Are Poodles Good With Kids?

Many people seem to think that poodles are the perfect dog for kids, but is this true?

Poodles are wonderful animals that can be great with children. These lovely furbabies have a lot of energy and love to play fetch, catch tennis balls in their mouths, or just run around the yard!

Why Poodles Make Great Companions With Kids

Not all small dogs make good companions with children. However, Poodles have a long legacy of being excellent family dogs. Below are some of the reasons why they are so great with kids:

Poodles are obedient and intelligent:

These two traits mean they can be easily trained. A well-trained poodle will know how to interact with children without doing anything harmful. Keep in mind that every dog needs training before it can be around children.

They are very active:

Children need to have fun, and poodles are playful canines. No dog that loves to play more than a poodle. They’ll get plenty of exercise running around the backyard with a child or two. And since they’re so smart, they can do tricks too!

These pups are very sociable:

Poodles have an insatiable appetite for human company and attention, particularly from children. They love to be around people and will make great companions for a child. They will be an excellent playmate and loving friend.

They are a clean breed:

Of course, parents always worry about dogs that shed a lot since this is one of the reasons why kids often get sick. However, poodles are hypoallergenic dogs that shed very little.

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Miniature and standard poodles shed less than toy poodles and should not cause problems for children. But that doesn’t mean that toy poodles don’t make good kids’ dogs too.

Poodles are naturally protective:

Poodles can be very protective of children and will always look out for them. This means they’ll defend them from danger even if the threat is just perceived. They won’t let anyone harm a child, not even an adult who might seem threatening.

These Pups can swim:

Poodles were bred to be water dogs and can swim very well. Kids often like to swim as well, which is why this is one quality that adds to the list of reasons why poodles make an excellent pet for kids. However, you should still teach your kids how to swim first before you allow them to go near the water with the dog.

This breed is very loyal:

Poodles are very affectionate and their owners tend to be drawn towards them as well. They love pleasing people, especially children, which makes it an excellent pet for kids who need a very loyal dog by their side.

They are not vicious:

While some may think that these dogs tend to be more aggressive, this is simply not true. However, if you get a poodle from a bad breeder or a puppy mill they could potentially have some issues with aggression. This is why you need to always look for a good breeder when you want to get your poodle. Early training may also help with any potential aggression issues.

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Toy Vs Standard Vs Miniature Poodle: Who Makes The Perfect Companion For Kids?

When looking for a poodle, you may be confused as to whether to get a toy, standard, or miniature poodle. Since these are all hypoallergenic dogs, there is no difference in their shedding percentage. It really comes down to a person’s preference:

Toy Poodles:

This breed has the smallest size among the three and tends to be more energetic than both the standard and miniature poodles. They are also the most playful among the three and love to jump all over people, which can be tiring if you’re a kid with limited energy.

These are the dogs that seem to be more popular in households with children who like to play outside since they will have their own companion for all those outdoor activities.

Standard Poodles:

This is the most common poodle breed and probably the one you’ve seen if you live in an area where there are a lot of poodle owners. This makes it very suitable for both inside and outside homes since it can adjust to either type of environment.

It has the perfect balance between playful and calm, which makes it perfect for home settings where a dog is more needed inside the house than in the backyard.

If you live in an area where there are a lot of people and kids walking around, this is probably the best choice for you since medium-sized dogs like this one will not intimidate kids and feel much friendlier to them.

Miniature Poodles:  

This breed of poodle has the longest coat and is the lightest in weight. It belongs to an older breed of poodles. Because of its very fluffy hair, this dog requires a lot of grooming and daily brushing which can be tiring for children if you don’t do these jobs yourself.

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They are also highly sensitive dogs, which makes it a little difficult to train them, but they still make excellent pets for older kids who are more mature. Because of this trait, it is not recommended that miniature poodles be bought for children under 12 years old.

Final Verdict:

Poodles are hypoallergenic dogs that make excellent pets for children. They have all the traits necessary to make for a great dog for kids. Whether to choose a toy, standard, or miniature poodle depends on your preferences.

And no matter what breed you choose, always remember to supervise your kids when they are outside with the dog.

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