Can Chihuahuas Eat Cheese? [Feeding Guide]

Cheese is an interesting topic when it comes to chihuahuas since some people say that cheese is fine while other people argue that it’s not. So can chihuahuas eat cheese? Read on!

Chihuahuas can eat cheese. They can eat most types of dairy products, and cheese is no exception. A little bit of cheese here and there won’t hurt your Chihuahua at all. However, it’s best to limit the amount of cheese that you give to your chihuahua and you must check first if your dog is not lactose intolerant.

In this blog post, we’re going to give you the health benefits of cheese. This article will also discuss the topic of lactose intolerance in dogs and whether your Chihuahua is affected by it. We’ll talk about how much cheese is safe for your dog to eat, why some people say that cheese isn’t good for Chihuahua.

Nutritional Benefits of Cheese


Cheese is actually really healthy for chihuahuas! Just like other dairy products, cheese contains calcium. It also contains other minerals and b-complex vitamins that are useful for your dog’s health.

Cheese can boost your dog’s immune system as it contains a compound called phytosterol, which is known to help fight cancer and boost your dog’s immune system.

It can also provide 29% of his daily recommended protein intake, 32% of the recommended daily phosphorus, and 67% of the recommended daily sodium intake. Thus, it can be helpful for muscle growth and proper development because it is a source of protein, calcium, and phosphorus.

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There are more benefits that cheese can give to your Chihuahua. Cheese can actually help reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke in dogs! This is because cheese contains a lot of good cholesterol, which is known as high-density lipoprotein (HDL). HDL is the good cholesterol that reduces the chances of your dog getting heart or cardiovascular diseases.

If your dog’s breed is prone to obesity, you can also give cheese to him because it contains less fat compared to other dairy products.

Lactose Intolerance in Dogs

So is lactose intolerance in dogs real? Can dogs even get lactose intolerance? The answer to this question is yes. You see, some species have more of the lactase enzyme compared to other species. This lactase enzyme is what digests the sugar in dairy products called lactose.

Lactose intolerance can happen in dogs because dogs may not have enough of the lactase enzyme that’s needed to digest the dairy product properly. This condition can cause your dog to experience similar symptoms to those people who are lactose intolerant.

If you’re wondering, the symptoms include:

  • Gas Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Flatulence
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Bloating
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Weight Loss

So if your Chihuahua has any of these symptoms after eating dairy products such as cheese, it’s possible that your dog is lactose intolerant.

However, the good news is that lactose intolerance can be treated with a simple dietary change. For example, you can give your Chihuahua dairy products that are low in lactose such as hard cheese or yogurt. You can also give him Lactaid milk or dog supplements to help improve his digestion of dairy products.

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How Much Cheese Can Dogs Eat?

Since Chihuahuas are small dogs, you must not give them too much of anything. This includes dairy products such as cheese. And yes, this means that chihuahuas can have a bit of cheese but it’s best to limit the amount.

This is because different types of cheeses have different benefits and risks when it comes to dog health. For example, soft cheese such as cottage cheese can be dangerous for Chihuahuas because of the risk of infection. This is because it contains more lactose compared to other types of cheeses.

On the other hand, hard cheese like cheddar and parmesan are usually safe for a dog’s healthy diet even if they’re small breeds like Chihuahuas. These cheeses are usually safe for dogs because they’re low in lactose and the calcium content is low too thus, will not result in stomach upset.

When Is Cheese Not Good for Dog?

So when can Chihuahuas not eat cheese? The answer is whenever they consume too much of it. Cheese contains high amounts of fat and sodium, which will negatively affect your dog’s weight and overall health.

Some types of cheese such as cheddar and Swiss also contain high amounts of calcium, which may cause problems with your dog’s bone growth. This is because excess calcium can cause problems with your dog’s body by affecting his kidneys and heart.

Cheese as a Food Treat

So is cheese a treat for dogs? Yes, it can be an occasional treat. However, it’s best to give your Chihuahua only a small amount as part of his balanced diet. This is because too much cheese consumed on a regular basis can have negative effects on your dog’s health and weight.

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You should also aim to give your Chihuahua a food treat with a high purpose. For example, you can give him a piece of cheese with peanut butter spread over it as a training aid or reward for good behavior.


So can Chihuahuas eat cheese? The answer is yes, but you should limit the amount. Be sure to give your dog cheddar cheese or parmesan because they are usually low-fat content and lactose. What’s more, these types of cheese are also safe for small dogs like Chihuahuas.

On the other hand, avoid giving your dog cheese spread and soft cheese such as cottage cheese because they contain high amounts of lactose. And remember that too much of anything is bad for Chihuahuas, so limit the amount you give him to prevent adverse effects on his health and weight.

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