Can Hamsters And Guinea Pigs Live Together? Is It Advisable?

Hamsters and guinea pigs all make wonderful pets, and the idea to keep the two can seem very exciting and rewarding. However, like with any other pet, it’s good to first find out whether hamsters and guinea pigs can get along well.

Can hamsters live together with guinea pigs? Unfortunately, hamsters can’t live together with guinea pigs. Although hamsters and guinea pigs look quite similar, there are some major personality differences that make the two incompatible as roommates.

So yes, it’s all about the difference in their personalities. To better understand why this combination can’t work, it’s best we look at the personalities of each of them.

But before we go there, let’s first establish the common grounds of both hamsters and guinea pigs.

Similarities Between Hamsters And Guinea Pigs

First, both are small-sized mammals that make wonderful pets when properly cared for. Also, these cute rodents can be kept in a cage or a spacious playpen, although guinea pigs need roomy cages because they have a larger size.

What’s more is that both guinea pigs and hamsters have some similar behaviors and habits, such as being social creatures that enjoy companionship, especially that of humans.

Another similarity between hammies and piggies is that they both do well in a clean and tidy environment. They also won’t do well with loud noises as they are quite sensitive to noise, as well as sudden movements that may startle them.

In other words, we have a thousand and one similarities between hamsters and guinea pigs.

However, in spite of these similarities, there are a lot more differences between hamsters and guinea pigs when it comes to body size, habitats, cage size, diet, lifespan, and temperament.

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Today, we are only going to talk about the differences in terms of personality as that’s the main reason these two rodents can’t cohabit.

Let’s begin with the hammies;

Hamster Personalities


Hamsters are territorial by nature, so they often show aggressive behavior. This means that they aren’t good with other pets with territorial habits. Moreover, it is best to keep only one alone rather than introducing more because hamsters are solitary animals. 

Another thing to note about hamsters is they are very active creatures. They love roaming around the place and will do so when awake. Even when their cage is placed in a room, they still choose to go out of it for the most part of their waking hours when they get the opportunity.

In addition, hamsters are nocturnal creatures, which means they love staying active during nighttime. They may even be more active when you don’t see them around because they will make use of the hours you are asleep to frolic and play in their cage.

The next thing about hammies is they love chewing and need to chew everything they see during their waking hours, especially things that can help them sharpen their teeth. As such, you have to watch out for their choice of chews as well as anything else in your house that they can chew on.

Guinea Pig Personalities

Guinea Pig

Unlike hamsters, a guinea pig is a fluffy rodent that’s more cuddly and loves to be handled. Even when they get frightened of something or startled by a loud noise, it won’t send them running around the house like it would with the other rodent pet.

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Again, these prey animals are gentle creatures who enjoy socializing with other guinea pigs or even humans. They’re also territorial, just like hamsters; although for them it’s not as serious as it is for hammies.

Being more docile creatures, guinea pigs don’t like it when they roam around the house because of the dangers that may befall them. That’s why keeping them in an environment with low light exposure is best to avoid stressing them.

Finally, guinea pigs won’t be as active as hamsters at night. Like humans, guinea pigs are diurnal creatures, which makes them more active during the daytime.

As seen, there are lots of differences between the two in terms of personalities. And from what we have discussed so far, it’s best not to keep them together because they aren’t exactly compatible and can even be dangerous for one another.

Can Hamsters And Guinea Pigs Live Under The Same Roof?

Yes, they can, but in separate cages and with precautions, of course. If you have a hamster and are planning to get a guinea pig, or maybe already have the latter and now want to bring in the hammy, it’s okay provided they won’t at any point interact with one another.

Even the shortest moments of interactions between the two rodent species can turn violent and even fatal for one of them. So, until you make sure they won’t interact, don’t think about keeping the two in the same hamster cage. 

Do Hamsters And Guinea Pigs Eat The Same Food?

Yes, hamsters and guinea pigs can share some foods. However, the list of things you shouldn’t feed them together is longer than those they can eat together.

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That’s because hamsters are omnivores, which means they eat both plants and meat. They are much more like humans, but that doesn’t mean you should share with them everything.

As for guinea pigs, they are herbivores, which means they only eat veggies and fruits. That means the dietary needs of a hamster and a guinea pig are different, so you have to be careful about what you give them.

Hamster Vs. Guinea Pig: Which Is Easier To Care For?

Both hamsters and guinea pigs are easy to care for, but you need to keep in mind that they have different needs, so be careful about what you give them.

In fact, that’s why they both make great pets for first-time owners, or for those who might think a pet is nothing but a hassle. The two rodent pets also make wonderful companions for kids.

Final Conclusion

So, as we conclude this piece on can hamsters and guinea pigs live together, it’s apparent that the two rodent species make fine pets on their own.  So if you already have one of them, don’t think about getting the other just because they can share some foods. They may have lots of similarities, but the large gap in their temperaments should be enough for you to keep them apart. However, they are all great, so whether you choose a hamster or guinea pig, expect to get a super-friendly animal.

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