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How Do I Know That My Hamster Is Happy?

Every hamster owner will tell you that their hamster is the most wonderful and loving creature in the world.  It’s true; hamsters make amazing pets. But sometimes we can’t interpret their body language, especially for the new pet parents. And as a pet owner, it’s always good to know when your hamster is truly happy and healthy.

So, how can you know when your pet hamster is happy?

Now, in this article, we will be sharing with you some of the indicators that your hamster pet is overjoyed. You will also learn a few other things about these little furry friends.

But just before we look into that, let’s examine some of the ways you can make your hamster happy.

6 Easy Ways You Can Make Your Hamster Happy

Let’s be honest; we all want the best for these little furry friends. In fact, we are willing to do almost anything to give them the most wonderful life. And yes, they are good at replicating it back.

But do you really know what your hamster pet would like?

Here are some of the surefire ways you can make them truly happy:

Tip #1 A Clean Hamster Cage And Safe Environment:

First and foremost, it’s important to provide a safe environment for them.  So keep their cage clean and hygienic.  We all know that hamsters are very sensitive to smell and they will be happier if their cage is hygienic.

Therefore, even before you head out to buy them a new play toy or extra bedding, you should focus on keeping their home clean. That way, they will have a safe haven to come back to after they have played.

Tip #2 Lots of Cuddle Time And Love:

They may look tiny, but their desire to be around their human companions is huge. Their happiness grows when you are around them, so set apart some period of time every day to play and interact with your lovely pet.

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When around your pet, ensure that you also invent a game to play with them. This will be a great way to engage, interact and bond with your pet.

Tip #3 Healthy Food:

Hamster Food

Ever heard of the famous saying “food is the way to a man’s heart”?  Well, this applies to all living beings in the world, including your hamster! And other than the usual food, who on earth doesn’t appreciate treats?

Your furry little friend loves healthy and nutritious food as they provide them with vital nutrients which keep their body fit and fine. Give your pet the yummiest food and they’ll appreciate it. Only beware to avoid some of the types of food that can harm your pet!

Tip #4 Keep Their Cage At A Good Temperature:

Make sure their room is neither too hot nor too cold. This will be a good way to keep them healthy and at a comfortable temperature for their little bodies.

The best way to do this is by placing their cage near a wall, rather than the window or other places. That way, they will not be exposed to a drastic change in temperatures when are away from home. 

Tip #5 Buy Them Toys:

Who doesn’t like toys? Hamsters love them too! There’s nothing quite as exciting as seeing our furry friends play with their brand-new toys. You can find a wide range of these beautiful playthings online or even at many specialty stores.

The best thing about these toys is that you can share a few with a couple of hamsters or one big colony of them! So they will have more fun playing together as well as individually.  

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What’s even better? They’ll get loads of exercise which helps keep their body in perfect shape.

Tip #6 Vet Visits Are Essential:

We all know that sickness can cause our furry little friends a lot of discomfort and cause a shift in mood. Hamsters have very sensitive bodies, and that means they are prone to many different diseases and illnesses.

So it is important that you keep them comfortable and healthy by taking them for medical checkups from time to time. That way, they’ll be able to address any health issues quickly and get back to their usual selves sooner than later.

And there you have it; if you were wondering how to tell that your hamster is happy, it should be pretty obvious now! They are smart creatures, and they will more often than not reflect what they get.

Now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

How Can You Tell That Your Hamster Is Happy?

Hamster Happy

You can tell that your hamster is happy by looking at some of the signs they display when overexcited.

These include;

  • Your hamster being more energetic and playful; Yes, if you just noticed that in the last few days your hamster is more active and jumpy, it’s an obvious sign that they are indeed happy.
  • Watching them play more often; You know you’ve spotted it when your furry little friend is on his wheel or climbing up and down their cage with ease. More energy = happier hamster!
  • Your hamster’s fur being clean and well-groomed; Hamsters tend to groom themselves more when they are content with their lives. Therefore, if you notice that your pet’s fur is dull and ruffled, it could be a sign of boredom.
  • They get along with other hamsters or humans around them; If you have more than one hamster, then it is a sign that they are happy if they seem to be getting along well. Hamsters tend to spread their happiness to others too.
  • Your hamster being more active and lively in general; They are a clear sign of healthiness, happiness, and contentment. They will be moving around their cage almost all day, and more often than not will be sitting on your shoulders or playing with you.
  • Your hamster will collect and store food; Hamsters are known to accumulate and save food for longer periods of time. If your hamster has been collecting and hiding their food more often than usual, it is a sign that they feel safe and comfortable in their environment.
  • Stretching or popping their joints; Hamsters stretch to keep themselves flexible and limber. So if you notice them stretching more than usual, it is an indication that your hamster is happy with his/her life.
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So yes, it’s possible to tell whether your hamster is happy or not by simply observing the signs that they display.

In Conclusion;

Giving your hamster a happy and healthy life begins by understanding their way of communication. These little creatures are smarter than you think and will show you exactly how they feel most of the time. Just take time to understand your hamster and you will definitely know how to tell that your pet is happy.

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