Can You Touch Newborn Puppies?

The presence of a newborn puppy in the house is definitely a thrilling feeling. They would be super cute and adorable. We all would want to touch at the very moment we see a newborn puppy. But, can we touch newborn babies? Aren’t we all confused about it?

So, is it really safe to touch newborn puppies? The answer is yes if it is for inevitable needs. You can touch newborn puppies one or two times a day for taking care of them. However, you should know that newborn babies are very vulnerable to infections and should not be touched unnecessarily.

So, here is a lot you would need to know about touching the newborn puppies in the house.

Is It Safe To Touch Newborn Puppies, If Not, Why?

Newborn puppies are obviously a bundle of joy, beauty, and cuteness. However, it is not safe to touch newborn puppies if not for inevitable needs.

Are you wondering why it is said not to touch newborn babies? It is definitely hard to take off your eyes and hands from newborn puppies. But, what if touching newborn babies can harm their life?

Actually, yes. You heard it right. Touching newborn puppies every now and then would easily turn into a hazard to their health and life. Don’t you want to know why it is so? It is obviously not a superstition.

Here are the reasons why you should not touch newborn puppies:

Small size and fragile

As you know, newborn puppies are very small, delicate, and fragile? So, if you are not a person used to handling puppies, it would be hard for you to handle them.

The small size of the newborn puppies makes them very difficult to handle with our hands. You can’t neglect the chances of puppies slipping off from your hands. Such a fall can even lead to the death of puppies.

So, it would be better not to hold the newborn puppies in your hands if you are not accustomed to handling newborn puppies.

Vulnerable to diseases

Newborn puppies are very vulnerable to illness and infections. Your newborn puppies will not be mostly immunized until the first five weeks. Therefore, they are very to infections.

So, it is definitely not recommended to touch the newborn puppies until they have started taking immunization doses.

Also, even if you are touching the newborn puppies for some inevitable reasons, it is strongly advised to clean and sanitize your hands before it.

Regulation of body temperature

Haven’t you seen newborn puppies snuggling beside their mother? They are actually seeking their mother’s warmth by snuggling beside.

Newborn puppies are not capable of regulating their temperature and are thus seeking the warmth of their mother’s body.

Therefore, it is not advised you to touch the newborn puppies or take them when they are snuggling beside their mother. They would not be capable of regulating their body temperature when you take them away from their mother. And, that would lead to cold and can be even fatal.

However, you can touch newborn babies if it is essentially required. Let us look at those instances which would be inevitable for you to touch the newborn puppies.

When Can You Touch A Newborn Puppy?

So, you must be wondering which are the instances you could touch the newborn puppies. Actually, you can touch newborn puppies anytime if it is very important. However, it is not advised to touch newborn puppies unnecessarily.

Here are some situations in which it is inevitable to touch the newborn puppy.

  • When the mother dog neglects the puppies. Yes, it happens at times.
  • If the mother dig is sick, you ought to feed them and keep them warm.
  • While cleaning the whelping box.
  • If the mother dog tries to harm the puppies intentionally or unintentionally.
  • When you suspect that something is wrong with puppies.
  • If the mother has an inadequate milk supply.
  • To weigh the puppies.

So, there exist some inevitable instances in which you really have to touch the newborn puppies. However, utmost care should be given while handling puppies.

How To Handle Newborn Puppies?

So, here are guidelines to follow when you touch newborn puppies.

  • Clean your hands well before touching the newborn puppies.
  • Take the puppies only when the mother dog is comfortable with it.
  • Don’t approach and lift the puppies suddenly. Pet the puppies gently and run your fingers on their body a while before taking onto your hands.
  • Keep the puppies close to your body when you take them off from their mother’s warmth.
  • Don’t hold the puppies too tight.
  • Don’t separate the newborn puppies from their mother for a long time.
  • Lift and hold the puppies gently.


So, we have discussed whether it is safe to touch newborn puppies. It is not advised to touch newborn puppies unnecessarily. Let them survive in the warmth and protection of their mother dog until a few weeks.

However, you can follow the safety tips and touch them in necessary situations. But, limit taking the newborn puppies from their mother dog for a single time per day.

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