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Do Devon Rex Cats Scratch Furniture?

As a cat owner, you probably have experienced scratching of items in the house especially furniture. Most cats have some natural behaviors that we can’t really escape e.g. shedding and scratching.

Do these behaviors affect all cats including your Devon Rex cat?  Tag along to have your questions answered and get all the little details you need about your cat on scratching furniture.

Can Devon Rex Cats Scratch Furniture?

Devon Rex cats do scratch furniture. Furniture scratching is an inborn thing in all cats it does not rely on the breed of the cat. How you train and treat your pet determines if it will scratch your furniture.

Furniture Scratching in Pets

Devon Rex cats are energetic and scratching furniture forms part of using up their energy and playful side. They do not do this as part of an evil scheme but rather they are just being themselves.

This behavior holds benefits for your feline which are;

Your cat is being playful and this relieves it of any stress.

It is a form of interaction. If you have more than one feline in the house, you will probably find them gathered around scratching.

They mark their territory with scratches and scents. A scratched place shows other cats that that particular place has an occupant. Moreover, when your cat scratches it leaves a scent since they have scent glands on their paws.

Scratching is a form of exercise. As it scratches, it stretches its muscles, claws, feet and body.

Scratching keeps your cat’s body in good shape. It keeps its claws healthy and sharp.

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It is a form of enjoyment too.

Scratching determines rank when your pet is living among its fellow cats.

It is also a way of getting rid of the dead layers of their claws. You might find your cat leaving some parts of its claws on your furniture.

However, they might be more to scratching than just normal behavior. Your pet might be trying to send a message especially when it exhibits excessive scratching.

Your pet requires constant stimulation and a lack of it leads to boredom, anxiety or stress. Your feline might be scratching for the above reasons. Make a close observance or seek veterinary help to understand the real reasons behind its scratching.

How to Prevent your Devon Rex Cat from Scratching

Not only do cats scratch on furniture but also on other surfaces like mats, carpets, floors etc. This could be very devastating for you as a pet owner since your pet does not understand the importance of these things.

With a cat running around your house, learning how to stop it from scratching is important. Consider doing the following;

Equipping your feline with alternatives is the best option. When it has something else to scratch on, you won’t have to worry about your things in the house.

Provide it with ample outdoor time. An outside environment provides things that your cat can scratch on like trees. Leaving it outside gives it an opportunity to scratch and might not feel the need to when indoor.

Consider using cat claw covers and furniture covers.

Have a friendly environment for your cat. Equip your house with things that stimulate it to avoid stress and boredom.

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Grooming your cat by regularly trimming its nails is also a way to minimize and prevent scratching. Use the right equipment to trim it and take caution not to hurt its vessels.

Just like you train your pet to use a litter box, you can do the same in scratching furniture. Try reprimanding your cat in a loud voice.

Cats are intelligent enough to understand human voices. They also hate loud noises and being loud on them will make them understand they are doing wrong.

Use cat deterrent sprays on your items. They repel away cats and are safe for your fabric, carpets and furniture.

Scratching Alternatives for Cats

There are a variety of items that you cat can scratch on instead of furniture. When choosing out one, try different items to see the one that appeals your cat the most and have more of them.

Buy your cat its own furniture. This could include tree tops and they are a great way to distract it.

Have a number of scratching posts for your pet.

Equip your house with cardboards and uncovered wood.

Sisal ropes and fabric are also good scratching alternatives.

Attracting Cats to Scratching Alternatives

Scratching alternatives should at least match up your furniture. They should be tall and have a rough texture appealing to your cat. You should have a lot of them in the house.

Use catnip to train and attract your pet to its new scratching surface. Cats find catnip exciting and it stimulates their happy receptors.

You can also use catnip sprays though they are less effective. Most cats get attracted more to the fresh, dried catnip. Train your feline till it gets used to its new scratching surfaces.

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Home-made Cat Repellants

Thinking of using cat deterrents? Well, you can either purchase or opt to make one at home. Natural oils such as citronella, peppermint, lavender and lemon grass serve as good cat repellants.

Garlic, pepper, lemon, cayenne pepper and cider- vinegar also repel cats. Mix one of these items with water in a reasonable ratio.

You can also use old citrus peels and used coffee grounds. The smell of these substances keeps cat away from your furniture. The amount used depends on how long the smell lasts on your furniture.

Declawing Cats

Declawing your cat should not be an option to prevent scratching. It is harmful for your cat and holds no medical benefit.

It is a painful process and makes your cat feel insecure. Cats use claws for protection and declawing them makes them vulnerable to abusers and predators.


It is usual for Devon Rex cats to scratch furniture. As a pet owner, knowing how to train it will help keep your feline away from the furniture.

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