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How To Handle An English Foxhound’s Excitement And Jumping Behavior?

Key Takeaways:

  • Consistent training and positive reinforcement are key in managing an English Foxhound’s excitement and jumping behavior.
  • Engaging in regular exercise and mental stimulation can help to channel an English Foxhound’s excess energy and reduce jumping tendencies.
  • Setting clear boundaries and providing alternative behaviors can aid in redirecting an English Foxhound’s jumping behavior.
  • Seeking professional help from a dog trainer or behaviorist may be beneficial in addressing and managing an English Foxhound’s jumping behavior.

Hey there! Are you tired of your English Foxhound’s excessive excitement and jumping behavior whenever guests or family members come over? Trust me, I’ve been there too.

Understanding and managing their energy can be quite a challenge.

But fear not, because in this article, I’ll walk you through some practical tips and training techniques to help you handle your English Foxhound’s excitement and jumping behavior. Whether you’re a new owner or a seasoned enthusiast, stay tuned to discover the keys to success in managing your lively companion.

Let’s dive in!

Understanding the English Foxhound’s Excitement and Jumping Behavior

What is an English Foxhound?

An English Foxhound is a breed of dog known for its hunting capabilities and its distinctive appearance.

These dogs are medium to large-sized, with a lean and muscular build.

They have a short and dense coat that comes in a variety of colors, including tri-color and bi-color patterns.

English Foxhounds have a strong sense of smell and exceptional endurance, making them excellent scent hounds.

They are intelligent, friendly, and sociable dogs that thrive in an active and engaging environment.

This breed requires regular exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy.

Jumping Foxhound.
Energetic Hound Leaps!

Why Do English Foxhounds Get Excited and Jump?

English Foxhounds get excited and jump because of their natural high energy and instinctive hunting behavior. They are bred to be active and have a strong prey drive, which can manifest as excessive excitement and a tendency to jump.

This behavior is also a way for them to release their pent-up energy and express their exuberance.

To manage this behavior, it is important to provide them with regular exercise, mental stimulation, and training to redirect their energy in more appropriate ways.

The Importance of Managing Excitement and Jumping Behavior

Managing excitement and jumping behavior in English Foxhounds is crucial for a harmonious and safe environment.

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Uncontrolled excitement can lead to accidents and unruly behavior.

By providing appropriate exercise and mental stimulation, you can help channel their energy in a positive direction.

Consistent training using positive reinforcement techniques will teach them alternative behaviors and reinforce good manners.

Teaching alternative behaviors like sitting or staying calm when greeting people will help reduce jumping behavior.

Remember, patience and consistency are key in managing their excitement and jumping behavior.

Energetic Foxhound jumping gracefully.
High-Flying Hound!

Tips for Handling an Excited English Foxhound

  • Redirect their energy: Engage your English Foxhound in interactive play or stimulating activities to channel their excitement into a positive outlet.
  • Establish boundaries: Teach your Foxhound basic obedience commands, such as “sit” and “stay,” to help them understand acceptable behavior when they’re overexcited.
  • Use positive reinforcement: Reward your Foxhound with treats or praise when they exhibit calm behavior, encouraging them to remain composed in moments of excitement.
  • Avoid encouraging jumping: Ignore your dog’s jumping behavior and only give attention or affection when they are calm and have all four paws on the ground.
  • Provide mental stimulation: Engage your Foxhound in puzzles, games, or training sessions to keep their mind occupied and prevent excessive excitement.
  • Maintain a consistent routine: Establishing a predictable daily routine can help reduce anxiety and excitement in your Foxhound by providing a sense of security and stability.
  • Practice impulse control: Teach your dog to wait for permission before engaging in playful activities or before receiving treats, helping them develop self-control.
  • Consider professional training: If your Foxhound’s excitement and jumping behavior persist or worsen, consult a professional dog trainer to receive personalized guidance and support.
Energetic Foxhound jumping.
Leaping Lupine

Training Techniques to Reduce Jumping Behavior

To reduce jumping behavior in your English Foxhound, focus on these training techniques:

