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Why Is My Hamster Squeaking? Reasons And How To Make It Stop

Pets neither speak nor understand human language, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t communicate. Pets make some sounds that contain the message they intend to communicate.

For instance, we know that dogs bark for many different reasons, growl for a warning, and whimper to communicate pain. These types of communication can all be defined by specific sounds that we know mean well-defined things.

When we hear these sounds we understand the meaning immediately; they are part of our language (more like a universal language) and there is no confusion about their meaning.

This also happens with hamsters. Your hammy will make sounds to tell you something. They may squeak, chirp, or make a semi-aggressive snarling noise.

And yes, every hamster owner will tell you that one of the sounds hamsters love to make the most is squeaking. It’s very likely that you’ve severally heard your hamster make this kind of sound. But have you ever known what your hamster is communicating every time you hear him or her squeak?

Well, that’s why we are here! In this article, we will try to give you as much information as possible so you can answer this question: “Why is my hamster squeaking?”

But before we start, keep in mind that there is no 100% certainty about an animal’s intent. So it’s important to take all of the contexts into consideration and not assign a meaning to certain sounds based on just one situation.

Now that we have that cleared, let’s read on!

What Is The Meaning Behind Squeaking?

This is a very common question. Although hamsters squeak for a lot of different reasons, most of the time they do it to express themselves and communicate something.

11 Reasons Hamsters Squeak

Reasons for Squeaking

If you are wondering why your hamster squeaks, here are the most common reasons:


The first possibility is that your hamster is squeaking because they are happy.

For instance, when a hamster has been running in their wheel for a while and finally decides to stop, they will often make this noise. They are expressing happiness–and you can be certain of it because there aren’t any other reasons why a hamster would do this.


In addition to being happy, a hamster may squeak when they are excited, too. This happens especially during playtime. If your hammy is running around in their wheel or entertaining themselves with some toys and then you join them and interact with them, they will feel excited and express it with this sound.


As you may imagine, a hamster can squeak when they are content, too. It usually happens after your hammy has eaten or drank something and had their fill. Usually it’s more of a soothing noise than anything else and is used as a way to tell you that everything is ok and that they just had enough food for the moment.

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Annoyance or Aggression

In case your hamster is squeaking with a certain frequency, that probably means they are annoyed or aggressive. They may be upset for some reason and expressing it with this sound.

For instance, if you had been trying to touch them all day, but every time they run away and you chase after them, they may be feeling a bit annoyed. In this case, your hamster’s squeaking might have an aggressive tone to it.

In addition, if the hamster has been left alone for a long time or if they are in pain from an injury or illness, then this is another time when you will hear your hamster making this sound.

When Scared

This is another situation where your hamster may squeak to express themselves. For instance, if you were doing something with your hands or had a toy that they weren’t used to and you got too close, then they might feel scared of the object and make this noise as a sign of fear.

In addition, if something unusual is happening in the cage and they don’t know what to do or how to react, then your hamster may feel scared. In this case, you will notice that their squeaking sounds a bit distressed.



For instance, if your hamster has never been around dogs before and suddenly a dog enters your house and they can see it, then they may be frightened. In this case, their squeaking will sound like it’s coming from fear.

Need To Breed

Hamsters may also squeak because they want to breed. This is especially common in young hamsters who are full of energy and enthusiasm. Squeaking as a call to mate is more likely where you have both male and female hamsters in the same cage.

Pregnancy or Giving Birth

If you have a female hamster and you are wondering why they are squeaking nonstop, then there is a good chance that they may be pregnant or about to give birth. For them to make these sounds while giving birth is completely normal because it helps them to push and keep going.

Sign of Dominance

In some cases, a male may squeak when they are trying to be dominant. For example, if you had another hamster in the same cage and one of them was being aggressive towards the other, then they might make this sound.

When Appeasing

If a hamster knows that they have done something wrong and they want to make a truce, then they may squeak. If your hamster has been aggressive to you and then starts making this sound, then that means they feel bad about their actions and don’t want to continue acting in the like manner.

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If you have more than one hamster in the same cage, then they might squeak at each other. If your hamsters are looking for their cage mates or communicating with them, then this is what they may do to get their attention or to express themselves.

When Talking To Other Hamsters

So yes, your hamster can squeak for many reasons and it all depends on the situation. If you understand what’s going on and why they are squeaking, then that will help you to react appropriately in the future.

It can be scary when your hamster starts squeaking suddenly and not stopping for a long time, but if you take a moment to think about their behavior and how to deal with this, then it won’t be as difficult.

As long as you know what’s causing them to squeak and why they are doing this, then you will know how to handle the situation. So if your hamster is making these sounds, just take a moment to stop and think about why they are doing this before you make any decisions.

Is It Possible To Stop Your Hamster From Squeaking?

Whether possible to stop your hamster from squeaking will depend. If the reason they are squeaking is something you can control, then you can definitely reduce their tendency to do so.

However, if they are squeaking due to illness, pain, or any other thing not within your control, then there isn’t much you can do other than wait for them to recover. In the meantime, you can give them something to help with their discomfort or anxiety that may be causing them to squeak.

In any case, as long as you know how your hamster is feeling and why they are squeaking, then it should be easier to find a solution.

Here are a few things you can do to help reduce your hamster’s squeaking:

Give Your Hamster More Attention

More Attention

You can give them more attention when they aren’t making this sound. If they are feeling lonely or you are ignoring them, then that may be causing their anxiety which is causing the squeaking.

When you spend time with them and speak with them, then that will help to lower their stress levels and may reduce the squeaking over time. So yes, set some time apart for spending with your furry friend.

Give Them Something To Chew On

Chewing helps a hamster to release their pent-up energy. If your hamster has a lot of energy and is constantly making noises, then give them something to chew on such as wooden blocks or sticks. This will help to distract them from the squeaking so they can relax and slowly start to stop.

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Provide A Nightlight

Nighttime is scary for your hamster. It’s dark, quiet, and unfamiliar. You can dramatically reduce their anxiety by providing them with a nightlight that emits low levels of light. This way, it won’t seem as dark and scary for your hamster when night comes.

No Surprises For Hamsters

You can also reduce their anxiety by setting up a schedule that they are familiar with, such as playing with them in the evening or giving them food during certain times of the day. By doing this, then it will make your hamster feel more comfortable and less anxious which may help to reduce their tendency to squeak.

Separate Cages

2 Separate Cages

Where you have two hamsters sharing a cage, then this may be why they are squeaking. If your hamsters don’t get along or you notice that they are fighting each other, then it’s time to separate them into different cages to prevent any further stress and injuries.

Know When To Pick Them Up

A common reason for squeaking is when a hamster has been handled too much by their owner. If you are constantly picking your hamster up, then this will make them anxious. So only pick them up when it’s absolutely necessary and remember that their environment needs to be kept clean of any stress triggers.

If You Can’t Get Rid of The Squeaking

If the squeaking is coming from a sick hamster or one in pain, then you likely won’t be able to do much to stop them from doing this.

If that’s the case, then your best option is to take your hamster to a vet so they can provide your furry friend with some pain relief and the treatment they need.

Final Verdict

Yes, there are a thousand and one reasons why a hamster may squeak despite it being aggravating or frustrating.

However, the good news is that the vast majority of reasons are within your control. Provided that you can accurately pinpoint the cause of the squeaking, then you can find relatively easy solutions to reduce your hamster’s tendency to squeak in the future.

If you are unable to pinpoint the reason for the squeaks or if it seems like they are in pain or discomfort, then take them to a vet for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

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