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Can Hamsters Eat Cheese? [What You Should Know!]

Cheese is a nutrient-rich food. While humans love to consume it, our pet hamsters also enjoy it. As long as you follow a few guidelines about what types of cheese to give your hamster, there shouldn’t be any problems with giving it out.

Thru this blog post, we will be talking about cheese and whether they are good or not for our pets to consume.

Since cheese is a nutritious food for pets, your pet hamsters can eat it. However, this should be given in moderation.

Is It Safe for Hamsters to Eat Cheese?

Yes, cheese is not harmful to your pet hamsters. The major concern when feeding your pet any new food is whether or not the foods you’re feeding him will cause an allergic reaction.

The key is to give your hamster cheese in moderation.

How Should Hamsters be Fed with Cheese?

Cheese is a protein food. As such, it should be eaten by your hamster only in moderation. It should not make up more than 10% of the hamsters’ diet.

It is best to serve cheese as grated sprinkles on your hamster’s food as treats. If not, you may want to consider spreading a small amount of cheese on your hamster.

How Much Cheese Can a Hamster Eat?

It’s important not to allow your hamster to eat too much cheese. Too much dairy could potentially upset his stomach and cause other digestive issues.

The rule is simple: feed your hamster no more than one tablespoon of shredded cheese a day. This equals about 15 calories.

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A single slice of cheese can be about 100 calories, so keeping your hamster on a strict diet may not allow for even this small amount per day.

As mentioned above, moderation is key. Cheese should be given to your hamster as a treat only and not as part of his main food source.

What Kinds of Cheese is Best for Your Hamsters?

When giving your hamster cheese, you should stick with the basic kinds. Providing too many options at once can lead to an upset stomach for your pet.

The best kinds of cheese to give a hamster are cheddar cheeses or American cheeses. These are typically easier on the digestive system and less likely to cause any issues.

As much as possible, do not feed your pet with salty cheeses like parmesan or blue cheese. These cheeses tend to be very high in fat content and can have adverse effects on your hamster’s waistline, which is tough enough as it is for a pet rodent.

What are the Health Benefits of Cheese for Your Hamsters?

Energy Source

Cheese can be a good source of energy for your hamster. Providing extra energy is particularly important for those who have just been weaned. Vitamin B12 in cheese helps to metabolize fatty acids.

Protein and Calcium Source

Cheese is rich in protein, which maintains healthy muscles and strong bones. Cheese is high in calcium which contributes to the proper formation of a hamster’s bones.

Good Fat Source

Cheese also contains essential fatty acids like omega-3, which are vital for brain health. They are also good for your hamster’s coat, which will keep him warm and give him a shiny look over time.

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What are the Health Risks of Cheese Consumption for Your Hamsters?


Cheese contains a lot of fat. In some cases, this can lead to indigestion and even diarrhea in your pet.

Being Overweight

Since cheese is high in fat, too much of it can lead to obesity in your pet hamster. Obesity will cause many other health issues down the road and can be fatal.

Choking Hazard

Due to its shape, hard cheeses like cheddar or parmesan are a choking hazard for your hamsters. Be sure to be in close supervision when feeding these kinds of cheese to your hamster.

Kidney Trouble

Because the cheese has high amounts of sodium, it may also cause health problems. Excess sodium in the body can lead to electrolyte imbalances and other kidney problems.

How Frequent Should Hamsters Eat Cheese?

Since cheese is high in protein and calcium, your hamsters should be given cheese occasionally, perhaps once or twice a week. It shouldn’t be given any more than that so as not to make them overweight.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, cheese is safe for your hamsters to eat. However, too much of this food may cause your pet to become overweight and develop health complications.

Cheese is a delicious accompaniment to hamsters and other small pets. However, it must be given in moderation for their health’s sake.

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