How To Keep Your Cat Entertained When You’Re Away

When away from home, keep your cat entertained with interactive toys, such as treat puzzles or wands with feathers. Place a scratching post in a comfortable spot for your cat to use. Provide a window for them to gaze out of to watch the outdoors. Make sure their litter box is clean and provide a comfy bed for them to sleep in.

I love my cat, but I also have a busy life that often means having to leave for long periods of time. When I’m away, I want to make sure my cat is entertained and gets the stimulation they need. So, I’ve done a lot of research and created this blog post to help other cat owners keep their cats entertained while they’re away.

From brain-teasing toys to accessible scratching posts, window seats, cat trees, homemade toys, and even catnip, I’ll be sharing my best tips and tricks for keeping your cat entertained while you’re away.

Brain teasing toys

When you have to be away from your cat, you’ll want to make sure they’re entertained and happy. Brain teasing toys are a great way to keep them occupied and having fun. Puzzle feeders, treat dispensers and pop-up tents can provide hours of fun for your little furry friend!

Puzzle feeders are a great way to keep your cat mentally stimulated while you’re away. These toys can come in various shapes and sizes and can be filled with treats or kibble. When your cat knocks or pushes the toy, the treats fall out, providing a fun challenge.

Treat dispensers are another great toy for cats that need a little mental stimulation while they’re alone. These toys can be as simple as a cardboard box with a few treats inside, or as complex as a large plastic toy that dispenses treats when your cat pushes it with their paw.

Finally, pop-up tents are a great toy for cats that love to explore. These tents are usually made of durable fabric and can be filled with toys and treats for your cat to find. If your cat loves to hide and explore, pop-up tents will provide hours of entertainment!

So, if you need to be away from your cat for a while, don’t worry! Brain teasing toys such as puzzle feeders, treat dispensers and pop-up tents can provide your cat with hours of fun and entertainment.

Accessible scratching posts

Scratching posts are an important necessity for cats as it helps them mark their territory and keep their claws healthy. Ideally, cats should have multiple scratching posts available throughout their home to use as they please.

To make scratching posts easily accessible, you should place them in areas where your cat likes to hang out. Consider placing scratching posts near their favourite window spot, the foot of their cat tree, or even near their favourite toy. If your cat is used to scratching furniture, you can place the post in front of the furniture they usually scratch to encourage them to use the post instead.

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If you’d like to make a scratching post even more accessible to your cat, try adding a few hanging toys or treats to the post. This can entice your cat to use the post and gives them something extra to play with. Additionally, experiment with different materials for the scratching post. Many cats prefer a carpeted post, but some may enjoy sisal rope or even corrugated cardboard.

Finally, it’s important to be mindful of the placement of your cat’s scratching posts. Try to put them in quiet, out of the way spots so your cat can use them without feeling disturbed. This will help your cat feel more at ease when using their new scratching post.

By making scratching posts easily accessible and providing a few extra benefits, you can help keep your cat entertained and content when you’re away.

Window seats

Window seats are a great way to keep your cat entertained while you’re away. Not only can they provide your cat with a view of the outside world, they can be a great source of comfort and entertainment. Cats can benefit from window seats in several ways, and it’s easy to encourage your cat to use them.

First, window seats can provide an excellent source of mental stimulation for cats. From watching birds and squirrels to simply enjoying the sunlight, your cat can be entertained for hours by simply looking out the window. Furthermore, it can give your cat a sense of security, as they’re able to survey the area from a safe distance.

Second, window seats can be a great way to keep your cat physically active. Cats usually need plenty of exercise, but it can be difficult to keep them engaged and active when you’re away. Window seats can be the perfect solution, as cats can look around and stretch their legs without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

If your cat isn’t already using a window seat, there are a few things you can do to encourage them to use it. Try placing their favorite toys or treats in the window seat to get them interested. You can also create a cozy spot by adding some pillows or blankets. After your cat gets used to the window seat, they’ll likely find it to be one of their favorite spots.

Window seats can be an excellent source of entertainment and comfort for cats. They can provide your cat with mental stimulation, physical activity, and a feeling of security. With a little bit of encouragement, your cat is sure to love their window seat.

