How To Make Your Chihuahua Live Longer

How To Make Your Chihuahua Live Longer – Maximizing Your Chi’s Lifespan!

As a pet owner, you want the best for your furry friend. You know how much they love to make people laugh with their antics and you enjoy watching them play with all of their toys.

But do you want to know how to make your Chihuahua live longer? Well, there are a few things that you can do.

1. Choose the right food.

2. Play with them and keep yourself active too!

3. Give them attention and lots of love.

4. Be sure they have proper hygiene.

5. Keep them warm and safe. 

6. Take your Chihuahua to the vet for regular check-ups.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss all of these things in more detail. Would you like to learn how to make your Chihuahua live longer? Then keep reading!

1. Choose the right food for your furry friend.

choosing the right food for your chihuahua

Choosing the right food is essential. Chihuahuas are tiny dogs, so it may seem like a good idea to buy them human food at mealtime. However, there are many foods that are not good for your dog.

Dog foods contain all of the nutrients that they need to stay healthy and happy while still being tiny enough that they don’t eat too much. If you have a picky eater, there are many different kinds of Chihuahua food to choose from.

It’s important that you only feed your Chihuahua quality dog food, and there are quite a few options available on the market.  When you do buy their food, make sure to read the label and look at all of the ingredients used in processing.

The first ingredient should be protein, such as chicken or beef. This will ensure that your Chihuahua receives complete and balanced nutrition.

Foods that must not be given to chihuahua include:

  • Any kind of chocolate or candy
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Onions, garlic, chives, or leeks
  • Macadamia nuts or walnuts
  • Sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, or fat from poultry such as turkey
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Milk, cream, sour cream, and other dairy products should also not be given to Chihuahuas.  In addition, avoid giving them yogurt or other foods that contain lactose.

Moreover, avoid giving them too much food. This can lead to obesity, which is bad for Chihuahuas.

A healthy diet will ensure that your Chihuahua lives a long and happy life. So make sure you pay attention to their food.

2. Play with your Chihuahua!

chihuahua playing outdoors

Chihuahuas love to exercise, even though they are little creatures because of their size.  They’re often mistaken for being lazy, but that’s certainly not the case!

Chihuahuas are extremely active, but they’re not very demanding. They love to play and run around, so it’s important that you keep them busy.

Make sure to take your Chihuahua out for walks and regular exercise at least once or twice a day, especially if you live in the city where there aren’t any parks. They need to stretch their legs and explore the world!

You can also consider hiring a dog walker or taking your furry friend with you when you go jogging or hiking. The important thing is that they get plenty of exercises every day so they stay healthy.

3. Give them lots of love, cuddles, and affection.

cuddling your chihuahua

Of course, what would a dog be without lots of love and affection?  Chihuahuas crave your attention and they’re always happy to receive it.

Just like other dogs, Chihuahuas are pack animals that depend on their owners for emotional support. They want to feel loved and protected, but they’ll also reward you with lots of cuddles and laughter!

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Additionally, Chihuahuas love cuddles just as much as any other breed. They’re adorable and fluffy, so you’ll want to hug them all the time!

If you’re looking for how to make your Chihuahua live longer, then this is one part that’s important. Love your dog every day so they know how much you care about them.

4. Ensure their hygiene.

having good hygiene

Although Chihuahuas are small dogs, they will still need to be groomed once or twice a week. Just like all breeds, it’s important that your Chihuahua’s ears and teeth are clean for their overall and oral health.

In addition, check their nails and brush them on a regular basis. Chihuahuas don’t do well with nervousness, so make them as comfortable as possible!

You can use a soft brush to remove loose hair and dirt from their coats. It’s important that you don’t put pressure on them, though. They’re not used to being touched that way because they’re tiny dogs.

Cleaning your Chihuahua’s teeth is incredibly important for his dental health and happiness. As puppies, they need to be taught how to do this.

You should start by brushing their teeth with a soft toothbrush at least once or twice a week. You can then move on to using dog toothpaste, but it’s especially important that you don’t use human toothpaste because it contains fluoride and baking soda!

Make sure you only brush the teeth that you can see. Don’t use your finger to spy on the ones below the gums because they’re very sensitive!

5. Keep them safe and warm.

chihuahua pups burrowing

Chihuahuas are definitely not outdoor dogs. They need to stay inside, where it’s nice and warm, especially during winters or cold nights.

Make sure your house is properly heated while you keep your Chihuahua inside. In fact, make sure there’s a nice warm blanket or bed for them to sleep on!

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Chihuahuas are very small creatures and they don’t have a high tolerance for cold weather. If it gets too chilly outside, consider wrapping them up in a light blanket.

Chihuahuas love to burrow themselves into small places and that’s exactly what they’ll do underneath warm blankets or inside their beds.

6. Take them to the vet regularly.

taking chihuahua to vet

Last but not the least, take your Chihuahua to see a veterinarian regularly. Just like all breeds, Chihuahuas need to be vaccinated and checked upon by their doctor if there are any health conditions or a health issue and also check their health history.

The best way to keep them healthy is by getting them protection against diseases and viruses that they might contract. Make sure you get them vaccinated so they don’t get sick!

Apart from that, your vet will also inform you about the proper nutrients that your Chihuahua needs to stay in optimal health. A nutritious diet is just as important as vaccinations because it lets them live longer and happier lives!

Final Words

Chihuahuas are definitely one of the cutest dogs that you could come across! They might seem fragile and delicate, but they’re actually quite friendly and happy to receive attention from their owners.

If you’re looking for how to make your Chihuahua live longer, then it’s important that you pay attention to certain things. Love your dog every day so they know who cares about them the most. Take them to the vet regularly and make sure you keep them warm and protected.

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