How To Train Your Chihuahua To Roll Over

How To Train Your Chihuahua To Roll Over [Training Guide!]

Teaching your chihuahua to perform new tricks is a fun and entertaining way for you and your dog to spend time together. It is a relatively easy process with a little patience and consistency.

What trick you teach your chihuahua first is completely up to you. However, the first trick I’m going to show you is how to train your chihuahua to roll over!

Rolling over is a quick and easy way for your dog to win favor with his audience and will leave them in awe and amazement!

The key to successfully teach your chihuahua to roll over is with a step by step routine with the use of positive reinforcement particularly by giving them some treats as they progress throughout the training.

In this article, we will break down the step by step process so that you can follow along or use it as a reference for later training sessions. Remember to prepare a pack of treats before beginning!

Prepare Your Dog For Training

Prepare Your Dog For Training

The first thing you need to do in order to train your chihuahua how to roll over is make sure he knows the basic command “lie down” and is comfortable with you petting him on the side of his stomach.

If your dog does not know how to lie down yet, here’s a simple guide:

  1. Show your dog that you have something special in store for him by getting his attention first. Hold up a treat so he can see it, then feed him!
  2. Hold the treat just inches from your dog’s nose and wait for him to sniff it. When he does, slowly move it towards the ground,
  3. With a couple of repetition, your chihuahua should be able to get in a lying down position. You could try pulling the treat away if your chihuahua does not lie down with his body.
  4. Once your chihuahua gets use to this position, always make sure to give him positive reinforcement by patting him in the head, giving him some treats, and praising him.
  5. With positive reinforcement, you should now add the verbal cue “down” with a firm tone of voice while again moving the treat to the ground.
  6. Repeat this until your dog obeys with the verbal cue without giving him some treats. Only then will you give the treat when your dog lies down upon command.
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Once your chihuahua knows the down command, we can now proceed to the training proper of the trick roll over.

Roll Over Step by Step Training

Roll Over Step by Step Training

Step 1:

Ask your chihuahua to go on a “lie down” position in front of you

Step 2:

Once your chihuahua is lying down, hold a treat in front of his nose.

Step 3:

Move the treat towards your chihuahuas shoulder and let him move its nose in that direction towards the treat.

Step 4:

Continue to move the treat towards the side until you make a full circular motion. This will make your chihuahua roll over fully onto its back and then again into an upright position.

Step 5:

Once your chihuahua completes the full roll and is in an upright position once again, praise him and provide another treat!

Step 6:

Always make sure to repeat this until your chihuahua gets used to the motion. Repeat the steps regularly so your dog can retain his newly acquired trick.

Remember, positive reinforcement is key so be sure to praise him and give him a treat every time he does a full roll.

Adding Verbal Cues

Adding Verbal Cues

When your chihuahua is getting used to the motion, you can now add verbal cues so that you won’t need to move your hand around to guide him all the time.

Step 1:

Repeat the circular motion as you lure the treat to his shoulder but this time, when you get to his shoulder firmly give the verbal cue “roll over.”

If he doesn’t respond right away, do not worry and continue to move the treat around while repeating the words “roll over” in a firm tone of voice.

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Step 2:

Repeat the steps above until your chihuahua gets used to the words “roll over”. Your chihuahua should be able to respond with the same motion even without the treat.

Step 3:

Once he gets the hang of it, you should now say “roll over” without the treats to prompt him. Simply say the words and he should be able to do the trick on his own!

Step 4:

You should still praise your chihuahua when he performs the trick verbal cues. Only then will you give the treat when he obeys your verbal cues as a positive reinforcement.

Positive Reinforcement is Key!

Remember, as you pull through with this training that positive reinforcement is key! So every time your chihuahua perfectly executes the trick, give him a treat and praise him to show how proud you are of his accomplishment!

Final Words

With some repetition and practice, you should be able to teach your chihuahua to roll over in no time. The most important thing is that you are patient with your chihuahua especially at times when he fails to obey even the simplest of commands.

Furthermore, be sure to start this training when your dog is young and still learning. It will be much easier for a younger chihuahua to learn than an older one.

Although it takes a tremendous amount of effort to teach, once you see your chihuahua rolling over, you won’t be able to resist him in all his cuteness!


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