Do Hamsters And Dogs Get Along?

Do Hamsters And Dogs Get Along? Make It Work Out!

You might have heard people call them men’s best friends, simply because they have a reputation for being great pets. And for all the years dogs have been domesticated, they have been known to get along with people really well. But how about with hamsters?

Do hamsters and dogs get along? Well, the answer is both yes and no. It’s possible for your hamster to get along with your lovely pooch. However, whether or not the two are going to make great friends largely depends on the dog.

So yes, it’s possible to have the two as your home pets, but again, like with any other pet that can get along with your hamster, pairing your hammy with your pooch comes with precautions.

Why Can Hamsters And Dogs Can Get Along?

Why your hamster is going to get along with your dog is because of the things they share in common. They may vary widely when it comes to size, there are lots of things that cut across both species that can bring them together.

For instance, they are both friendly and social. True, dogs can generally be friendlier than hamsters, but the fact is the little pets still make wonderful friends with humans.

That’s two of the many things that hamsters and dogs have in common, and that creates a common ground for the two to share, and be friends.

Why Hamsters And Dogs May Not Get Along

As said, whether or not your hamster is going to find a lovely friend in your dog is a matter of chance. In other words, as much as they can be great companions, them not getting along is also likely.

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Hamsters and dogs vary more than they are alike, and that can shine through when you want them to be friends. They might not understand each other’s behavior, which makes for a difficult relationship.

Here are a few reasons why the combination may not work out as you might have intended;

For instance, hamsters are prey animals. And that means they have a natural instinct to run away from predators.

On the other hand, dogs are natural predators, meaning that they have a natural instinct to chase things. That means your pooch chasing down your hamster is something that’s going to come naturally.

Another difference between the two is the size. Hamsters are very small creatures compared to dogs. The wide gap in their sizes in itself can be a real threat to a good relationship.

You may have a very loyal and gentle dog, but their size can easily hurt a hamster, even when they don’t intend to. So yes, nature doesn’t place hamsters and dogs as friends.

Why It May Not Work Out

What To Do To Make Your Hamster And Dog Friends

Even if hamsters and dogs are generally different, you can still make it work. But again, even when they make great companions, it’s common sense to never leave any of their interactions unsupervised.

Here is how you can make your hamster and dog friends;

Train Your Dog

Dog training is necessary, whether you have other hamsters around or not. Your pooch should be trained to understand the boundaries in their relationship with other small pets, including hamsters.

Train your dog to avoid chasing your hamster around, and to know that they should not be trying to hurt them. If need be, you can keep your dog on a leash, so they don’t run off after the hamster.

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Never Skip Exercise Routine With Your Dog

If you skip a day to go out with your dog, it’s no surprise to see your furry friend diverting all their stored energy to your small furry friend. Most dog breeds are naturally active, and exercise has to be their daily routine.

A tired dog is a well-behaved dog, and they are less likely to behave aggressively towards your other pets. When your dog doesn’t receive enough amount of exercise, one way they will want to vent out the excess is by chasing down your hamster.

Proper Introduction Is Necessary

With any other pet, you introduce to your dog, be it a hamster or not, you will always need to take the proper approach. That means making sure that they get used to each other’s scent, and seeing each other from a distance for some time before getting too close.

If it’s the first time, ensure that your dog remains on the leash. Your hamster will definitely get scared of the dog the first time, and that’s natural. However, with time, they will slowly adjust and begin seeing the dog as more of a friend than an enemy.

5 Golden Tips For Hamster-Dog Interaction

If you are planning to have hamster and dog interact, these five tips may go a long way to ensure safety and prevent any injuries.

  • Never leave the two alone, even when they act right in your presence.
  • Take time to get them used to one another.
  • Keep your hamster’s cage above your dog’s eye level.
  • At first, never take out your hamster when the dog is present.
  • Take time to know each of them.
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Final Verdict

Hamsters and dogs are different, and that’s a fact. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t get along. As long as you take the necessary precautions, and your dog is well trained, there is a better chance of your hamster and dog being friends. Just ensure that they always have each other’s company supervised, just in case things go wrong.

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