Roger Rabbit

What Type Of Rabbit Is Roger Rabbit?

Rabbits are charming furry pals that never fail to strike chords in the hearts of the people.

We all have seen the adorable cartoon characters arising out of the world of animation.

For ages, certain animated characters have taken inspiration from rabbits. There is no denying the fact that Roger Rabbit has proven to be an all-time favorite amongst them all.

Roger Rabbit has been winning hearts since his emergence. Coming straight from the word of animation, this charming bunny has all it takes to be a good entertainer.

Who is Roger Rabbit?

Roger Rabbit is a fictional anthropomorphic rabbit character from the world of animation. He resembles an American White Rabbit due to physical features, size, and personality.

His first appearance was in the year 1981 in the novel “Who Censored Roger Rabbit” by the author Gary K. Wolf. In the year 1988, this bunny became the deuteragonist in the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.

The Physical Appearance of the Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit is a slim and white-colored rabbit with a pink nose and large blue eyes. This lovable bunny has a cluster of red hair who wears red coveralls. The Roger Rabbit wears yellow gloves along with a blue-colored, yellow polka-dotted bow tie.

The rabbit character of the Roger Rabbit comes from the Bugs Bunny. Furthermore, this fictional character wears baggy pants like that of the Goofy. He also wears the gloves resembling that of a Mickey Mouse. The Roger Rabbit has the charming glimpses of such classic fictional characters.

The Personality Trait of this Infamous Bunny

The Roger Rabbit stands amongst the most lovable bunnies of the fictional world. He is crazy, humorous, and leaves no stone unturned to make others laugh.

Besides, this adorable bunny is kind-hearted and has all the traits of a good friend. He is a great buddy of the other Toons, Benny the Cab and Baby Herman, a costar from the Macroon Cartoons.

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The Roger Rabbit is a little bit naïve. Moreover, this bunny is energetic and also hysterical at times. He is nervous and also scared of the Judge Doom, Toon Patrol, Dip, and the other hazards.

Roger Rabbit believes that if a person lacks a good sense of humor, then he is better off dead. This bunny often gets upset over things like the newsreels that seem to be boring for him. He also loves his wife Jessica and is always in search of ways to make her laugh.

Dislikes Alcoholic Beverages

The Roger Rabbit holds a strong dislike for alcoholic beverages. In the movie, after consuming the alcohol, his color changes along with the swelling in the eyes.

Besides this, the head of the bunny also spins and as a result, he mumbles at a faster pace. Other than this, Roger Rabbit also experiences mood swings that are quite hostile.

Due to such certain reasons, this childish and talkative bunny does not like alcohol.

The resemblance to American White Rabbit

As stated earlier, Roger Rabbit is an American White Rabbit. He has long and erect ears along with short and white-colored fur. The Roger Rabbit lives in California and speaks with an American accent in the movies.

American White Rabbit is a large breed and Roger Rabbit is also larger than most of the fellow rabbits. The following factors would help you to know more about American White Rabbits.

1. History and Origin of American White Rabbits

In 1917, the Lewis H. Salisbury developed the American White Rabbit. This breed seeks its origin in Salisbury of Pasadena, California. It has the genes of the European rabbits such as Beveren, Blue Imperial, Flemish Giant, and Vienna. In 1910, the American Rabbits were popular as “German Blue”.

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It was later on that the second variety of this rabbit breed came into the existence in 1910, i.e. the white rabbit. After World War I, the German Blue became famous as the American Rabbit.

2. Coat Color and Appearance

The American Rabbits come in either a blue or a white-colored coat. Those with the white fur have red-colored eyes whereas the ones with blue coat have eyes of dark grey color. Their coating consists of short, flyback, and fine fur.

The texture of their coat is soft and silky. These bunnies have a semi-arch body type. Their ears are long and erect. The bodyweight of American Rabbits ranges around 9-11 lbs. They fall under the category of the medium to larger sized breeds of rabbit.

3. Temperament and Personality

In the 1900s, the American Rabbits were famous for commercial fur and meat purposes. This bunny breed is gentle, docile, and even-tempered.

Besides this, these bunnies are affable pets and are tolerant of human presence. These bunnies might skit around the people, especially those who do not know the apt way to approach them.

Some American Rabbits are full of energy whereas others are quite obedient and a little bit lazy. These companionship bunnies are affectionate and relish hanging out with their owners.

4. Care and Maintenance

Rabbits are self-grooming pets and there is no need to give them regular bathe. They can stay clean with the help of a few brushing sessions in a month.

Brushing also helps to keep their fur in proper shape. Like most other rabbit breeds, the American Rabbits are also sensitive. So you should be very careful while approaching them.

5. The Accommodation of an American Rabbit

Most rabbit breeds do not need bigger spaces to live in. They can live in smaller enclosures with great comfort. Due to this, American Rabbits are suitable for the apartment lifestyle also.

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You can either accommodate them in an indoor rabbit cage or a dog crate. Furthermore, you can even build a rabbit hutch or a shed for your bunny pal.

6. Health and Exercise Requirements

The American White Rabbits do not need regular walks or intense workout sessions to stay fit. To maintain their health and keep them active, you can let them stay outdoors in a garden or backyard.

These bunnies relish being outdoors and even stretch their legs during the playtime.

7. Diet of an American White Rabbit

The diet of an American White Rabbit would comprise around 70% of hay and pellets. The adult bunnies would need around ¼ cup of the fiber-rich pellets per 5 pounds of their total body weight.

They can also have fresh vegetables and fruits such as carrots, green or red lettuce, celery, peach, etc.

8. Health Disorders

It is advisable to neuter the bunnies when they turn around 3 ½ -6 months old. The American White Bunnies show no risk for any certain health ailment. By giving a high-fiber diet to your bunny, you can keep him healthy and disease-free.

Wrap Up

It is now quite clear that Roger Rabbit reminds you of the American White Rabbit. Though he is a fictional character; he has all the traits that every bunny lover would crave for.

Coming from the universe of animation, the Roger Rabbit is the picture-perfect companion. If you are also a fan of this fictional rabbit, then the American White Rabbit would be the ideal pet for you.

Be assured that you will love the companionship of this cute furry pal.

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