the people they meet. Let your friends and family members play and spend time with your bud. Often, they bark at other dogs as well, i.e., whenever they see other dogs in their vicinity. To keep this under control, take your dog to a dog park or to people who own dogs. You can arrange fun play-dates for them. This will make them more familiar with other dogs.

Lastly, you should never get angry at your best friends. We know that it becomes annoying at times for a lot of people seeing them cry incessantly. But you have to keep your calm in such cases as they cannot express what they are going through. Their mental health is very important for their well-being. Therefore, if you get angry or annoyed, it will not solve the purpose, but worsen it in turn. 

Try to understand what their discomfort is. Try to communicate with them in different ways and comfort them. If they are sick, take them to a vet. 

Dogs are our best companions. They stay with us through thick and thin. Similarly, it becomes our responsibility to understand them and make them realize that we are there for them. Being empathetic toward them will make them happy. It will decrease their anxiousness and boredom. It is always recommended for the owners to cooperate with them and nurture them. This act of kindness will change both of your lives for the better. 

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