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Can Hamsters Eat Eggs? [Feeding Guide!]

Eggs are a part of many diets around the world. They are known to contain many different vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that allow our bodies to stay healthy.

You may wonder if this food can also be given to our pets especially hamsters. In this blog post, we will clear things out on this.

Hamsters can eat eggs in a variety of ways. Their diet may include scrambled, baked, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, and oil-free pan-fried eggs which provide them with protein as well as vitamins A B group of minerals such as iron, etc. However, It is very important not to feed them raw egg whites because this can lead to some serious health issues. And it is also best to serve them eggs moderately and occasionally.

Are Eggs Safe for a Hamster to Eat?

The egg is safe for hammies to include in their diet. They are highly nutritious and contain many nutrients.

But because the protein content in eggs is high, it may not be recommended to make it a staple food. Instead, give your hammies eggs occasionally.

Eggs should only make up a small part of your pet’s daily food intake. It is not recommended to give your hamsters eggs every day. Do not make them the main part of their diet.

Caution: Do not feed hamsters with raw eggs. More so, it is recommended to give them only egg whites and not egg yolks.

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How Should I Serve Eggs to a Hamster?

Food Preparation

Cook properly.

Ensure that the egg is well cooked before serving. This is to avoid bacterial exposure. Avoid feeding your hamsters raw eggs as it can cause illnesses such as salmonella poisoning. If you choose to serve hard-boiled eggs, make sure that they are fully cooked through.

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Do not season.

Do not season the eggs before serving them to your hamsters. They have their own nutritional value. It is best to serve them plain and simple. Never add salt or pepper to the egg.

As a matter of fact, adding salt can cause harm to the health of your hamsters. Salt has the potential to raise blood pressure and alter water balance in the body. Pepper, on the other hand, can cause respiratory problems and damage to the nervous system.

Feeding Procedure

Serve only the egg white.

It is only the egg white that has nutritional value to your hammies. You can feed them with both raw and cooked eggs. Raw eggs will work best for this case.

Serve in moderation.

Only give a small amount of the egg white at a time because its protein content is high. This can also cause potential harm if it is given in excess.

How Many Eggs Can I Feed a Hamster?

The larger hamster breeds may consume one-fourth to one-half of a regular egg divided into at least two feedings. On the other hand, smaller ones ought to eat up to an egg’s quarter in a week.

The kind of egg also dictates the quantity to be given to your hammies. If you feed them with larger eggs like duck eggs, the amount decreases. If you feed them with smaller eggs like quail eggs, it could be increased.

What are the Benefits of Egg in Hamsters?


The egg contains protein which is an essential nutrient. It is necessary for healthy muscle development and repair.

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Eggs provide enough calcium. Calcium is vital for maintaining the healthy bones and teeth of your pets.

Vitamin D

Eggs provide vitamin D. This is important for your hamster’s healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium from the food that they eat.

Vitamin A

This vitamin is found in eggs. It is responsible for healthy vision and tissue growth.

Vitamin B12

Also, eggs are rich sources of vitamin B12. This is important to produce healthy red blood cells and prevent diseases like anemia.


The antioxidants found in eggs like selenium and lutein are very beneficial. In fact, they are necessary for heart and eye health.

What are the Risks of Eating Eggs?


Be careful in giving your hamsters eggs. This is because they could get choked on its shell and cause suffocation.


Having too much egg can cause obesity in your hamsters. It is best to dole out only small portions.

Protein Overdose

Too much protein intake can lead to health problems like liver disease and kidney failure. The truth is, these illnesses are fatal.

Cardiovascular Problems

Eggs may increase the cholesterol levels in your hammies. This can lead to cardiovascular problems like heart attack and stroke.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, hamsters can eat eggs but only in small quantities. You also have to take note of the benefits and risks it entails.

Indeed, moderation is necessary to make sure that our hamsters are happy and healthy.

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