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Do Hamsters And Rabbits Get Along? Can They Live Together?

So you already have a hamster and are planning to get a rabbit, but you are wondering whether the two will get along. Well, that’s one of the questions most hamster owners have on their minds.

So, do hamsters and rabbits get along? Unfortunately, hamsters and rabbits do not get along. The vast differences in size, habitats, behavior, diet, and other factors mean the two can’t make a perfect pair.

Sure, individually, a hamster and a rabbit are lovely creatures and can make wonderful pets. Nevertheless, when they live in the same space, the two may not ever see eye to eye.

However, even though the two have commonalities, they are both different from each other in a number of ways, and that can lead to problems if you want them to be friends.

Differences Between Hamsters And Rabbits

As said, these two pets are different from each other in many ways. Here is a brief look at what makes the two so dissimilar:


Rabbits are much bigger than hamsters, so if the rabbit accidentally steps on a dwarf hamster or Syrian hamster, it can severely injure the small animal.

Also, a rabbit would most likely have more energy than a hamster and can be more destructive with its activities in the cage. That can cause stress to a hamster and put its delicate health at risk.

Social Needs

Rabbits tend to be social creatures who love spending most of their time around people and other bunnies. However, that’s not the case for hamsters. These little beings are solitary creatures, so they enjoy spending most of their time alone when not with their human companions.

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So yes, combining the two in one cage may not be a very welcome idea, especially for your hammy. That’s why it’s best to keep these two pets in separate living spaces.



Both hamsters and bunnies are prey animals, meaning they are both afraid of getting caught by predators.

Bringing the two together may cause stress for your hamster, especially considering the difference between their sizes. Rabbits have an intimidating size, especially in the hamster’s eyes, and that alone is enough to instill fear in the hamster and cause them stress.

Energy Levels

Bunnies are very energetic and active animals, and they need a lot of space for them to roam around. A hamster, on the other hand, is a nocturnal animal who has higher energy levels at night than during the day.

So it’s best not to keep two such different pets together as that can cause stress and may even be harmful for one or both of them.


Another reason why it’s best not to keep a hamster and a rabbit in the same environment is their different habitats.

Rabbits need lots of space for them to run around, so they need an area that can provide plenty of room for them to be active. If you already have a hamster and are now planning to get a rabbit, then it’s very likely that the cage you are using isn’t that big.

It may be enough or even more than enough for your hamster, but a rabbit may simply feel cooped up in the small area. That can cause stress for both creatures and can even lead to health problems if left unchecked.

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And with all that has been said, it’s clear that putting a hamster and a rabbit in the same cage is out of question.

But what if you do?

Will Rabbit Attack Your Hamster?

Will Rabbits Attack

Although it’s very unlikely, it’s still possible for a rabbit to attack your little furry friend. That’s especially true when the rabbit feels threatened by the hamster.

Bunnies are very friendly creatures that will more often than not choose not to attack other pets, even those smaller in size. However, we can’t completely rule out the possibility that your little hamster will find themselves in danger.

Rabbits can wage an attack, especially when they feel threatened. That’s something that will happen with just about any other pets, so yes, it’s possible for your rabbit to attack your hamster.

What Animals Can You Keep With Your Hamster?

About the animals you can keep with your hamster, it’s worth mentioning that there are only a few options available, especially the pets coming in a smaller size.

But again, it’s very likely that hamster is the smallest pet you have in your home. That means the best option is to keep your hamster in a cage, without any other pets. That way, you can give your little friend the care and attention he or she needs while also avoiding any accidents with other animals.

Final Verdict

As you can see, there are certain reasons why it’s not a good idea to place your hamster and rabbit in the same habitat. Rabbits and hamsters enjoy socializing with humans and spending time around them.

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However, that doesn’t mean they can thrive well in the same cage. If you want them both, it’s best to offer each of them their space. That way, you will be able to give them the attention and the level of comfort each needs.

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