Can Hamsters Live Together In The Same Cage? Here’s What You Should Know

You got your first hamster, and you just discovered they are a real joy to have around. You are even thinking about bringing in a second one, but are on a tight budget and don’t want to get an additional cage. And that keeps you wondering whether it’s possible to keep two hamsters in the same cage.

So, can hamsters live together in the same cage? Well, not always! In fact, even though it might be possible to have two hamsters sharing a single cage, there are many reasons why this is not such a good idea.

In other words, hamsters can share the same cage, but we have lots of many reasons why most of the time they shouldn’t.

Whether or not your hamster can share a cage with another will depend on the species and even more importantly, the personality of your hamster pet.

Species Of The Hamster

Some species of hamsters have behavior patterns that make it difficult for them to share the same cage with other hamsters, even those of the same species. If you have hamsters of this kind, there’s no way you can bring in a new member in the same cage.

So, what are some of these species that can’t share their space?

Well, we will soon be revealing them. Keep following on the ins and outs of hamster cohabitation. 

Can Syrian Hamsters Share A Cage?

Syrian Hamsters

Unfortunately, Syrian hamsters can’t share a cage. That’s because golden hamsters are highly prone to fighting with each other. These hamsters are solitary creatures by nature, which means that they prefer living alone.

If your little friend belongs to this breed of hamsters, then it’s likely you know that they don’t have a very developed social circle, and they prefer to live by themselves in order not to bother others. For this reason, it’s not possible to keep two or more of them in a cage.

The only case when a Syrian hamster or a Teddy bear hamster can live with another in the same cage occurs when you keep a female with her hamster babies. In this case, they will probably get along fine, since there is no threat of fighting between them.

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Can Dwarf Hamsters Share A Cage?

When we get into the matter of dwarf hamsters, it’s possible for dwarf hamsters to live in the same cage peacefully. These hamsters are very social and even though they may sometimes fight with other dwarf hamsters, they usually get along just fine.

And just before I proceed any further, a presume that you understand when talking about dwarf hamsters I’m speaking of Winter white or Russian, Campbell, and Chinese hamsters.

So yes, if you have any of these hamsters, it’s possible for them to live peacefully in the same cage.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t go without precautions;

  • Avoid keeping two types of hamsters in the same cage. In other words, if you have a Winter White Dwarf hamster, you can only bring in that same type of Dwarf hamster and not Campbell or a Chinese hamster. It’s very unlikely that two types of hamsters will get along well. 
  • Again, avoid having two Dwarf hamsters of the opposite sex share the same cage. Keeping male and female hamsters in the same cage can easily result in the multiplication of your hamster population, something you perhaps don’t want.

Can Roborovski Hamsters Share A Cage?

Yes, it’s possible for Robo hamsters to live in the same cage. That doesn’t mean they are going to make good friends, but at least they won’t fight with each other.

However, you should keep an eye on them because sometimes they might feel threatened by each other and start fighting. That’s why it’s best to get two cages if you do want them to share a cage.

You should not keep Robo hamsters of the opposite sex in the same cage, just as with the Dwarf hamsters, and for the same reason.

If you think your pair is not getting along, make sure to provide them with a large enough habitat; this will prevent any fighting between Robo hamsters as they won’t feel as cramped as if their cage was smaller.

But again, as we already said, whether or not your hamster will live well with another mostly depends on the hamster’s personality, which doesn’t have much to do with the hamster species.

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How Can You Tell if Your Hamsters Will Get Along in a Shared Space?

How Can You Tell if Your Hamsters Will Get Along in a Shared Space?

You can tell if your hamsters will get along in the same living space by observing their behavior. If they seem curious about each other, if they appear relaxed and not stressed when being close to one another, you have a chance of seeing them getting along just fine.

However, pay attention to the following red flags:

  • If you see signs of aggression between hamsters, don’t leave them in the same cage.
  • If your hamster is walking around with his tail up, or if not coming out to play when you put your hand in the habitat, that means they will most likely fight each other.

But remember that it’s very difficult for you to determine whether hamsters are fighting or simply playing, so it’s best to always observe them when you introduce two hamsters in the same habitat.

How to Introduce Hamsters To The Same Cage

How you introduce your hamsters to their cages will go a long way to determine whether they are going to live peacefully or not.

Here are some of the hamster introduction tips;

Do It At A Very Young Age

Hamsters that are introduced to one another at a young age are less likely to grow fighting. When young, that is, a few weeks of age, they are still developing their personality and it’s easy to teach them to live peacefully with others.

Introduce Them To The Cage At The Same Time

If you introduce your hamsters to the cage at different times, the one who came earlier is likely to see the other as an intruder. Hamsters are territorial creatures, and that’s what will likely trigger their built-in fighting instincts.

Get A Spacious Cage

If your hamsters live in a cramped cage, they will most likely get into intense fighting. The less space the hamsters have in the habitat, the more they are likely to get stressed. As we all know, super-stressed hamsters are more likely to get into a fight. So yes, a large cage will provide your hamster with enough space to play and relax without feeling threatened.

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Get Them Separate Bowls And Toys

If your hamsters have their own food bowls and toys, they will feel more secure. They will know that the other one is not going to steal their belongings or food, and that’s a step forward in ensuring they get along.

Hamsters are desert animals, so they naturally see food as something scarce. That means if you have them share a bowl, they are likely going to stir up a fight.

How Long Does It Take for Hamsters To Get Along?

How long it will take for your hamsters to get along depends on their personality and when they were introduced to each other. It may take days, weeks, months, or even forever for your hamsters to get along.

If you do the introduction right, it’s possible for two or more hamsters to get along in the same cage for a long time. However, it’s not likely that they will become friends and cuddle with one another; don’t expect your hamster pups to be like dogs.

Final Verdict

The issue of housing hamsters together is very key and should be given much weight by hamster owners before they bring in a new hamster. And as we already said, some hamsters can live together in the same cage as long as you do it right. However, some breeds like Syrian hamsters should never be put in the same cage together, unless it’s the mother with the baby hamsters.

Cohabiting is possible for other hamsters, but again that has to depend on the personality of the hamsters and how well you do the introduction. Again, you also have to take into consideration the necessary precautions for your hamsters to live peacefully.

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