Can Hamsters Eat Green Beans

Can Hamsters Eat Green Beans? Raw Vs. Cooked

Green beans, also commonly known as string beans, snap beans, and french beans are vegetables that are usually eaten fresh. They are crunchy, very tasty and super-rich in nutrients, and that’s why they’ve slowly become one of the popular recipes around the world. And if you are a hamster owner who loves them, you may be wondering, “Can hamsters eat green beans?”

Yes, hamsters can eat green beans but in the correct serving size. This vegetable is actually healthy for hammies and is packed with fiber and essential nutrients. However, too much of it can make your hamster sick and that’s why you have to stick to recommended amounts!

So, what amounts are safe for your pet to eat? How do hamsters benefit from green beans? What happens in case they eat plenty of it? Well, these are just a few of the questions we will be answering today. Keep reading to find out!

What Are Green Beans?

Green beans are actually legumes; they are the unripe fruit of the plant. They grow in pods, which can either be long or round, and this is what makes them different from other types of vegetables like peas (which grow in small patches).

Also known as string beans, snap beans, snaps, French beans, or sometimes even just beans, are usually green in color but there are also purple and yellow varieties of beans.

They were first grown in Central America and used by the Mayan civilization, but eventually spread to Europe where they started being cultivated significantly. Nowadays, they are grown around the world, mainly in China, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, India, Mexico, and North Africa.

In terms of taste, these crunchy veggies vary from slightly bitter to very sweet and nutty. For this reason, they work well with a lot of different recipes – both savory and sweet – so it’s no wonder that these have become one of the most popular foods in the world!

Nutritional Value of Green Beans

Nutritional Value of Green Beans

Green beans are a rich source of Vitamins. They contain Vitamin C, Vitamin A (in the form of beta-carotene), Vitamin K, potassium, iron, calcium, and manganese.

French beans are also rich in proteins, so if your hamster doesn’t seem to love meat, eggs, and other sources of animal proteins, you can always switch to green beans!

Other essential nutrients in this vegetable include fiber and carbohydrates. However, green beans have a very low-fat content, which makes them ideal for hamsters who are on a weight loss diet.

Green beans are also known for containing antioxidants; in fact, they have more antioxidant properties than almost any other vegetable!

As you can see, this is extremely beneficial to your hamster because it will help fight off infections, stimulate blood circulation, prevent cancer, and so much more.

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Do Hamsters Like Green Beans?

You only want to feed your hammy what will make them healthy and at the same time happy, right? That’s why you may need to know if green beans are something your pet will enjoy!

Well, as you know, all hamsters share a special passion for vegetables and fruits. Therefore, high chances are your pet will love green beans, too! Only ensure that you don’t feed them these legumes more often as they can become bored.

Benefits of Feeding Your Hamster Green Beans?

As one of the most nutritious treats you can ever give to your pet, French beans are packed with nutrients and vitamins, so they pack a host of health benefits for your hamster.


Fight off infections: One of the huge benefits your hamster gets from eating green bean treat is they become more resistant to getting sick. That’s because these beans contain essential vitamins such as Vitamin C which helps boost the immune system. 

Help in weight loss: If your hamster is overweight, these beans will help them shed pounds because they only contain 0.5 grams of fat per 100 grams! That’s much lower than what you would get in most of the hamster foods.

Prevent cancer: As mentioned above, green beans are excellent sources of antioxidants which are fantastic for preventing diseases. Antioxidants also keep your hamster looking younger for longer!

Prevent constipation: This happens because green beans contain high amounts of fiber. In addition, the fiber in green beans will also help your hamster form soft stools that are easy to pass.

Increase water intake: Green beans will also give your hamster lots of micronutrients, which work as appetite stimulants. What’s more, is that these will help stimulate water intake by working as “water magnets”.

Boost nails: Because green beans contain a large amount of iron, they are great for keeping your hamster’s nails healthy and strong! In addition, they’re excellent for preventing diseases such as anemia.

And the list goes on! In short, green beans have lots of health benefits to offer and are a tasty treat for your furry pet. This occasional bean will provide so much good stuff in such a low quantity of food. All things considered, don’t hesitate to give them these amazing legumes on rare occasions!

How Much Green Beans Can Hamsters Eat?

Hamster Green Bean Quantity

Any food works best when given in healthy amounts, and that applies to green beans, too! But just how much do you feed your hamster?

And yes, that will depend on the hamster breed you have and the hamster’s unique dietary needs. Let’s break it down for you!

