How Long is a Chihuahua Pregnant For?

How Long is a Chihuahua Pregnant For? [All You Need to Know!]

As a chihuahua owner, you often wonder how your Chihuahua is going to have children. The first thing you want to know is how long will your Chihuahua be pregnant. Every dog has a different gestation period .

The average gestation period or the period of pregnancy of Chihuahuas is 63 days. This means it will be about two months before the mother delivers her litter of puppies!

The Chihuahua’s pregnancy can be divided into 3 trimesters, each roughly 2 weeks long. In this article, we will discuss each of these trimesters and the things to expect during them. We will also discuss the things you can do to make pregnancy easier on your chihuahua as well as the things you should prepare for when the litter arrives to this world!

First Trimester (Week 1-2)

The Chihuahua’s first trimester is the shortest. It begins from the moment of fertilization or after the fertilized eggs have already been implanted into the uterus.

This trimester is when your will begin to show physical signs of being pregnant such as enlarged teats and a slightly larger belly as the eggs begin to develop. Your Chihauhua may also experience some morning sickness such as nausea, vomiting, and appetite changes. However, this is temporary and gets better as your pregnancy goes on!

Second Trimester (Week 3-7)

Most of the changes that occur during pregnancy will take place during the second trimester. Signs of a good pregancy during this time may include:

  • A nice round belly which looks noticeably pregnant. In fact, she may sometimes be mistaken for being much further along in pregnancy than she actually is.
  • She may have a gravid spot behind her nipple, where the puppies are growing.
  • Change in appetite, an increase of appetite during this time; it is not uncommon for her to crave things that she normally wouldn’t eat. Be sure to avoid these foods if they’re not healthy for pregnant dogs such as food scraps.
  • In terms of her behavior, we should expect some changes. She’ll likely be tired, moody and may experience some morning sickness. She’ll also begin to look for a place to give birth! So don’t be surprised if you find her going into unusual place.
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Third Trimester (Week 7 – 8)

The third trimester is the final stage before birth, and the most trying time for your Chihuahua for it is the time is when she will give birth to her puppies.

During this time, your may show signs of having trouble walking around and may begin to take it easy. She may even begin to refuse food and water, so she must be monitored during this time to make sure her energy level stays up.

She will also begin putting her bedding in place for the delivery of her babies once she finds the perfect spot for delivery. She might dig a hole or make a nest out of towels or other soft materials she can use to give birth in.

Also during this stage, your dog may begin to be extremely protective of her spot which is why it is not uncommon for her to become anti-social at this time. You should expect delivery to occur anytime soon.

Eventually, your Chihuahua will begin to deliver her babies. When she does, expect a lot of whining and cramping as the pups are pushed through her. You can expect delivery to be extremely taxing on her so it’s best to have a veterinarian present during this time.

After birth, she’ll likely eat the placenta and clean her babies, but do not be surprised if she doesn’t want to interact with them, or eat at all. She’ll usually begin eating again in a few days. Also keep an eye on the placenta because it can attract flies, which could harm your dog if they’re left unattended.

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How to make pregnancy easier for your Chihuahua

How to make pregnancy easier for your Chihuahua

Although your Chihuahua might be experiencing some physical signs of pregnancy, you shouldn’t worry about her at all! These signs are completely normal and will go away as soon as she gives birth.

However, there are a few things that you can do to make your Chihuahua’s experience with pregnancy and easier on her body such as :

  • Avoid changing her diet. She might become very picky during the second trimester which is why you should avoid making any major changes to it; she’ll be able to eat whatever her body desires.
  • Keeping exercise to a minimum. This is because Chihuahuas are not like most dogs when it comes to physical activity and can experience strain while exercising pregnant.
  • Provide good breeding conditions. This means that she should be kept in an environment which is free of stressors such as other dogs, children, etc.; this will make her experience with pregnancy easier and comfortable for your dog.
  • Maintain hygiene. Keep both your dog and her environment clean, especially during the second trimester where she might experience some morning sickness.

The most crucial tip is to always remember to take her to the veterinarian for appointments to monitor the progress of your Chihuahua’s pregnancy and make adjustments if needed.

Things to prepare for the delivery

Things to prepare for the delivery

After your Chihuahua gives birth to her puppies, you should expect things to get a bit hectic. Here are some tips on what you can do to prepare for the pups:

  • Prepare a whelping box. A whelping box is a small hut that your pregnant Chihuahua will likely use to give birth in, and it’s best if you prepare one beforehand so that her delivery can be as comfortable as possible.
  • It is also important for the pups to remain warm after they are born, so a heating pad can be placed on one side of the box. Make sure to place a towel over it so that it doesn’t burn them if they touch it directly.
  • You should also have some towels inside the box to absorb moisture and any other fluids that might leak out during the delivery process.
  • Make sure to clean up after your dog and dispose of soiled items in a timely manner, especially if they’ve already been used for birthing purposes.
  • Keep a separate area for food. Food attract flies and other insects which can harm the pups; make sure to keep a separate area for it.
  • After your Chihuahua has given birth to her babies, always remember that she is recovering and should be left alone during this time; don’t try to play with them for she is overprotective and might show aggression at this stage. Allow her to rest. Let your Chihuahua get as much sleep as she wants after delivery.
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Remember that even though she might seem healthy and good spirits, this is not always the case. Contact your veterinarian if you suspect any problems with your Chihuahua after birth.

Final Words

So there you have it! Chihuahuas pregnancy can last for a period of 63 days which is about two months.

You now know everything there is to know about the period of pregnancy in Chihuahuas. The good news is that most Chihuahuas are relatively healthy when pregnant. However, if you notice that your dog is experiencing pain or discomfort in any way, during pregnancy or after the delivery, head to the veterinarian immediately.

Being well-informed about the duration of your Chihuahua’s pregnancy along the expected changes makes it much easier to spot complications. Good luck!

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