How Fast Can Rabbits Run

How Fast Can Rabbits Run? [Know The Speed!]

Rabbits are one of those adorable pets that are full of life and energy. These furry pals relish roaming and hopping. Besides, the charming binkies of a rabbit never fail to capture the hearts.

The need for physical exercises for bunnies is least as compared to most other pets. Though the rabbits are small; they can run fast with liveliness.

These little pets would disappear in the blink of an eye. That is why rabbits always spread the bliss wherever they go.

How fast a rabbit can run?

The domestic rabbits can run at speeds ranging around 25-35 mph. The fastest one is the Jackrabbit with the greatest running speed of 45 mph. Though rabbits can run faster than humans; they cannot sustain the speed for longer. The bunnies would run faster to seek a quick escape nearby from a predator.

Is the running speed of domestic rabbits the same as the wild ones?

No, there is a variation between the running speed of the domestic and wild rabbits. The wild bunnies are capable of running faster than the domestic ones.

This is because a domestic rabbit is not familiar with running fast as most of the time, they stay at home.

In the case of wild rabbits, they are habitual to running at faster speeds to escape hunters. The wild bunnies are more susceptible to predators as they live in the outside world.

To protect themselves from such chasers, the wild rabbits have to run faster. It is a part of their reflex action.

From where do the wild rabbits get the energy to run faster?

To move at a faster speed, rabbits need to maintain their energy levels. Despite living outdoors, wild rabbits meet their dietary needs.

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They consume hay and grass that provide fiber-rich nutrients to their body.

Besides this, there are other plants as well that are full of fiber. The wild rabbits survive by feeding upon such greens.

What are the most popular rabbit breeds with a fast running speed?

The running speed of a rabbit would depend upon his breed and lifestyle also. The following are the most popular rabbit breeds that have good running speeds.

1. Hares

The hares, also famous as jackrabbits are the fastest ones amongst the rabbit species. As stated earlier, a jackrabbit can run up to a speed of 45 mph.

Besides this, the jackrabbits can jump up to the heights of 10 feet in one go. Though, they are good at running and jumping; the energy levels of hares are average.

2. European Rabbits

The European rabbits can also run as fast as a jackrabbit. With an impressive speed of 45 mph, the European rabbits are more agile than the others. They are lightweight and smaller that gives them the swiftness.

3. Domestic Rabbits

There are different breeds of domestic rabbits belonging to a common thread of genetics. They come from the lineage of the wild European rabbits.

The domestic rabbits are bigger than the cottontails and can achieve a speed of up to 35 mph. Yet most domestic rabbits are energetic only during their playtime.

4. Cottontail

There are 20 diverse species of cottontails. These furry pals are smaller than the other breeds and can run at a speed of up to 30 mph.

The cottontails tend to run in a crisscross motion to escape from the predators. Due to this, the average speed of most cottontails is around 18 mph only.

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The snowshoe rabbits run faster in the snow. They come from Northern American mountain ranges and have a snow-white winter coating.

Besides this, the snowshoe rabbits have hind feet like snowboards. This rabbit breed can run at a speed of up to 27 mph.

Due to this, the snowshoe rabbits are the slowest ones than the other rabbit breeds.

Why do rabbits run fast?

Despite their small and delicate bodies, rabbits can run faster. The following are the reasons due to which bunnies can disappear under your nose in no time.

1. A Reflex Action

Due to their small size, rabbits are always on the top list of predators. To save themselves, the rabbits have no choice besides running faster. This is the reflex action of rabbits to give a tough chase to the predators.

2. Supportive Anatomy

The hind legs of a rabbit are longer than his front legs. It allows them to meet fast speeds while running. The longer the hind legs are, the faster the rabbits can run.

Besides this, the small size of the rabbits is an advantage for them while they are on the run. It helps them to get the agility to become faster at running. Furthermore, being lightweight also reduces the strain on the muscles of rabbits.

3. Digitigrade Locomotion

The rabbits are digitigrades, due to which they can run faster with more energy. The digitigrade locomotion allows the rabbits to be more efficient while moving. It also assists the rabbits to be stealthier and faster in their movements.

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Muscle Power

The muscles of a rabbit are well-built. These can resist and stimulate movement and force with ease. They have two types of muscles that are slow and fast-twitch.

The slow-twitch muscles provide stamina and strength to bunnies. Besides this, the fast-twitch muscles support more acceleration and speed.

Can I make my rabbit run faster?

It is not recommended to force your bunny to run faster. Yet you can follow the below-mentioned steps to increase the energy level of your bunny. It would also assist you to make him run faster.

  • Give a fiber-rich diet to your bunny by feeding hay along with other greens
  • Do not keep your rabbit in the cage all day long and allow him to explore the surroundings
  • Let your furry pal roam in the backyard or the garden
  • Play with your bunny every day as they are most active during their playtime
  • Take your bunny out for a walk for at least 30 minutes a day

Wrap Up

There is no denying the fact that rabbits are one of the fastest runners. Their anatomy and muscle functioning are the prime reasons behind their great speeds.

To maintain their energy levels, rabbits need regular workouts. Besides, the nutritional diet is also important to fuel energy.

You can make your furry pal more active by giving him toys to play with. Being a bunny owner, you must put in all the efforts to give a long, healthy, and happy life to your pet.

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