Why Hamsters Like Wheels

Why Do Hamsters Like Wheels?

Seeing your hamster bored is the last thing you want.  You want your little friend to be happy, healthy, and feel like part of the family. And while not many things are sure to win your hamster’s heart, hamster wheels are a surefire way to put a smile on their faces.

Hamsters love wheels so much. In fact, you’ll probably come to find that your hamster likes nothing more than running on their very own wheel.

The question is, why?

Well, if that’s what brought you here, then you are just in for the best moment of your lifetime. In this article, we will explain the science behind your hamster’s love for their wheels and much more about hamsters.

Let’s get started!

Why Do Hamsters Like Wheels So Much?

The main reason why hamsters like wheels so much is because they love to exercise. When a hamster runs on a wheel, it not only strengthens their legs and keeps them in good shape but also gives them a way to use up some of that excess energy they have stored up.

Why Hamsters Like Wheel So Much

You see, hamsters are essentially extremely hyper creatures. They have so much energy throughout the day and night. Finding somewhere to vent out the excess energy keeps the hamster healthy.

But that’s not all; we have a thousand and one reasons why your hamster seems just not to have enough of that wheel.

Other Reasons Why Hamsters Love Wheels

Hamsters Are Born To Run

Hamsters naturally love to run. And with the little amount of space you offer, to your lovely furry friend, nothing seems to address their natural need to run better than a wheel.

Hence, the next time you see your hamster running too fast on an exercise wheel, just know that it’s because they’re doing what comes to them as naturally as breathing.

Hamsters Are Nocturnal

This probably caught you by surprise. But it’s the fact; hamsters are nocturnal animals. Your hamster may seem to be up and very active all day, but they are more active animals at night.

Now, the reason why they are nocturnal is that that’s when their predators are less likely to be around.

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“Predators?” You may ask.

Yes. You read it right, PREDATORS! Oh, maybe you’ve forgotten this; hamsters are wild animals. Forest is their natural habitat, and even when domesticated, they try to stick with their instincts.

Wheels Are Fun To Use!

Wheels are a fantastic way for your hamster to have some engaging physical activity after being cooped up in their cages all day. And just like us, what you do every day needs to include something that brings you joy.

In the human eyes, wheels may not seem to be anything special. But in your cute little hamster’s eyes, they are a precious treasure that brings loads of joy and fun for hamsters.

Having fun is actually pretty important when it comes to staying healthy and happy, so why not give your hamster some wheels to run on? As with humans, hamsters like having fun!

Wheel Satisfies Their Natural Curiosity

If you have been with your hamster for quite some time, you will agree with me that they are very curious creatures. And the best way to satisfy this curiosity is through their wheels.

Hamsters see wheels as the way out from their cage. The wheel is their gateway into the world, and they just want to know where exactly that turning wheel will take them.

Is Wheel Good for Hamsters?

Is wheel good for hamsters

Yes, wheels are good, they are a very healthy and safe way of exercising for your hamster. In fact, hamsters need this kind of physical activity daily, or else they could get sick.

Therefore, the next time you notice that your hamster is spending a lot of time with their wheel, don’t bother them. They need that escape from the boredom they might be facing in a cage all day.

Do All Hamsters Love Running On Wheels?

Though most hamsters do love running on wheels, some may not like it for whatever reason. That doesn’t apply to wheels alone, they may not like playing with certain toys or maybe even eating some type of food.

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Different types of hamsters might have different preferences when it comes to the wheel. When you buy your hamster their first wheel, always ask their pet store to recommend the best kind of wheel that will suit your specific type of hamster.

What Makes A Good Wheel For Hamsters?

If you are planning to buy your hamster a wheel, then well done! It’s generally a very good idea and your pet will thank you for it. However, one thing to know is that not all wheels are safe for them.

Features Of A Good Hamster Wheel

  • Easy to clean
  • Abrasive surface- to keep their nails trimmed.
  • Wide enough bars to avoid the delicate hamster feet from getting caught in between!
  • Non-slip surface for safety.
  • Wide running surface
  • Quality materials
  • A place for grasping when running.
  • Solid running surface that doesn’t wobble under running weight.

So yes, if you are planning to buy your hamster a wheel, always remember to check whether it meets all of these characteristics.

Is It OK To Keep More Than One Wheel In The Cage?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to keep more than one wheel in your hamster cage as long as your little friend still has enough room to move about.

Wheels are healthy and good, but also remember that space is a very important factor when it comes to caring for your pets. It is a basic need for pets, just like food and water!

When we were kids, we all loved to play around with different types of toys. And even in our adulthood, we still love varieties. That’s the same with your hamster- they don’t one to always with the same wheel all the time.

Experts actually recommend that you should get your hamster a couple of different types of wheels, so they still have their options when it comes to how the wheel looks and feels.

Can Two Hamsters Share One Wheel?

Can Hamsters Share A Wheel

Yes, they can. However, I always recommend that you get a new one for each of the hamsters to avoid them from fighting over it and hurting themselves or each other.

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Also, having two wheels will also create varieties in their activity. As we said, hamsters also like varieties. Running on the same wheel day in day out can turn your good pet into a cage potato. So, don’t deprive your hamster of fun stuff!

Do Females Run On Wheels, Too?

Well, some female hamsters do run on wheels just like their male counterparts. It’s not only the males who love having fun with wheels! The females need it just as much to keep them healthy.

Keep in mind that running is a natural instinct in all hamsters; both male and female hamsters. So, whether you have a male or a female hammy, be ready to invest in a decent quality running wheel!

Can Hamsters Get Bored By Running On Wheel?

hamster bored

Yes, hamsters can get bored by running on the same wheel. In the wild, hamsters run around a lot to find food and other necessities that they need to survive. However, in our homes as pets, we give them everything that they need.

So, if you have a pet hamster who is always running on a wheel and seems to be getting bored with it after a while, you can opt to get another type of toy for your pet.

What Age Can A Hamster Start Running In A Wheel?

Hamsters can start running in a wheel from when they are about three or four weeks old. Hamsters younger than three weeks old are considered to be baby pets and are still not ready for a wheel.

Young hamsters still have very delicate bones that are still developing. Therefore, they just don’t need so much intense exercise yet.

In Conclusion

If you have been looking for reasons why hamsters run on wheels, then congratulations! You now know more. And if you are yet to get one, then just know that your pet is missing out on some fun. Only beware to get the one that offers fun and activity without compromising on safety.

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