Can Poodles Run Long Distances? – The Ultimate Guide To Running With Your Poodle

If you are a poodle owner who loves doing morning runs, you might want to know whether you can run with your pup. Dogs such as German shepherds, Siberian huskies, an American foxhound, and Dalmatian, for instance, are known to make great running companions. But how about Poodles?

Can Poodles run long distances?

Poodles are not just cute, fluffy pets. Some of them can run for miles! Standard Poodle types make great running partners because they have longer legs than other breeds and will need some training before long distances but once you get the hang of it you’ll be an unstoppable team in no time!

Why You Should Run With Your Poodle

There are many reasons why you should get your pup accustomed to run with you. Below are some of the reasons why you should train your Poodle to run with you:

#1: It strengthens the bond between pet and owner.

When running with your dog, you are bonding with your dog because of the amount of time that you spend together. You build trust in your dog as you run together and he will look up to you more.

#2: A great way to exercise for both pet and owner.

There are times when we feel lazy just sitting around. Running with dogs is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to do exercise. Thus, it is a perfect way to keep your pet healthy.

#3: You get to know your Poodle better.

Not too many people have enough time to really understand their pets. Running together gives you more chances to interact with your pooch on a long-term basis. Thus, you will be able to find out your dog’s likes and dislikes especially when it comes to what they are fed.

#4: It keeps them healthy, happy, and entertained.

Running with your pooch is fun. They will be excited to run alongside you especially when they know that it’s an early morning routine. Poodles love to run, especially when they are given treats or petting after the run.

#5: It curbs unwanted behavior

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Just like any other dog breed, poodles need to have their energy released in a controlled manner so that it will not lead to unwanted behavior such as biting, chewing, and digging.

#6: It keeps dogs safe from harm.

Running with your Poodle could mean saving him from certain dangers such as cars, traffic signals, and other people who might harm them. Our furbabies can be very careless at times, especially when they get too excited causing themselves to suffer injuries in the process.

Step By Step Guide On How To Run With Your Poodle

Running with your poodle requires that you take some time to prepare for this activity. Below is a step by step guide on how to get started:

Step #1: Get them used to the leash before anything else:

A lot of dogs don’t like being attached to a leash. It is essential that you understand this and that you don’t push them too hard when getting them to agree to go running with you.

Step #2: Start small for the first few days:

For instance, run for just a few minutes or even less than a minute before calling it quits and going home if your dog does not seem to be comfortable. However, this should be done just for the first few days until your dog agrees with going running with you.

Step #3: Increase the time slowly but surely:

Once your dog has agreed to go on runs with you, it is important that you take things at a slow pace to avoid burning them out in the early stages.

Step #4: Time to Improve on Speed

Once your pooch gets the hang of it, you can get them to take things at a faster rate. However, no matter how far you go or how fast you run, never leave your dog behind while on a leash. Always be ready to call them back when needed and most importantly try to keep their energy up throughout the whole running experience.

Step #5: Take Him At His Pace

Go for long distances every few days until you feel your pooch can run comfortably and happily with you on long stretches of time.

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Essential Items While Running With Your Dog

Since your pup will be running with you, it is essential that you are aware of the fact that there are certain things you should always have on you while out on runs. Here are the important ones:

  • Clean water.
  • Food
  • First aid kit
  • Treats
  • A dog-friendly sunscreen spray formula
  • A portable dog waste clean up kit

Basic Safety Precautions When Running With Your Poodle

Before we can talk about how to run with your pooch, it is important to know that some things should be avoided in order to keep both of you safe from harm. Below are basic safety precautions that pet owners have to remember when doing this activity:

  • Be an early bird: Start running with your Poodle during the early morning hours. During this time of the day, it is safer for both pet and owner because there are fewer pedestrians on the road compared to other times. This way you can avoid any accidents and your dog will be safe all throughout.
  • Keep them close: It is best to keep your dog close to you at all times. This way you will be able to monitor their actions and keep them safe from harm. You should also make sure that your leash is always ready in the off chance that a hazard comes lurking around.
  • Never skimp on the necessities: Invest in high-quality equipment that will keep your pooch healthy especially when you are exercising. You will need a dog harness, leash, and some other gear to do this activity properly.
  • Choose your route wisely: Do not run with your Poodle on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt because they could hurt their paws. Instead, you should run alongside your dog in grassy areas or along wooded trails that are covered with soft dirt.
  • Know your pet’s body type: Not all poodles are the same. Some are smaller in size and this means that they cannot handle as much physical activity as other Poodles can.
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When To Get Started

Before you begin run sessions with your pooch, you should first make sure that they are in good shape. A great way to do this is by asking their veterinarian for an assessment of their current state. You need to ensure that your pooch is up to date with the required vaccinations and has no chronic or serious health problems.

You also need the vet to suggest the best activities your Poodle can participate in and the ones that should be avoided. These suggestions will keep your pets out of harm’s way so you do not have to worry about their safety during your runs.

Puppies that are below the age of 6 months are not appropriate for long-distance runs. This is because they are still growing and lack the stamina that is needed to run alongside you for a longer period of time.

As soon as your pooch is old enough, it is best to start small. In order words, take things slowly until both of you get the hang of it.

How Long Should Your Poodle Runs Be?

Whenever you are running with your dog, it is highly recommended that you run for a maximum of 30 minutes. This way he will have the chance to rest his muscles from time to time and do not overtax them.

However, remember to begin with a shorter run and begin increasing the distance from time to time in order to avoid injuries. Running long distances the first time can easily overwhelm a dog which can be dangerous.

Final Verdict:

Running with a dog really is an enjoyable activity and one that pet owners should take advantage of. However, it is important to remember that both pet owners and Poodles should be in good health before engaging in this activity. You should also keep safety precautions in mind at all times and follow your veterinarian’s advice on what kind of exercises your Poodle can do.

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