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How Much Green Beans Should Syrian Hamsters Eat?

These are the giant hamsters. A typical Syrian hamster will need about a teaspoon of green beans. While that doesn’t sound much, it’s enough to offer them a lot of nutrients and minerals. Again, you can’t do it seven days a week. At most, give your Syrian hamster green beans three times per week!

How Much Green Beans Should Roborovski Hamsters Eat?

Robo hamsters are smaller than their Syrian counterparts. However, in terms of intake, they can eat just as much green beans as their bigger cousins, that is, a teaspoon!

However, the difference comes in the number of times a week you can give Robo hamsters green beans. Robos need this tasty snack less often than the Syrian kind. For them, do it about twice a week!

How Much Green Beans Should Dwarf Hamsters Eat?

Dwarf hamsters comprise Russian hamsters, Chinese hamsters, and Campbell hamsters. They are the smallest of the hamster community, so they will need about half a teaspoon of green beans. That’s the recommended quantity per week and will most of the time work fine for your hamster.

Even then, if your dwarf hamster is overweight or underweight, you may want to adjust this amount. Keep in mind hamsters are fragile animals and all don’t have the same needs.

Can Baby Hamsters Eat Green Beans?

If you have a baby hamster, you already know that you can’t feed them everything adult hamsters can eat. They have to live on their mother’s milk before they can slowly switch to eating solid foods. In other words, baby hamsters shouldn’t be given solid foods until weaned.

When Can You Start Feeding Green Beans to Hamsters?

Generally, hamsters aren’t weaned until they’re three weeks old. That means you can’t introduce them to solid food before that time. And after three weeks, only get them to eat softer foods that won’t disturb their digestive systems.

Again, when introducing this snack, make sure it’s a very small portion of green beans. This will let your little one get used to them slowly.

What Happens If You Feed Your Hamster Too Much Green Beans?

Green Beans Health Risks for Hamsters

Unless you follow to the letter all precautionary measures when giving your hamster green beans, expect a few side effects; either short-term or long-term.

They include;

  • Indigestion: Excess green beans will cause your hamster stomach issues such as upset stomach and indigestion. That’s because these legumes are high in fiber, so they will cause the hamster’s tummy to feel full too quickly.
  • Loose stools: Running around in wheels causes them to eat more food, which results in bigger droppings. But when a hamster eats green beans, it can cause their poops to become loose.
  • Diarrhea: Having watery stools is a red flag for diarrhea, which can lead to other health problems such as weight loss and dehydration. In the long run, this will weaken your pet’s immune system.
  • Choking: When a large piece is given, green beans can get stuck in the mouth. If that happens, you will need to perform mouth-to-snout resuscitation or take an emergency visit to the vet.
  • Pneumonia: Allergies may occur if hamsters eat legumes regularly. This means that their immune systems won’t be able to fight off pneumonia, which is a lung disease.
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Just as with the health benefits, the list of side effects goes on! But that doesn’t make them bad for your hamster. Keep in mind that too much of anything can spell trouble.

That’s why it’s best to keep portions small and frequency low! And remember, green beans should never be given as a staple food but as a supplement to the usual hamster diet.

Can Hamster Eat Dried Green Beans?

Just as with humans, hamsters’ tastes and preferences differ from one individual to the next. That means some Robos will love the taste of dried green beans while others… won’t!

You can find out whether or not your hamster will love green beans by giving a small amount of them. If they seem to like it, increase the amounts but don’t exceed the set intake levels (same as green beans).

Raw Green Beans Vs. Cooked Green Beans- What Works Best For Hamsters?

You can feed your hamster either raw or boiled green beans. They are all safe for your hamster to eat. However, it’s recommended that you prioritize the original version over the latter. Raw green beans are more nutritious than cooked green beans because heat takes away some nutrients.

How Long Can Green Beans Be Kept in the Cage?

It’s best to remove uneaten green beans from the cage after two to three hours. That’s because they may cause bacterial contamination, which can lead to hamster illnesses.

That said, it depends on how much hamsters eat in one sitting and whether you’re offering fresh or dried green beans!

Final Verdict:

In a nutshell, green beans are a healthy snack for your hamster. They are low in fat and loaded with fiber, vitamin A and B. That means they pack lots of benefits for hamsters, who more often tend to appreciate the snack. Just make sure you feed your hamster safe amounts to avoid digestive problems. Again, don’t offer them too often otherwise your pet will become bored.

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