Can Chihuahuas Eat Strawberries? [Feeding Guide]

Chihuahuas are a very interesting breed of dog. They have been bred to be small and mild-mannered, which is why they make great pets for people who live in apartments or don’t want a large dog.

One big question that comes up about them, though, is whether or not they can eat the summer favorite treat: strawberries.

Strawberries are safe for your chihuahua’s consumption. They have a lot of fiber and vitamin C in them. Aside from the health benefits, they are also helpful for your pup’s dental hygiene as they contain a teeth-whitening enzyme. Strawberries, however, contain sugars and should be consumed in moderation. 

In this blog post, we will tell you everything you need to know about chihuahuas and their favorite treat strawberries. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, then keep reading.

Health Benefits of Strawberries


One of the best things about strawberries is how incredibly nutritious they are. They contain a lot of vitamin C and fiber, which will help your Chihuahua stay healthy.

Vitamin C is essential for keeping your chihuahua’s immune system up to par since it helps with white blood cell production.

These cells fight off bacteria and viruses, so your pup will always be healthy if he has a steady supply of vitamin C.

Strawberries also have a lot of fiber in them, which is essential for keeping your chihuahua’s digestive system running.

Fiber helps move food through the stomach so that it can be processed more quickly and easily, which is why chihuahuas love them so much.

It will help your Chihuahua stay regular with his bowels because it keeps him from being constipated.

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Moreover, they are also a good source of potassium. Potassium is essential for Chihuahuas because it helps with heart health and reduces the risk of kidney stones.

It also helps them maintain their blood pressure and energy levels. This is especially helpful after your Chihuahua has gone through a lot of exercises.

They’re also very helpful for dental hygiene since they contain an enzyme that can help whiten teeth and reduce tartar buildup.

How Should You Feed Strawberries To Your Chihuahua?

One of the most important things about strawberries is that they should be fed in moderation to your chihuahua. They are high in sugars, which means that there could be adverse side effects if it is consumed too much.

They should also be washed and dried before you feed them to your chihuahua so that any pesticides on the strawberries can be eliminated.

When Are Strawberries Bad For Chihuahua?

strawberries and chihuahua

Allergic Reactions 

Strawberries are generally safe to feed your chihuahua, but there are always exceptions. If you give your Chihuahua strawberries when he is young, then it’s possible for him to develop allergic reactions to strawberries.

The best thing to do would be to wait until they’re older than one year old before giving them strawberries. This way, if they do develop a sensitivity to strawberries, it won’t be anything serious.

High Sugar Content

You should also not feed your Chihuahua more than two or three strawberries at a time since there are adverse effects from consuming too much sugar. Anything beyond that could give them diarrhea or upset their stomachs.

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Too much consumption of sugar can also lead to weight gain. Thus, giving strawberries and other treats to chihuahuas should be planned in their weight management.

Oxalic Acid

On top of having a lot of natural sugar in them, strawberries also have a good amount of oxalic acid in them. This can lead to crystals forming in your Chihuahua’s urinary tract and bladder, which is where all the problems start.

The acid can accumulate and form into stones that your dog won’t be able to pass, which is why they need to be fed in moderation.

Canned Strawberry

Another thing that you need to worry about is canned strawberry pulp. This contains a lot of sugar and calcium, which could lead to an overload in your Chihuahua’s system.

You should never feed this to them, so if there are any leftovers from when you made the jam or jelly from strawberries, then throw it out. Only feed your chihuahua with fresh strawberries if possible.

How to Serve Strawberries to Chihuahuas

If you do choose to feed your Chihuahua strawberries, there are a few ways that they can be served.

The easiest way would be to slice the strawberry into smaller pieces and give them as treats. They’re also perfect for mixing into their food, which is why they’re very popular with human foods too.

Chihuahuas have very small stomachs and whole strawberries may cause digestive issues when they’re swallowed. You should never serve this fresh fruit to your Chihuahua since it’s a choking hazard.

To add enjoyment to your chihuahua treats you can also serve frozen strawberries to them. They will give your dog cold treats on a hot day and is also full of water content, which is beneficial for their health too. Just remember to remove the seeds before you serve them because there could be adverse effects if they get lodged in between your Chihuahuas teeth.

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Strawberries are a healthy fruit that Chihuahuas love to eat. They’re also very safe for your pup since they contain a lot of vitamins and fiber, which will keep them in tip-top shape.

However, it’s best not to feed them more than two strawberries at a time because there are adverse effects from consuming too many carbohydrates in strawberries, and they should be cut into smaller pieces.

In addition, you should always wash and dry the strawberries before feeding them to your dog, because pesticide residues can be very dangerous for Chihuahuas.

If you follow these instructions, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t feed strawberries to your chihuahua.

All in all, strawberries are one of the best fruits that you could feed your chihuahua since they’re so nutritious and delicious. However, there are some adverse side effects if it is given to them too much or at a young age.

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