  • Ignore the jumping: When your dog jumps, avoid giving any attention or eye contact. This teaches them that jumping won’t get them what they want.
  • Teach an alternative behavior: Teach your dog a specific command, like “sit” or “down,” that they can do instead of jumping. Reward them when they perform this alternative behavior instead of jumping.
  • Consistency is key: Be consistent in your training. Ensure that everyone in your household follows the same rules and enforces the alternative behaviors consistently.
  • Use positive reinforcement: Reward your dog with treats, praise, and attention when they exhibit the desired behavior of not jumping. This positive reinforcement will help them understand what you expect from them.
  • Provide mental and physical stimulation: Engage your dog in regular exercise and mental stimulation activities like puzzle toys, obedience training, and interactive play. A tired and mentally stimulated dog is less likely to exhibit excessive excitement and jumping.
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Remember, training takes time and patience.

With consistent practice, you can help your English Foxhound reduce jumping behavior and become a well-mannered companion.

Consistency and Patience: Keys to Success

Consistency and patience are crucial for successfully managing an English Foxhound’s excitement and jumping behavior.

It’s important to establish a routine and stick to it, providing your dog with a sense of predictability.

Be patient, as training takes time and each dog learns at their own pace.

Use positive reinforcement techniques, such as treats or praise, to reward good behavior and redirect jumping.

Consistency and patience will help your English Foxhound develop better impulse control and become a well-behaved companion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • How can I handle an English Foxhound’s excitement and jumping behavior?
  • The key to handling an English Foxhound’s excitement and jumping behavior is consistent training and positive reinforcement. Establishing clear boundaries and providing structured exercise can help redirect their attention and energy. Redirecting their excitement towards interactive toys and mental stimulation can also be effective.
  • Why do English Foxhounds get so excited and jump?
  • English Foxhounds are generally high-energy dogs and they can become easily excited. Jumping is a common behavior for dogs when they are excited, as it is a way of expressing their enthusiasm. It can also be a way for them to seek attention and engage with their surroundings.
  • Can I train my English Foxhound to stop jumping?
  • Yes, you can train your English Foxhound to stop jumping. Consistent and positive reinforcement-based training can help redirect their jumping behavior. Teaching them alternative behaviors, such as sitting or offering a paw, can help replace the jumping habit. It is important to be patient, consistent, and reward them for exhibiting the desired behavior.
  • How long does it take to train an English Foxhound to stop jumping?
  • The duration of training can vary depending on the individual dog and their responsiveness to training. Some English Foxhounds may respond quickly and learn to stop jumping within a few weeks, while others may take longer. Consistency and repetition are key throughout the training process. Being persistent and practicing training exercises regularly can help speed up the process.
  • Are there any specific training techniques that work well for addressing jumping behavior?
  • There are various training techniques that can be effective in addressing jumping behavior in English Foxhounds. Some common techniques include redirecting their attention to a toy or treat, teaching them to sit or offer a paw as an alternative behavior, and reinforcing positive behaviors with rewards. It is important to find the technique that works best for your individual dog and consistently apply it during training sessions.
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Final Verdict

Understanding and managing an English Foxhound’s excitement and jumping behavior is essential for a harmonious and well-behaved pet.

By recognizing their breed characteristics and providing proper training techniques, we can help redirect their energy and teach them more appropriate behaviors.

Consistency and patience are key in this process, and with time and effort, we can build a strong bond and create a calm and obedient environment for both our furry friend and ourselves.

Remember, a well-trained English Foxhound is a happy and content companion.

Overall, in order to handle an English Foxhound’s excitement and jumping behavior, it’s important to first understand their breed characteristics.

English Foxhounds are energetic and lively dogs, and their excitement levels can sometimes lead to jumping behavior.

Managing this behavior is crucial, as it not only ensures the safety of those around the dog but also promotes a calm and controlled environment.

Some effective tips for handling an excited English Foxhound include redirecting their attention, establishing boundaries, and providing regular exercise to release their excess energy.

Additionally, training techniques such as positive reinforcement and consistency can help reduce jumping behavior over time.

Patience and perseverance are key in this process, as it may take time for the dog to learn and adapt to new behaviors.

By following these guidelines and providing a structured training regimen, English Foxhound owners can effectively manage their dog’s excitement and jumping behavior.

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