Are Chihuahuas Good Pets

Are Chihuahuas Good Pets? [The Truth!]

Pets can be a huge responsibility. However, if you’re looking for an adorable and cuddly animal to call your own, the chihuahua might just be the perfect fit. Here’s what you need to know before committing to bringing one home.

If you want a dog that will always be at your side, the Chihuahua is for you. They are the smallest dogs in the world and make great companions. They attach strongly to their owners, learn quickly, and like that they have all of your attention as long as you train them early! However, because of this, they may get prickly around strangers.

Get To Know Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are small dogs that vary in height from 15 cm to 22 cm. They can be smooth-coated or long-coated, and both types require grooming at least once a week.

To keep them active, adult Chihuahuas should be walked for around 30 minutes a day. They can have fragile windpipes so they need to wear soft wide collars when going on walks and in other environments with lots of people or dogs.

The life expectancy of Chihuahuas is typically about 12 years but they can live up to 20.

These small, attractive dogs are extremely faithful and make charming companions.

Know Your Chihuahuas


With their big ears and round eyes, chihuahuas are a great breed for first-time dog owners. They require lots of attention, which makes them affectionate and eager to please their families in return.

Despite their small stature, Chihuahuas have a large presence. Once you’ve met one of these little dogs, it will be hard to forget them as they are very intelligent and loyal beyond words.

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Chihuahuas are fiercely loyal to the people they love. Their personalities can range from feisty and outgoing to shy and timid though.

A Chihuahua’s temperament might be influenced by his genetic lineage. Since some lines of Chihuahuas are friendly, and others are no, the entire breed is likely to behave in a certain way that fits its ancestors’ temperaments.

However, socialization and training are still extremely important. Your Chihuahua’s personality will be determined by how you nurture them as long as they have inherited genes for a proper temperament.

If not properly trained, Chihuahuas can be aggressive towards strangers and other animals.


A good way to ensure that your dog lives longer is by feeding them healthy food like high-quality kibble, fruits, and vegetables.

To help ensure the wellbeing of Chihuahua puppies, it is essential that they are fed on a consistent schedule. A meal should be given three times per day from when the dog reaches 12 months old until adulthood at 18-24 months.

Puppies of this breed are also small-sized like their parents so be sure to consider that when buying some of the items you will need for them.

Full-grown chihuahuas should be fed two meals of high-quality pet food per day, with portions determined by information found on the package. Chihuahua owners must also consider their age and lifestyle before feeding them treats or rewards.

Health Problems

Since they are so small, chihuahuas may have problems associated with their sizes like having breathing difficulties and fragile bones. Chihuahuas may also have dental problems

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Chihuahua typically has a life expectancy of 12-20 years, but they can live to be older if properly taken care of and given proper medical attention.

As well, Chihuahuas are not meant to have puppies as it is known to cause health problems due to their size and may lead to early death.

Chihuahuas are prone to:

  • Epilepsy
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Heart Disease
  • Mouth and Teeth Problems
  • Dislocating Knee


A Chihuahua’s coat is either long or short and requires frequent brushing. Baths should only be done when necessary as they are generally clean dogs.

As well, their nails must be trimmed at least every two weeks. If you’re inexperienced with cutting dog nails, a vet can do it for you for a small fee.

Take care/Groom your pup


Chihuahuas are active little dogs that require mental stimulation as well as regular exercise.

They need a moderate amount of physical activity, which includes being taken for walks at least five times per week to burn off all their excess energy.

But beware! As they are so small, there’s a chance that your Chihuahua may get hurt while you’re exercising them on walks. Vets recommend using a harness to protect their spine and windpipe.

Dog parks are not recommended for this breed because they tend to get bullied by bigger dogs who may end up hurting them. Playtime with your family is also a great way to exercise these small dogs.

Playing games and training them using positive reinforcement will also help keep their minds active as it can be quite boring for a high-energy, intelligent dog to be left at home alone all day.

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Chihuahuas are one of the most affectionate dogs out there and they make wonderful pets. They are small, but they have big personalities.

All in all, Chihuahuas are generally great pets as long as you love and care for them the way they should be loved and cared for. If treated right, these little dogs will be your best friends for life!

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