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How Long is a Chihuahua Pregnant For

You may be wondering how long it will take to carry your Chihuahua puppies to term, and we want to help answer that question for you!

So, how long is a chihuahua pregnant for? Chihuahuas, like all other dog breeds, will be pregnant for 58 to 68 days. However, the typical gestation period for a pregnancy is 63 days or a little over two months from conception to delivery. This

In this blog post, we’ll go over the stages of a chihuahua’s pregnancy, how a Chihuahua becomes pregnant, and what to expect from your dog during pregnancy.

Chihuahua Pregnancy Calendar

chihuahua pregnancy

Week 1 (Day 0-7)

After conception, your Chihuahua’s pregnancy begins to develop. During this time, your Chihuahua will not change her diet or exercise routine.

She might show some signs of morning sickness but that’s about the only difference you’ll notice during pregnancy – it hasn’t been long enough for any noticeable changes yet!

Week 2 (Day 8-14)

By the end of this week, her embryo will start to develop and move towards your uterus. However, you won’t have any lifestyle changes for now so there’s no need to panic just yet.

This early on into pregnancy, you won’t see any difference in behavior either.

Week 3 (Day 15-21)

The puppies are developing quickly but still have a ways to go before they’re born. Their mother might show an increased appetite, but there won’t be any visible signs of pregnancy yet.

Week 4 (Day 22-28)

The 4th week of a Chihuahua’s pregnancy is the most critical. It’s when puppies are at risk for miscarriage, so limit your dog’s physical activity.

Chihuahua owners must speak with their veterinarian about changes to a pregnant dog’s diet and how they can potentially add more nutrition to their meals.

Week 5 (Day 29-35)

At the fifth week into her pregnancy, your Chihuahua may begin to start showing signs she is pregnant. These signs include a swollen vulva and mammary glands becoming darker in color. Your dog will also look to be a little bit “chubbier” as her uterus starts filling with milk.

However, for now, your Chihuahua’s weight gain is due to an increase in body fat and fluid retention – not yet from the puppies themselves.

Week 6 (Day 35-42)

The Chihuahua’s mammary glands will now be noticeably pinker than before. This time, your dog may even start licking her nipples to stimulate the production of milk.

Week 7 (Day 43-49)

Now that their time of giving birth is coming, you may see a few more changes in behavior at this time — she might become moodier, might want to sleep more often, and start preparing for her nesting box for safe nesting

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Week 8 (Day 50-56)

The final week before your dog delivers is crucial. It’s during this time that her teats will start to become larger, and they’ll begin producing colostrum — an early type of milk that’s packed with nutrients.

During this week, your dog might start showing signs of contractions and begin to have false labor. Expect frequent urination and perhaps bloody vaginal discharge. However, there is still a lot of time for her to go so don’t worry yet!

Week 9 (Day 57-65)

The final week of her pregnancy is critical for your Chihuahua’s health. At this time, she’ll be too stressed if she doesn’t give birth.

During this week, your Chihuahua will look more “fit” than before due to her enlarged mammary glands. She’ll be very restless and anxious as she’ll feel the pressure of birthing soon.

When your Chihuahua goes into labor, she’ll begin to have contractions that are strong enough for her uterus muscles to push out the puppies. Luckily, you can tell when your dog’s water breaks and when true labor begins – it’s time to get her to the vet!

The first puppy will usually come within 20 minutes after the water breaks, but it’s not uncommon for them all to arrive in intervals of 2-20 minutes. The average time between births is around 10 minutes.

How a Chihuahua Gets Pregnant – Chihuahua Reproductive Cycle

chihuahua with a mate

Chihuahua puppies can become pregnant during their first heat cycle, but it is usually healthier for them to wait until the second or third when they reached their sexual maturity.

During a female dog’s heat cycle they must be carefully watched and attended to in order to avoid any issues which could arise. Let’s look at the different stages of the heat cycle or the reproductive cycle of a chihuahua.

Proestrus Stage

Your Chihuahua’s reproductive system is already looking to start sending eggs into her uterus — but there isn’t a male around for this stage!

