Can Hamsters Eat Bread?

Bread is very popular for breakfast in many families. It is versatile and can be used in a variety of recipes.

As you learn more about your hamster and know the foods that they should eat and should not eat, you may ask yourself if it’s okay to feed them some bread crumbs from your breakfast plate or not.

Bread will usually come in various types. So, is there a type that is safe and one that is unsafe? Is it generally okay to feed your pet bread?

All your questions are just about to be answered. Keep reading.

Can hamsters eat bread?

Hamsters can eat bread but only in small quantities. Bread is delicious but it is full of empty calories for hamsters. Feeding them too much of it can be harmful as it contains a lot of sugar, and it can bring about obesity, tooth decay, and diabetes. Some types of bread can even have a lot of salt for hamsters. It should only be fed occasionally to avoid any negative side effects.

Is bread good for hamsters?

Bread is good for hamsters only as a once in a while occasional snack or treat. It should also be given in very small quantities.

When overfed, bread can be harmful to your pet. This is because bread, especially white bread, has a lot of sugar content in it.

It can lead to health issues like:


Eating bread can easily make your pet obese because not only is it high in sugar but also high in empty calories which can lead to unhealthy weight gain.

An obese pet will be inactive and have problems with their movements. They will be more prone to diseases, have a low life span, and be at a high risk of developing heart problems.

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Diabetes is very common in hamsters. Though breeds like the Syrian and Roborovski hamsters are not prone to getting it, dwarf hamsters like the Chinese hamsters, winter white dwarf hamsters, and the Russian Campbell dwarf hamster breeds are more susceptible to diabetes.

Tooth decay

Hamsters have teeth that grow all through their lives. If they overgrow, they become painful.

Hamster teeth can get decayed if the small animals keep eating sugary foods and it becomes painful for them to chew and eat.

Do hamsters love bread?

Hamsters love bread because it is very tasty. They will enjoy chewing on the dry crust too as it’s crunchy and good for their teeth.

However, you should avoid overfeeding it to them no matter how much they try to beg for more.

How to feed bread to hamsters

Hamsters should be given bread in very small amounts. A tiny piece is enough for your hamster only once per week.

Opt for brown bread instead of white bread. You can also give them bread that contains seeds as they will love crunching them.

You can offer the bread simply as it is by pulling out a small slice. You could dip it in some milk which will make it even more delicious for them and they will enjoy the double treat.

You could also toast a slice of bread and give them a small part of it. Apparently, your hammy can safely enjoy some toasted bread.

What to keep in mind when feeding your pet

Whenever you are feeding your hamster, always make sure that you are feeding them safe foods to avoid poisoning them. Hamsters have small bodies with sensitive and delicate stomachs that can get irritated fast by the wrong types of food.

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All fresh foods like veggies, fruits, and herbs should be washed thoroughly. This gets rid of bacteria and chemicals that can be toxic to your pet.

All veggies should be fed moderately and in low quantities to avoid upsetting the stomach and causing diarrhea.

Fruits should also be given on occasion and in small sizes because most of them contain high sugar contents that are harmful to your pet.

Any leftover foods should be removed from the cage. If left there for too long they may lead to mold and bacteria buildup and make your pet sick.

Their food bowls and water bottles should be washed regularly. Water should be changed every day even if they do not drink a lot of it.

New foods should always be introduced in small amounts at first. If no adverse reactions are noticed in your pet within 12 hours, you can keep feeding them the food. If your pet has stomach upsets or diarrhea, you should discontinue the food.

Healthy foods for hamsters

As we have seen, bread can be harmful in large amounts so it should not be included in your pet’s main diet. A hamster’s diet should have healthy foods like:

Hamster pellets – these are commercially produced and well balanced with the required nutrients for your pet.

Timothy hay – hay is fiber-rich making it good for your hammy’s small stomach and for chewing on to wear down their teeth.

Veggies – vegetables are good diet supplements. You can give them carrots, broccoli, or sweet peppers.

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Fruits – fruits like pears, apples, and watermelons are good and crunchy. Avoid citrus fruits like grapes, oranges, and lemons.

Herbs – hamsters will also enjoy herbs including parsley, coriander, and sage once in a while.

Occasional treats – your pet will love you more whenever you give them a delicious treat. It can be protein-based like some cooked beef, nuts, a slice of boiled egg, or even a small piece of cooked chicken breast.


Hamsters can eat bread but in very small quantities. Bread should be given to them only once per week.

Bread can be sweet for hamsters and they may enjoy it but it has only empty calories for them.

Overfeeding your pet with bread can make them obese, cause tooth decay, and health conditions like diabetes.

Healthier foods for your pet are specially made hamster pellets, fresh fruits, and veggies, Timothy hay, and protein treats once in a while.

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