Cat trees

When looking for a way to keep your cat entertained when you’re away, cat trees can be a great solution. Cat trees provide vertical space for cats to explore and scratch, allowing them to jump, climb, and play. To pick the right cat tree for your cat, you’ll need to consider several factors such as size, stability, and the number and shapes of the platforms. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the tree has plenty of room for scratching posts, toys, and hideaways.

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When setting up your cat tree, you’ll want to make sure it’s in an area that your cat can access. Place it in a spot that offers plenty of room for your cat to move around and explore. You’ll also want to make sure the tree is stable and secure, as cats will often jump and climb to the top. Finally, you’ll want to add toys and scratching posts to the tree to encourage your cat to play.

Cat trees are a great way to keep your cat entertained when you’re away. With the right size, stability, and accessories, you can create a safe and comfortable environment for your cat to explore and play.

Home-made toys

If you’re looking for an affordable and creative way to keep your cat entertained when you’re away, why not try making them some fun homemade toys? With just a few common items from around your home, you can easily make your cat some fun and engaging playthings.

For example, a paper towel roll can be transformed into a fun scratching post. Simply cut off one end of the roll and stuff it with some old t-shirts or towels. Your cat will love scratching away at the soft fabric, and you’ll love the fact that you can reuse the paper towel rolls instead of throwing them out!

Cardboard boxes are also a great source of entertainment for cats. Cut some holes or windows in the box, and your cat will love exploring in and out of them. You can also use a marker or crayons to draw some fun designs on the outside of the box. If you want to get really creative, you can even cut out shapes from old t-shirts that your cat can use to make their own little hideaways.

Making homemade toys for your cat is a great way to keep them entertained when you’re away, and can also help reduce the cost of buying expensive pet toys. With just a few simple materials, you can make your cat some fun playthings that will keep them entertained for hours.


Catnip is an amazing way to keep your cat entertained while they’re home alone. It’s a safe, natural herb that cats love. When cats smell catnip, they often experience a temporary feeling of euphoria. It’s a fun way to interact with your cat, and keep them happy while you’re away.

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The effects of catnip only last for about 10-15 minutes, so it’s important to use it in moderation. You can sprinkle some on a scratching post, or on a toy your cat loves. You can even put it in a special toy your cat can bat around and play with. Just make sure to use it sparingly, so your cat doesn’t get over-stimulated.

When it comes to storing catnip, the best way is to keep it in an airtight container. You can even put it in the refrigerator, to keep it fresh. Just make sure to keep it away from any food, just in case your cat decides to help themselves.

Catnip is a great way to keep your cat entertained while you’re away. With proper use and storage, it can be a safe and fun way to interact with your cat. Have fun, and enjoy your time away knowing your cat is safe and happy.

How to Keep Your Cat entertained When You're Away

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some tips for helping your cat stay calm when you’re away?

You can help your cat stay calm when you’re away by making sure they have plenty of toys, enough food and water, a warm place to sleep, and lots of attention when you’re around. Give them plenty of interactive playtime so they can burn off energy. Be sure to provide scratching posts or other items that stimulate their natural instincts. You can also leave them soothing music or a radio turned on low to keep them company. Finally, be sure to give your cat lots of love and attention when you’re home.

Are there any items or activities you can set up to keep your cat occupied while you’re gone?

Yes! There are plenty of activities you can set up for your cat when you’re away. Try setting up boxes and tunnels for them to explore, or invest in some interactive toys like feather teasers and puzzle feeders. You can also offer some treats to keep them entertained. With these items and activities, your cat will stay occupied while you’re out.

Are there any precautions you should take to ensure your cat’s safety while you’re away?

Yes, there are several precautions you should take to ensure your cat’s safety while you’re away. Make sure you have a reliable sitter who will check in on your cat and provide food, water, and basic care. Ensure your cat is microchipped and has up-to-date vaccinations. Leave out plenty of toys and scratching posts for your cat to enjoy and make sure any space your cat is in is secure and escape-proof.

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