This is the phase when a Chihuahua’s body prepares for mating and fertilization. Her cervix will begin softening, and her mammary glands will start producing colostrum — an early type of milk that contains high levels of protein and antibodies. The vaginal discharge becomes yellowish or bloody, and the vulva will start to swell.

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It is in this phase that we consider the chihuahua in heat.


This is the phase when a Chihuahua releases egg cells and begins ovulating. The mating process can now take place as it’s safe for dogs to engage in some physical activity such as intercourse.

Chihuahuas are induced ovulators, which means they only release their eggs when mated by a male. For this reason, female Chihuahuas that don’t mate may stay in the estrus stage for up to two weeks.


This is when a Chihuahua’s uterine endometrium starts to build up tissue for a possible pregnancy after being mated with a male, and she can now carry puppies successfully. If she does not mate with a male, she’ll stay in this stage. Otherwise, the hormonal changes that indicate pregnancy are expected to happen within two weeks of mating.

Pregnancy diagnosis is usually through blood or urine tests at week five. It’s important for your Chihuahua to get checked out by a doctor if she hasn’t mated with a male, as she may have an infection of the reproductive tract.


This is the phase when your Chihuahua’s ovaries will start preparing new egg cells. However, if a fertilized egg doesn’t implant into her uterus, then your chihuahua will stay in this stage until the following Spring.

If you have a Chihuahua that displays any of these signs, then it’s time to take her in for a check-up. It’s important that your dog gets checked out by a vet because they can conduct tests such as vaginal smears, blood tests, and urine tests to determine whether your chihuahua is pregnant.

Once you get the go-ahead from your veterinarian or if it’s certain that your Chihuahua is indeed pregnant, then all you can do is continue keeping her healthy with a balanced diet and continued exercise!

Signs of Pregnancy in Chihuahuas

When it comes down to spotting pregnancy symptoms in your chihuahua, you have to be diligent with her health even during gestation. Although your chihuahua may seem pregnant, she still has a lot of time before she can deliver and you don’t want to get your hopes up just yet.

Possible symptoms that may indicate pregnancy in chihuahuas include:

  • swollen mammary glands
  • abdominal enlargement due to the presence of young
  • lethargy and drowsiness as a result of possible hormonal change
  • more advanced signs such as milk production, nesting, and mothering behavior

When it comes to Chihuahuas, expectant mothers are very particular about the environment they’re in. For instance, your chihuahua may try to find a secluded place where she can give birth without any disturbance. She’ll most likely create a den-like area that’s warm and comfortable for her new puppies.

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As soon as you notice your chihuahua nesting, it’s best to let her be and not disturb her during labor. Although chihuahuas are usually very secretive about their giving birth process, you can still monitor the situation by making sure that there aren’t any complications with the delivery. If after 24 hours she’s still not in labor, then it’s time to bring her in for a check-up.

Risks of Pregnancy

It’s important that you lookout for the health of your chihuahua during this period because even if there aren’t any complications with giving birth, your pet might still be affected by certain disorders. For instance, common Chihuahua disorders and diseases during pregnancy include:

  • failure of the young to thrive or premature delivery due to infection
  • dilation and swelling of the mammary glands which is also known as a prolapsed uterus
  • placental problems such as tumors and cysts that can lead to the retained placenta, poor blood supply, fetal death, inflammation of the uterine organs, and other harmful problems

Another change that may happen to your Chihuahua is reduced milk production. It’s expected that your dog won’t be able to lactate during the first ten days after giving birth due to high hormone levels. This can lead to a lack of sufficient nourishment for her puppies which could result in the death of the young.

Final Word

Many pet owners make the mistake of thinking that Chihuahuas are small dogs with little to no needs. However, this is very far from the truth because chihuahuas are delicate creatures who need the proper amount of care and attention at all times. If you are ready to make your own little Chihuahua, it’s important that you understand the pregnancy process to prevent any complicated pregnancy.

If you notice that your Chihuahua is pregnant, then make sure to take her in for a check-up immediately! It’s extremely important that chihuahuas get a clean bill of health before they can deliver.

Since dogs are very intelligent creatures that instinctively know when something’s wrong, guide your pet and make sure that she’s okay every step of the way.

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