Do Hamsters Bite? [Reality Unveiled]

Hamsters are naturally timid creatures. Because of this, hamsters do not like to be touched by strangers. Therefore, it is not advisable to try to touch a hamster that has never interacted with you before.

Thru this blog post, we will learn about hamster bites. Also, we will learn how to prevent them from happening.

Unfortunately, hamsters do bite. This happens rarely but it could definitely happen to you.

Why Do Hamsters Bite?

Hamsters bite when they feel threatened or scared. When placed in unfamiliar territory, a hamster will get very anxious and nervous so he will try to defend himself by biting you.

In other words, biting is a defense mechanism to them. It is their way to cope with stress, fear, and anxiety.

How Can You Prevent Hamster Bites?


You and the hamster must get to know each other for a period of time to ease the tension between you two.

You need to make sure that when you are interacting with your pet. You calm him down first by speaking soothingly, petting his head, and making little hand gestures. Once he seems more relaxed, interact with him little by little until he gets used to you and feels comfortable around you.

In other words, allow your pet to adjust to the environment and you.


Never grab your pet.

If a hamster is running around and into your room, use one finger to pick him up. Be careful not to hold them tightly because they’ll bite you or be scared more than usual.

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Never grab them, because if you do, they will bite and it’s kind of painful. When holding the hamster in your hand, use two fingers to support him underneath his belly. This way he can’t sit comfortably and this makes him feel uneasy which causes him to bite you.

Do not startle the hamster.

Hamsters naturally have high defense mechanisms so when they feel threatened or afraid, they will automatically bite. Because of this, do not make any loud noises near your pet hamster or startle him for that matter.

Never inflict pain on your pet.

Hitting your pet or inflicting any kind of pain on him will make him more agitated and defensive. This means that he will start to bite you even more than usual.

Do not force your pet to do things.

Hamsters are naturally shy and shouldn’t be forced to do things that they don’t want to. Don’t scare them by forcing them into a situation, as this will probably make your hamster nervous.

Build trust.

You can build trust with your pet by putting a treat near him and letting him eat it from your hand. You can also try to put the treat on top of his cage and let him come out to get it.

If the hamster eats the food that is placed in front of him, this means he trusts you enough to go near you and eat without being afraid.

What are the Risks of Hamster Bite?

The risks of hamster bites are very minimal. Hamsters have small teeth and they only bite when they feel threatened or scared so the probability of you needing medical assistance is very low.

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If you are bitten by a hamster, make sure to wash your hands or any wound that was caused with soap and water before proceeding to the hospital.

What Should I do If a Hamster Bites Me?

Keep calm.

If a hamster bites you, you must remain calm. You do not want to startle the hamster even more.

Wash your hands.

First of all, make sure your hands are clean. Washing the with soap and water.

Check the bite.

Then check your wound caused by the bite. Check for signs of infection, redness, swelling, or pain.

If necessary, seek medical assistance.

In case there are signs of infection, visit your doctor and seek medical attention to prevent the wound from getting worse. You do not want an infected injury because it makes a small problem into something more serious than necessary.

Will a Hamster Bite Cause Rabies?

A hamster bite will not cause rabies. Rodents like hamsters have never been found to be infected with rabies.

The risk of a hamster biting causing rabies is very low. While their bites do not transmit rabies, serious ones can definitely cause infection.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, a hamster will not bite unless it feels threatened or scared so the probability of you being bitten is very low.

Understanding how your pets behave as well as their instincts will allow you to avoid any injury or harm.

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