Can Poodle Live Outside- Here Are The Facts

Poodles are small to medium-sized dogs that were originally bred for retrieving birds and hunting. That means they were used to being outside with their families. However, things have changed. Most owners now keep their poodles inside to protect them from the weather and other dangers. Others do so out of fear that they can’t survive outside.

But can Poodles live outside?

Poodles are not suited for the harsh weather, so it is recommended they live inside. If you must keep your poodle outside, consider using a doghouse that provides shelter and protection from the cold as well as warmth to sleep in.

Why Poodles Shouldn’t Be Left Outside

Since they were originally bred to retrieve animals and birds as well as hunt, it may be tempting for you to leave your poodle outside and think that they’ll be okay. While it’s true that many poodles are independent thinkers who can survive on their own, most owners still choose to keep them inside for several reasons.

#1 Their Coat Isn’t Suited For Outdoor Life

While they appear to have a thick, fluffy coat, it’s important to remember that Poodles are actually very thin dogs. So while they might seem as though they’re well-equipped for the cold weather and all of its elements, they are actually quite susceptible to hypothermia.

Also, hot temperatures can be just as dangerous to Poodles. Their thin coats don’t keep them warm enough in hot temperatures, so they may overheat and die if left outside on a hot day.

#2 They Have A High Prey Drive

Poodles were bred for hunting, which means that they have a high prey drive. This essentially means that they can be aggressive toward certain animals, such as cats.

While this isn’t a problem if you own both a cat and a poodle or have an outdoor kennel for them to spend time in together, it would be dangerous to leave your Poodle loose outside with roaming animals like cats who are completely at its mercy.

#3 They Aren’t Good Watch Dogs

Poodles are known for their friendly, gentle nature. This, along with the fact that they’re so small, makes them great dogs to have indoors as family companions and pets. However, their kind demeanor isn’t suited for outdoor life. If someone were to break into your home while you’re away, a Poodle would probably run away from any attackers rather than attack them.

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#4 They are social creatures

Poodles are sociable dogs, and they need companionship to be happy. If you leave them outside for long periods of time, they will become stressed out from loneliness. When a poodle is lonely or bored, it can develop separation anxiety and destructive behaviors that can ruin your home.

#5 They have high intelligence

Poodles are very intelligent dogs. In fact, they’re considered to have an “excellent working ability.” Their intelligence means that they can be easily bored if left outside alone all day. They also need mental stimulation to be happy and healthy, which is something that can’t be provided if you keep your poodle outside.

What Temperatures Are Considered Extreme For Poodles?

It’s important to remember that whether you live in a cooler climate or a warmer one, it can still be dangerous for your poodle to be outside.

Temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7.2 degrees Celsius) can be dangerous for poodles, especially if they’re not accustomed to that area’s climate and are left outside in it for long periods of time.

Poodles should NEVER be left out in extreme heat either. Temperatures over 85 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degrees C.) can quickly lead to heatstroke, which is very dangerous for poodles.

How To Keep Your Poodle Warm In Cold Weather

While they are not suited for cold outdoor weather, it’s still possible to leave your Poodle outside for periods of time if you make sure that it’s comfortable and safe.

Keeping your Poodle warm in cold weather is easy by following these tips:

#1 Use A Dog House

If you have a small yard or live in a colder climate, consider investing in a dog house for your Poodle. By doing so, you’re providing a safe and comfortable location for your Poodle to stay (even when you can’t be outside with it), while also allowing him or her to enjoy the fresh air and natural sunlight that can only be found outdoors.

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#2 Put Winter Coats On Your Poodle

Winter coats are essential for keeping your poodle warm, both inside and outside. Before you put him or her outdoors, always make sure that he or she is properly dressed in a warm coat, booties, a hat, and mittens.

#3 Stay Outside With Your Poodle

If you’re going to be leaving your poodle outside for long periods of time (especially if it’s cold outside), make sure to stay outside with him or her! This way, you can provide plenty of companionship to help keep your poodle warm and ensure that he or she is safe.

#4 Outdoor Beds

While there aren’t many options that will work for outdoor beds, one great bed option is heated dog mats. Dog mats are designed to warm up when they’re plugged in, so by purchasing a mat for your poodle’s outdoor bed or dog house, you’ll be able to ensure that he or she stays nice and cozy.

#5 Exercise Your Poodle

Exercising your Poodle will help generate some warmth from its body. This will help keep your poodle warm even when they are outside in cold weather.

How To Keep Your Poodle Cool In Hot Weather

In the same way you have to keep your Poodle warm in cold weather, you have to keep your Poodle cool in hot weather.

You can keep your poodle cool in hot weather by following these steps:

#1 Use A Dog House Or Indoor Kennel

If you live in a hot climate and do not have air conditioning, be sure to get your Poodle an outdoor house or kennel that is equipped with A/C. This way, you avoid heatstroke and other problems that can come with keeping your poodle outside in the heat.

#2 Avoid Hot Outdoor Surfaces And The Sun’s Rays

In order to avoid exposing your Poodle to extremely hot outdoor surfaces and harsh sunlight, be sure to limit his or her time outside during the day. Most animals will naturally try to stay out of direct sunlight when they’re hot, so don’t force your poodle to be outside longer than necessary.

#3 Use Outdoor Beds With Waterbottles And Fans

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While there aren’t many outdoor beds options that will work in extreme heat, you can use outdoor pet houses or even dog houses with water bottles and fans inside. If the house does not have any airflow, we recommend you place a fan inside the house so your poodle can stay cool.

#4 Use Cool Showers

Another way you can keep your Poodle warm is to take him or her into the shower and give him or her a cool shower! This will help refresh his or her body temperature and allow them to cool off quickly.

#5 Monitor Your Poodle’s Temperature

Always monitor your poodle’s temperature when it is hot outside to ensure that they are not too hot or too cold. Also, keep in mind that older poodles have a lower tolerance for temperature and weather extremes, so keep a close eye on them.

How You Can Make Your Outdoor Space Favorable For Your Poodle

Although tough outdoor elements are a challenge for your poodle, there are many ways to make his or her outdoor space more favorable. Some of the ways are those mentioned earlier such as:

  • Buying outdoor dog beds
  • Decent well-equipped doghouse
  • Proper location of the doghouse (in a safe, grassy, shady, and well-ventilated area)
  • Providing adequate food and water when outside
  • Escape-proof outdoor space.

Conditions That May Come With Outdoor Living

Living your Poodle outside in extreme weather for extended periods can lead to some health problems. They include:

  • Hypothermia
  • Heatstroke
  • Dehydration
  • Sunburn
  • Lung Freeze in Winter
  • Dry skin
  • Fungal infections

Those are just some of the conditions that come with outdoor living. The list of these conditions is simply endless. Ensure that you visit your Vet immediately you notice any signs of these conditions in your Poodle.

Final Verdict

While a little outdoor life in extreme temperatures may not do any harm, extended exposure to the sun and other outdoor elements will have adverse effects on your poodle. That’s not what you want for your furbaby, right? So be sure to keep them inside or at least provide them with favorable outdoor if at all they have to be outdoor.

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