10 Ways to Help Your Chihuahua Lose Weight

10 Ways To Help Your Chihuahua Lose Weight [Fitness Guide!]

The Chihuahua is a small dog breed that can easily put on weight. They are prone to obesity due to their small stature and short legs which make it difficult for them to get around. 

When we start to notice that our Chihuahua is getting a little bit too chubby and far from the ideal weight of three to six pounds, we need to take action and help them lose weight because just like humans, chihuahua’s can suffer from many medical conditions and weight related health problems.

Even for Chihuahuas, losing weight reduces risks associated with diabetes, heart disease, and joint pain. Our furry friends rely on us to make healthy decisions for their lives!

Here are 10 ways that can help your pup lose weight and live a healthier life! 

  • Track your Chihuahua’s Daily Calories
  • Measure your Chihuahua’s Food
  • Remove table scraps from diet
  • Cut out all snacks and sugary foods
  • Upgrade to a Healthy Dog Food
  • Feed your chihuahua some veggies
  • Exercise Your Chihuahua
  • Play Games with Your Chihuahua
  • Talk to your Vet
  • Never give up!

Read on for more details on each of these chihuahua diet tips!

1. Track your Chihuahua’s Daily Calories

Track your Chihuahua's Daily Calories

Tracking your pet’s caloric intake on a daily basis can help you monitor if they’re about to lose or gain some weight. An active Chihuahua need just 325 calories a day to be at their optimal weight.

Anything over 325 calories can incrementally affect your chihuahua’s weight. If they are getting more than they need on a daily basis, then you’ll know that reducing their food is necessary.

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2. Measure your Chihuahua’s Food

Measure your Chihuahua's Food

To make sure your Chihuahua’s portion sizes stay consistent with their weight loss diet, you should measure their food. It is recommended to look at the nutritional facts of their food to check the number of calories per serving. This helps keep track of how much food portions you should put in their bowl in order to keep them fit and healthy.

3. Remove table scraps from diet

Remove table scraps from diet

Table scraps are typically very high in calories, and can easily affect your dog’s dieting success. You should remove all table scraps from their diet especially fat foods to prevent them from eating more than they need. Additionally, avoid feeding them any new foods to keep their appetite at a minimum.

4. Cut out all snacks and sugary foods

Cut out all snacks and sugary foods

Sugary and high-calorie snacks such as donuts, cookies, and candy should be cut from your Chihuahua’s diet immediately. Not only do they contain a lot of calories, but they also contain ingredients that can be dangerous to your dog’s health. Additionally, all snacks like nuts, seeds, and chips that are high in calories should also be removed. 

5. Upgrade to a Healthy Dog Food

Upgrade to a Healthy Dog Food

While most dog foods are good for your Chihuahua, there is some dog food that can actually inhibit weight loss. Look for a brand of high-quality food with a relatively small amount of calories per serving. If you’re on a budget, there are also commercial dog food that is high in protein and low in fat which also a good choice for your Chihuahua. This way, your Chihuahua will have more success losing weight with the same amount of food intake.

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6. Feed your chihuahua some veggies

To help them lose weight, your chihuahua could also benefit from staving off dry food and feeding them fresh foods such as vegetables such as green beans and carrots. Green beans are a healthy and tasty way to provide your dog with the essential vitamins they need. They supply calcium, vitamin B6 (which helps control blood sugar), K-Vitamins A & C as well!

Since they are low in calories and full of nutrients, veggies are a great way to ensure that your Chihuahua gets the vitamins needed while keeping the number of calories down.

7. Exercise Your Chihuahua

Exercise is important for both dogs and their owners, especially if the pet is overweight. It is important to remember that exercise burns calories. Therefore, it can help your pet lose weight. You should work up at least 30 minutes of exercise every day and find ways to increase the time doing physical activities with your pup each week.

For example, Walking your chihuahua or taking them for a run can significantly help them lose weight as they burn calories while keeping active.

8. Play Games with Your Chihuahua

Play Games With Your Chihuahua

Chihuahuas lose weight when they are having fun! Playing games is a great way to keep their mind active while burning through calories. Try playing tag, hide-and-seek or going for a run in the park together.

You can also teach your Chihuahua physically intensive tricks such as “fetch”. Additionally, you should use dog toys like balls and other items to help increase their energy expenditure.

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9. Talk to your Vet

Talk to your Vet

Your Chihuahua’s veterinarian is the best person to advise you on how your pet should lose weight or maintain their ideal weight. If there are health problems involved in your Chihuahua’s obesity, they can refer you to a veterinary nutritionist who can help too. Likewise, don’t be afraid to ask your vet for recommendations on food or supplements that can help.

10. Never give up!

Every dog is different, and every situation is unique. It is important not to lose hope if your Chihuahua doesn’t meet the desired weight goal the first time around. With some dedication and patience, you can help your Chihuahua lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

In Conclusion,

The best way to help your Chihuahua lose weight is to keep an eye on their calorie intake, food quality, and physical activities. They cannot do all of these things by themselves. They need the special affection and care of their owners to help keep them in good shape. If you invest in the time and effort, your Chihuahua will be able to lose weight and live a long, healthy life.

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